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Is Melatonin Safe for Covid After Stroke?

Posted by Sheila (Nebraska) on 12/13/2020

Hi Art...

Thank you for being so informative about melatonin for Covid.

My husband is currently suffering from Covid...we have all the symptoms but not an official diagnosis. We both have had this...I am on the upturn. We are both on blood thinners. He has had 3 strokes. I have had 1 TIA. I researched and found that melatonin thins blood and therefore, we should not take it. However, I am so loathe to hand him over to the ER. Can you give your opinion...only an opinion, you are not advising me on what to do....should I give him the melatonin?

I am so confused and anxious.

Replied by Mama

Dear Sheila,

I am not Art but I thought I would give you my experience with melatonin and blood thinners.

I used high dose melatonin for my mother in law who had a cold virus. She has many health problems and even a cold can be very serious for her. I gave her 80 mg of melatonin a day, divided into four doses. I gave it to her for a full two weeks even though she was cured long before that.

She is also on blood thinners - xeralto. I noticed no complications from the combination.

It's just one person's experience, but I thought I would share.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Art
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Hi Sheila!

Yes, melatonin can thin the blood and is not advisable to use when already on a blood thinner unless a doctor will oversee its use. It would not hurt to ask your doctor if HDM can be a consideration for your husband if he takes him off the blood thinner while he is on HDM. Dr. Neel has successfully treated over 1,000 patients now with only a handful requiring the need for a hospital! To me, that is an excellent track record and if your doctor is not willing to consider HDM, it may be worth your time to give Dr. Neel a call and ask his opinion. He has said that he has fielded calls from many patients and doctors across the nation and around the world. Here is his number if you choose to do so :

(830) 538-3550 /Dr. Richard Neel

If you are looking for a noninvasive approach to try and speed his recovery, there are many (almost 100) listed remedies on EC in the Covid-19 section. As an example, a study that came out about a month ago shows how the very good nasal spray, Xlear Nasal Spray with xylitol and grapefruit seed extract in it might just do that. I wrote about it here :

I have noticed in the past week or so, Xlear Nasal Spray with Xylitol and Grapefruit Seed Extract is becoming scarce online and on store shelves as I'm sure the study really piqued people's interest in such a simple remedy. On the plus side, properly diluted AgNPs are likely to have a similar effect to Xlear and if your husband does decide to go the CS route, then he can dilute a small amount to use as a nasal spray also. As you can see there are also plenty of colloidal silver sprays on the market that are ready to use with no mixing needed based on the following link and they are priced similarly to Xlear :

Another popular remedy on EC for Covid-19 is colloidal silver which has been discussed here extensively and a newer study has confirmed what the EC community already knew, AgNPs do destroy the SARS CoV-2 virus!

Here is a link to that study:

AgNPs / colloidal silver / CS, are not known to act as a blood thinner, but in some people can have a diuretic action. Here is a link to one supplier who's product appears to be colloidal silver as opposed to ionic silver and it is highly concentrated so it would require diluting significantly:,aps,230&sr=8-5

At a later disease stage, as your husband sounds like he is, I could see where it might be useful to destroy virus in the blood that can potentially move on to cause damage to other areas of the body like the heart, kidneys, brain etc. as this disease seems to do. One of the latest discoveries is that male patients who are supposedly now disease free on getting erectile dysfunction months after being clear of covid-19.

Before this, it was determined that 20% of patients who survive will get a neurologic problem that can manifest in different ways such as depression, anxiety or insomnia as three possible ones, but there are many more as the following link lays out in detail :

In my opinion it is a mistake to underestimate the damage that this virus can cause in the short and longer term and being proactive and ready is likely to offer a more positive outcome for people in general. There are many remedies on EC for Covid-19 and it wouldn't hurt to explore them to see if any are appealing. There are many things such as zinc, vitamin C, the sambucol black elderberry products, vitamin D etc. A newer study on vitamin D came out recently that appears to reinforce the previous thinking that it is helpful for increasing your chance for survival, especially in people of color who are often lower in vitamin d than white people. Here is a link to that study:

I hope that answered your question.



Hi Art:

I had been considering HDM therapy a few years ago bc I had just started to learn of the general health benefits, but it fell to the backburner of my life... :-/

Anyway, my question is this (and of course, I am not asking you for medical advice...): did you step up to this dose slowly over time (if so, how long?), and do you personally know any others who are doing HDM and, if so, whether or not they stepped up over time or just went gonzo with, say, 100 mg right from the beginning? Do you take the whole shebang an hour before bedtime as in traditional low dose melatonin usage?

Thanks a bunch in advance for your response. I am a 57 year old woman who has heart and vascular issues in both sides of my family, including my father's mother who had several strokes, and my mother's mother's sister who eventually died of a stroke (also including my mother's four grandparents who all died of strokes in their 40s before she was born). I was super inactive this past year, and have definitely had some indications of vascular issues that are worrisome, so I am particularly personally interested in this. I have the 10 mg from Just Potent out of Kent, Washington, so that's what I would start with. I chose them because they are tablets (I have great difficulty in swallowing capsules).

Appreciate all you do for all of us!

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Hi Petra,

To answer your question regarding dosing of HDM in myself, I have moved directly to a dose and I have also increased gradually to a higher dose such as 180 mg/night. In the case of Covid-19, Dr. Neel has his patients start at 1 mg per kilogram of bodyweight. He does not buildup to that dose. The people I know who have used melatonin for Covid recently, have used Dr. Neel's dosage schedule of 1 mg/kg/bw or more right from the start.

There was a very recent post on EC from a member (Jacob) who took 150 to 180 mg of melatonin per day in divided doses of 30 mg each. Jacob didn't say how much he weighed, so that could be a really high dose if he is only average weight. The divided dosing at that dose is probably useful. Some people have reported one dose per day while others have reported breaking the full dose into smaller doses throughout the day as Jacob did.

I can only speak for what I have done and this is important because we are all different and some people simply can not tolerate melatonin.

Regarding the issue of using melatonin for Covid-19 after you have had a stroke, as always, you would have to discuss this issue with your doctor first, but here is a link to an article you may have missed which you may find very interesting :

You can email this article to your doctor to help him decide if melatonin is right for you in your current state.

Good luck!



Thank you so much, Art. I am most grateful for the info. I was trying to go to 40 mg per night a couple of years ago, based on some info I had read, and I had a difficult time swallowing just four tablets to get to that dosage, so I thought..."100 mg...ten tablets...ay yai yai", and then, "How on earth would I fare if I take it during the day?!? Won't my internal clock be completely screwed up?"

Incidentally, I posted here by mistake...I meant to post that question under the article that referred me to this post. Also, I tried to sign in first, but it wouldn't allow me to do so.

Thank you again!