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Hydrogen Peroxide Use for Cats

Posted by Lynn (Nj) on 08/01/2018

Hi Ted. Thanks for all that you do!

I have an animal rescue organization and with that as you know comes lots of sicknesses. I am engrossed in Naturopathic healing the last 4 years after my health declined as well as the chronic sickness with the animals.

My questions are: How much 3% solution can I add to the cats drinking water, and for how long safely? Does it kill off internal parasites such as hookworm? How often can I use a diluted solution in nebulizer for a cat with chronic bronchitis? I was nervous since it was my first time using H202, but I did his first treatment last night and it literally saved his life! - He was dying of suffocation from all the mucus build up :(

Thanks SO much for your help!

Replied by Tracee

Please tell me how to nebuliz hydrogen peroxide for my cat with asthma. Thank you.