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Posted by Chapman (NY) on 12/05/2022

Is there an oral regimen to detox from lead, nickel, cadmium and cesium? The lead is the highest value, then nickel. Cadmium and cesium are only moderately elevated. Thank you.

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Melatonin, in rats can reduce levels of lead in the blood, brain and bone. You have to settle for animal studies because this type of testing is highly unlikely in human subjects. Melatonin also has a very good safety profile., a hormone known for, in vivo and in vitro.

Melatonin also helps protect against nickel toxicity as outlined here :

Melatonin should also be of benefit in cadmium toxicity :

Lastly, melatonin should also offer benefit for cesium toxicity based on this study :


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I forgot to include the last study which basically discusses how melatonin is protective against heavy metal damage in general as discussed here : is a very important, in reducing metal-induced toxicity.

Here is a relevant quote :

' Melatonin is a very important multifunctional molecule in protecting plants from oxidative stress due to its ability to directly neutralize reactive oxygen species (ROS). Also, melatonin has a chelating property, which may contribute in reducing metal-induced toxicity. '


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Nearly seven years ago, I completed a course of heavy metal detox through chelation IV therapy over a four month period at a cost of over $1,000. It worked well, however, if I was going to do it now I would leave the chelation IV treatment as a plan B and complete a course of oral treatments first. The oral treatments I would try are outlined below.

Broadly speaking, in addition to detoxifying vitamins, fruits, vegetables and herbs there are four different kinds of compounds/ingredients used to complete an oral heavy metal detox: activated charcoal, algae, clay, and zeolites.

The same four ingredients in heavy metal detox supplements are regularly used to trap and remove heavy metals from water, soil, and other biological materials through various industrial, agricultural, and biological processes. They all work in a similar manner by providing the heavy metal a more “attractive” match for the chemical properties or ionic magnetic charge of heavy metal ions, so they stick to the detox compound more strongly than they stick to anything in your body.

Heavy metals are toxic to just about any major function in your body because they behave similarly to other metallic ions that are essential for your body's normal function. This was the finding of a study published in 2003 in the British Medical Bulletin outlining the various risks associated with heavy metal exposure.

Lead, for example, behaves very similar to calcium, and as a result, can interfere with bone development, be absorbed in the bone in place of calcium as we grow up, and be reabsorbed into the blood stream and organs when we become older and begin loosing bone mass.

In addition, cadmium causes cancer, bone damage, and kidney damage, lead and mercury cause cognitive impairment, and arsenic causes skin disease.

Juices used in heavy metal detox include non-GMO all organic young barley grass, chlorella, spirulina, green leafy vegetables like kale and cilantro, roots like corriander (the root of cilantro), ginger, fingerroot, sulfur rich garlic and onion and berries including amla berry (Indian green gooseberry), blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, goji berry and acai berry.

Young coconut juice may also be helpful during detox to replace lost electrolytes. Nutrient-rich foods (amla, alfalfa, dandelion, stinging nettle, eggs, and dark chocolate) can help replace lost nutients and minerals.

The best rated oral treatments for heavy metal detox products include:

The combination BioSil (5-10 drops) used to mobilize heavy metals and PectaSol-C (5 grams per day) used to bind and remove heavy metals. These two prodects must be taken together.

Chlorella Super Green by Nuzena that provides bio-available broken cell wall chlorella for heavy metal detox, fighting inflammation, and providing antioxidant support.

Nested Naturals Super Algae that provides 250mg of both organic spirulina and chlorella in one 500 mg capsule.

Schizandu Hardwood Activated Charcoal Powder a finely powdered charcoal that pulls heavy metals and other toxins out of your system and can be mixed in water, your favorite beverage or a smoothie.

Micro Ingredients Spirulina Chlorella that provides an organic 50/50 blend of spirulina and chlorella.

Dr. Mercola's Fermented Chlorella that provides very bioavailable form of Chlorella from bacteria break down in fermentation process.

Now Chlorella an algae-derived 1000 mg per capsule compound used to chelate and remove heavy metals from your body.

Worldwide Nutrition Liquid Zeolite (naturally occurring mineral compounds that have a tremendous amount of surface area relative to their size, which lets them absorb many organic and inorganic toxins, including heavy metals).

Good Natured Chlorella Spirulina a 50/50 chlorella and spirulina powder processed using a patented “cell cracking” method which releases more active compounds by breaking open the cell walls of the algae so it is more bioavailable. Comes as loose powder in a bulk bag to aid mixing into smoothies and shakes.

Zetox Zeolite Suspension that provides ionized zeolites suspended in water to remove heavy metals from your body plus a massive dose of vitamin B12 to increase energy.

Healing Foods Company Medicinal Clay uses a blend of different powder-based “micromineral” clays to deliver inorganic minerals your body needs like iron, calcium, iodine, and magnesium while it removes toxic heavy metals.

Best heavy metal detox for colon: coffee enema and VitaBalance Colon Detox Plus a combination of alfalfa and psyllium husk trap and expel heavy metals, plus probiotics to boost overall colon health.

Other actions you can take to improve your detox include: sitting in sunlight 30 minutes before sunrise until one hour after sunrise without sunscreen lotion and with bare skin while you ground or earth yourself by placing your bare feet in direct contact with the earth/grass, drinking pure high pH water such as Iceland (Blue and Red label), inducing sweating through exercise, sunbathing and sauna, placing detoxifying foot patches on bottom of feet at night, and taking baths with Himalayan Salt, essential oils, epsom salt (to add magnesium to body) and bentonite clay.

During detox and as much as possible at other times avoid drinking soda, sugary drinks, alcohol and avoid eating GMO foods, processed foods, hydrogenated oils, cereals, potato, rice, fish, oysters, shellfish, and internal organs of livestock animals. Add pure sources of omega oils to your diet.