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Son With Lumps and Cysts in His Ears - Please Help

Posted by Soo (London) on 07/06/2021

Hi all at EC.

Wondering if you can help. My 30 yo son has suffered from what looks like pus filled lumps-cysts on his ears, in and on the lobes since he was a teenager. Not sure what to put on them. sometimes they get quite sore and are filled with pus when he squeezes them. What are these things... they have left horrible old scars and marks over the years and still appear randomly. Sometimes they're even inside at the entry to the eardrum. Is my son deficient in anything and what can I put on there topically?

Replied by Mama to Many

Dear Soo,

For this type of thing I would be most likely to try internal remedies. Turmeric would be at the top of my list. 2-4 capsules morning and evening with a glass of water. Also, a vitamin C supplement.

Castor oil could be used topically. It may help with the infection and may help with the scars over time. Comfrey salve, used long term, may also reduce the scarring. But these would be secondary treatments. Let me know how it goes!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Rob

They are called Sebaceous cysts. See EC Cysts section for remedies

Replied by mmsg
somewhere, europe

Soo, topically I would apply clay plasters. Since it's unsightly and messy, I would apply them nightly. This works slowly, you may not start to see results until a month or so, but it gets to the bottom of the sores.

Replied by Cindy
Illinois, USA
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As this is ongoing, I'm thinking there's psychological connection - as in, perhaps, he heard something that just plain old knocked the wind right out of him. If that's the case...even if he can't remember, I'd say that it's just beneath the surface and shouldn't be too difficult for him to bring out where he can see it. I would not ask for it, if I were you. I'd encourage him to bring it to the surface in private or with someone he can trust - a minister, priest or psychologist. If he understands and feels safe in that he doesn't have to DO anything about it, it might pop right up.

He should keep in mind that something that would knock the wind out of a teen will probably not have the same effect on a 30 year-old man.

If he wanted to do it on his own, he could try the "Emotional Freedom Technique". Which is actually quite effective and significantly easier in its newer form but, if he balks, he could use the older, less "woo-woo" form.

Replied by Sharon

This is a diet issue, he must stop feeding the germs. SUGAR, no sugar. That pus is eating away every cell it gets into. No sugar, what so ever.

Use peroxide to clean the spots at least every 3 hours. Peroxide kills fungus, viruses and bacteria and he can put 8 or 9 drops of peroxide in the ear (3% brown bottle )let it bubble for 5 minutes, turn drain, and do the other side. He can do this every day until gone. The peroxide is safe, our bodies make its own. keep away from eyes .there is also a peroxide FB page.

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The best remedy I have tried for benign tumors is Centaury (Centaurium erythraea) tea half cup a daily.

Replied by John

Hi Soo,

I had the same thing for more than 25 years, doctors would only prescribe antibiotics which ruined me inside for the same amount of time.

What finally stopped them was having my root canalled tooth removed. So if he has any root canal work, this could be his problem too. They are lethal and like a ticking timebomb.

Hope this helps


Replied by Charles

Try Norwegian Kelp. I had a cyst so big they thought it could be cancer. I took the Now Brand Kelp. Two caplets morning with breakfast and two with dinner. By the end of the second bottle it was gone, I found this out from a co-worker. He said his wife had been plagued with breast cysts and had to have them drained. She mentioned them to a nurse while getting a mamogram.. The nurse replied my mother used to cure them by taking kelp. It worked for me.

Replied by L

Could be tiny parasites (microscopic so you will not see them) that like to live around the ears, they burrow into the skin and lay eggs. This is my first guess. If so try topical ivermectin to see it that helps. If it does you have a diagnosis. But need to treat it more systemically as well.

If it is infections try Iodine with DMSO to see what that does, and it will also help with parasites. You really need to figure out the cause to determine the best treatment. You can also try Chlorine dioxide topically, diluted, several times a day, which works on many issues. Cysts are not painful, so I don't think it is a cyst, and the idea that it is all emotional is somewhat true as all illness has an emotional component but you gotta treat the physical cause first.

Replied by Cfitz

Here's an article:

SUGAR IS POISON! Insulin is a hormone. Hormone imbalance can lead to severe acne and Sebaceous cysts.


Suicide by Sugar, by Nancy Appleton, PhD and G. N. Jacobs, 2009

Sugar Blues, by William Dufty, 1976

Sugar Drunks (Motor Vehicle 'Accidents'), by Dr H. J. Roberts, 1971

Pure White and Deadly: The Problem of Sugar, by Dr John Yudkin, 1973

Professor Robert Lustig, Pediatric Endocrinologist speaks to a crowd at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), 2009. The first 30 minutes of the lecture had gotten a few laughs from the crowd, but now the lecture hall was dead silent. He spent the next hour using a mountain of research to thoroughly make the case for sugar being the most damaging toxin of our time. UCSF posted a video of the lecture on YouTube, and it promptly went viral. To date, it has about 13.5M views.

Replied by Zal

Serrapeptase dissolves cysts of any kind. Wobenzyme too.

Black Seed Oil internally twice a day, and use it inside the ears with a Q-tip, just my thought.

Replied by Angelique Cejka
Quesnel, BC, Canada

A lack of silica will cause pus filled cysts. Try lemon balm caps which are high in silica and also good for the liver.

Replied by cjuan

Apply some DMSO, preferably pharma grade, on the lumps-cysts. You should see results.

Replied by Ivanka


Just use a dropper to fill his ears one at the time and let him stay with the liquid for about 10 minutes on each side before turning his head to leak them out and on a napkin or something. It worked wonders on my kids many years ago. You can repeat this procedure a few times. It may take a few days, but I guarantee those cysts would start closing up and disappear soon. Good luck!

Replied by GEG
North Carolina

Try witch hazel, it is cheap and miraculous. I got shingles and it went to my ear. Kept getting in inner ear infections every couple of months. Started putting witch hazel on a cottonball and leaving it in my ear at least 30 minutes. Have not had an infection since I started doing this. Witch hazel kills bacteria, reduces inflammation very quickly. I put witch hazel in my ears after washing my hair and anytime I feel irritation.