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Seeking Remedies for Husband With Colon Cancer

Posted by Roz (Manchester, New Jersey) on 07/20/2021 1 posts

Looking for the best natural cure for my husband's colon cancer. Please help.

Replied by ORH

ROZ,,,,,,,,, ORH here, and I have thought about this and in addition to Fenbendazole, I would do garlic and baking soda enemas and ozone insufflation and 7,000 iu Vitamin D 3. I would also address my immune system with Beta 1,3D Glucan from Transfer Point only. No other company purity compares. Take baking soda orally to get your urine pH close to 8. Have done all these individually, but not together as a treatment for colon cancer. Research each and make your own decision.====ORH====

Replied by Tessa

Hi Roz –

The most important thing I would recommend is getting your husband's Vitamin D3 level up to optimal.

Dr. Mercola ( has very good information about Vitamin D3 and cancer (take with K2 and magnesium which makes Vitamin D more effective).

Here are a few links to some of Mercola's articles:

For someone with cancer, the 25 Hydroxy D test should be in the range of 70 to 100 ng/ml.

Please have your husband tested. I'm from Canada and actually use Grassroots Health (an American company) for testing because I haven't found anything comparable here.

They send you the kit through the mail.

Are you able to find a good naturopath or orthomolecular / functional doctor where you live?

They could help you get started on various supplements, lifestyle changes (staying hydrated, no sugar, keep the lymph moving through light exercise/rebounding, etc.).

There are so many other vitamins crucial to those with cancer. Vitamin C is at the top of the list after Vitamin D.

Here's an interesting article by Andrew Saul: Why Vitamin C fights cancer so well and why more and more oncologists are now using it.

There is melatonin as well:

Melatonin in Cancer Prevention and Treatment

It's good that you are reaching out to Earth Clinic for information. I'm sure others will have more to add.

I wish all the best for you and your husband, Roz.

Take care,


Replied by Rob

Below is a copy from my post on 10/20/2020 here:

It was 1990 and I was visiting a friend across town when his neighbor came over. He was in his late 30's and had been diagnosed with stomach cancer. He had no health insurance. His aunt was a “mennonite” and she suggested he drink “a cap-full” (the cap from the bottle) of hydrogen peroxide 3% brown bottle in a full glass of water everyday. About a month and a half had pasted before I saw him again. I asked him how his peroxide tea was going and he said he had got his labs back from the Dr. and he was cured.

Now, before all you brown bottle haters jump in on my post, this was 1990. We had never heard of food grade HP. To us, peroxide was, well peroxide. It was all we had available to us.

Replied by Joseph A.
Stockton, Cal
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This isn't a cure, however it is a moments notice and I will suggest that you take a cloth and saturate it with ACV Apple Cider Vinegar, Raw, Organic, with the Mother, rub it over his legs and anywhere else there is pain. It should help ease any pain and stop it. Joseph

Replied by Art
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There is a supplement that Ted recommended often in his remedies called Andrographis and I have often mentioned melatonin for many many health issues. In the following study, the researchers combined these two to good effect :


Replied by Katzie

If I were told I had cancer, I'd be pounding 1tsp baking soda & juice of 2 lemons/limes 3x a day; green tea 4x day, garlic cloves chopped.and left to sit for 10 mins 3x day, and massive doses of colloidal silver soaks on the site and 3tbsp a day internally, and DMSO while I'm at it. C60 carbon molecule pills are also something I would look into. I would most importantly get rid of all sugar and use stevia monkfruit instead. Edgar Cayce said for optimal health we should eat a salad with not-iceberg lettuce (ANY other kind is great), carrots & celery every day). Castor Oil Packs along with Oil Pulling, alternate days if every day is tiring. Did you know that one of the tests they use in breast cancer testing is a sugar-syrup solution? The cancer cells glow and are feeding off it during this test. They LUV sugar. Positive thoughts and a PrayerCircle and/or Peyote Ceremony are good ideas I would absolutely do.

Health and healing to your loved one.