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Seeking Help for Father With Lung Cancer

Posted by David B. (Georgia Republic Of) on 12/06/2018

Dear Doctor Ted. I'm writing this message with a hope that your treatment approach will help us to cure my father in low recently diagnosed of low differentiate lung adenocarcinoma. We are in shock having this diagnose, desperately looking for a treatment or at least to ease his condition.

Patient is 79 ears old. In a good health condition if not this diagnose. no blood pressure, no diabetes, no other illnesses but leaving active life from farming to wine making. He was getting sick often for the last year, but we were thinking that because of his active life. Just catching cold and always getting well after standard antibiotic treatment. Just recently he developed low body temperature and limited breathing after physical activity. We took him trough doctors and resulted into the mentioned shocking diagnose.

I have read your comments and advises and has got a hope and believe that your approach will work in our case.

reading your comments I understood that you are having patients. would greatly appreciate if you could take him under your control if its possible to do remotely. We would take your prescribed drags and send you laboratory analyses as well as control MRA or X ray pictures.

We are living in Tbilisi, Georgia. Our healthcare in this area of medicine knows only chemotherapy and radiotherapy as well as some alternative drags from some America doctors that is free of charge were offered to us. But I don't believe in this. I have had my friend having lung cancer who just recently passed away. He took surgery and been treated with chemo and radiation and those alternative drags but then he stopped. He said I understood that doctor was interested in getting money not having him cured. He stopped and took marijuana oil as per Rick Simpson's recipe but it didn't help him either. I was having such a big hope on marijuana but it failed. I think that because of oil he managed to find in Holland was synthetic THC not organic. What you can recommend to us with regard of marijuana oil?

We have already started to alkaline his body since he is feeling week those days. as per you recommendations, we've started to administer baking soda with apple vinegar. Also, hydrogen peroxide and a wheat grass for his potassium level increase. I have also recommended my wife to give him vitamin D and C and B complex and other staff which you recommend to you patients on this website but my wife is afraid to trust me and we are now hoping that you answer to us and if not to take him under your control at least give us a recommendation what we have to give to him.

Doctor Ted, you are our last hope. Please help us!

for your reference, we've been offered a radiotherapy to start quickly but I refused because I think it will make it worst and decided to wait till your response.

Also, I've heard about peroxide 3% to be administered intravein with physiological fluid in proportion of 500 ml fluid missed with 20 ml peroxide. This method is described by Russian Doctor Neumivakin, available in youtube but in Russian language. He is not talking about cancer treatment as such but as a general health he recommends to drink it daily and time by time make it intravien and I was thinking may be this also will be effective in combination of diet and other drags.

We are on standby for your reply.

With warm regards,

David B.

EC: Dear David,

We are so sorry to hear about your father. Unfortunately, our dear contributor Ted had a stroke in 2015 and has been unable to correspond with our readers since then. Hopefully one of our other contributors can offer some advice or links to sites that may help.

Replied by Teena
Melbourne, Australia
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I have attached for you a lung remedy of which the main ingredient mullein is anti cancer, also the famous Essaic tea recipe used to fight cancer, and the last link was simply anti cancer herbs.

Ted's extensive wisdom within Earth Clinic, repeated often the importance of avoiding sugars and starches, and alkalizing the body.

The teas will also provide easily absorbed nutrients and I would add a whole food source of vitamin C, such as acerola, amla or rosehip powder, for anti cancer benefit and minimal detox effects.

You might consider an integrative doctor you can consult, I would look at recommendations on forum websites.

Oregano oil drops added to a healing oil like organic castor or olive will help breathing, applied topically to chest and back, to the strength of a "warmth" when applied nightly. *Warning oregano oil is very potent and is usually sold at 25% dilution.

Best to you.