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L Need Help With Moccasin Fungus

Posted by Maeviac13 (Westfield, Nj, Usa) on 12/03/2010

I have a question, I have had the foot fungus for about 2 yrs on and off. I had the cracking and burning cuts between the toes, it went away for now.. But the skin looks a little bit pink even though there is nothing there. Also, I have the moccasin type.. Very cracked heels, and then these little circles of dry spots and that's how it spreads to other areas of my feet. I've used ACV, and soaked my feet in water with vinegar.. Used a pumice stone, put on vaseline with socks to bed.. Everything you can think of I've tried. I just want the dry foot moccasin fungus to go away.. Please someone help me, what is the best type of cure for moccasin feet?

Replied by Merryanne
Orange City, Florida, Usa
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Well, I can tell you what I would do if it was me and go from there. First I would get a bottle of Lugol's 2% Iodine and start taking 2 drops in a cup of water night and day, you may start having all kind of emotional reactions and physical ones, but keep on taking it. Second: clean your area that is bothering you let dry and put Lugol's Iodine on that area 2 or 3 times a day. So, you may want to order another bottle soon. But, in 2 weeks you will see a good improvement, then cut you oral drops down to one drop in the mourning and night ( try to take the oral drops on an empty stomach and wait 30 minutes before eating) It may take one or two months to clear up a bad fungus infection like that. Merryanne in Central FL

Replied by Shaun
York, Olde England

You really need to check out Ted's Candida protocols here on EC. Candida WILL be the underlying cause of all your ills.

Replied by Brooke
Montgomery, Tx, Usa

My boyfriend gets this often. I use an ointment with the following ingredients in it: pine tar, ethanol, mineral oil, sulfur, zinc oxide, resorcinol, salicylic acid, and phenol (1. 5%) in a petrolatum andlanolin base. You can copy and paste it and look it up. It is manufactured by The Heritage store, but you can find it cheaper on the net. I rub it in whenever he has a flare up, and then put clean socks on him and he goes to bed. Then I repeat it until it goes away - with clean socks!!

Replied by Anonymous
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I got what appears to be moccasin type fungus on my hands by putting lotion on someone's feet and then using hand sanitizer instead of washing my hands. I've been using Gold Bond moisturizing hand sanitizer lotion and it seems to be clearing up.