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Need Help for Loss of Appetite From Long Covid

Posted by GiGi (Rockford USA) on 09/16/2023

I had a very mild case of Covid in August 2021. My main symptoms were loss of taste and smell. To this day nothing tastes good. I will think I want a particular food, prepare it and throw it out. I have short term bouts where I can eat a small amount. I have lost 30 pounds of the original 145 pounds. Any info on this? I can eat fruits and smoothies..

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Data for this aspect of long covid is fairly limited at this time, but one systematic review and meta analysis showed that the combination of PEA + Luteolin may have some benefit for long covid related anosmia as discussed here :

Here is a relevant quote from the meta analysis :

' CoUltraPEALut demonstrated significant efficacy in the overall recovery of the olfactory function, compared to the conventional therapy, suggesting that it could represent a possible future adjuvant treatment for PCOD. '

PEA + Luteolin is readily available as one supplement with both components already in it. Here are some examples :,aps,153&ref=nb_sb_noss_1

Another supplement that has shown some benefit for anosmia is vitamin B complex in conjunction with olfactory training using as discussed here :

Here is a relevant quote from the case report :

' Two weeks after lopinavir therapy, the patient recovered from most symptoms of COVID- 19; and 40 days after the initiation of B- complex vitamins and olfactory training, olfactory function tests showed improved olfactory ability and he was recovered from anosmia. '

The B complex used has Vitamin B1 in the hydrochloride for at 100 mg, Vitamin B6 in the form of pyridoxine hydrochloride at 100 mg/day and vitamin B12 as cyanocobalamin at 5000 mcg/day.

The oils they used for olfactory training are clove oil, cinnamon oil and lavender oil to stimulate the olfactory bulb and related pathways.


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Hi GiGi

I did read that Melatonin 10mg to start and increase to 30mg for a couple of nights, and you will find that your problem will soon be gone. Melatonin does kill Covid. Apparently Covid will live in our stomachs for a long time, causing havoc in our system.

Take Melatonin near bedtime.

keep healthy


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Here is an additional study (RCT) that used PEA, Luteolin and Olfactory training in people with covid related anosmia to good effect :

Here is a relevant quote from the RCT :

' A total of 185 patients, including intervention (130) and control (55) were enrolled. The intervention group showed significantly greater improvement in olfactory threshold, discrimination, and identification scores compared to controls (p=0.0001). Overall, 92% of patients in the intervention group improved versus 42% of controls. Magnitude of recovery was significantly greater in the intervention group versus control (12.8 + 8.2 versus mean 3.2 + 3), with >10-fold higher prevalence of anosmia in control versus intervention groups at the 90-day endpoint. '