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Muscle and Bone Pain in Shoulder and Leg Pains - Please Help

Posted by Nancy (Palmbay, Fla) on 12/12/2020

Hello EC, my name is Nancy. For months now since July, I have pain in my left arm just below the shoulder. I have had X-rays from my dr and she says it shows possible arthritis in shoulder, and that I should not use it in ways that should not irritate the arm.

My problem is I am right handed not left handed so I use my right arm for mostly everything, I am sorry if there are Drs on here but these days they seem to want to just give medicines to stop symptoms but not fix underlying reason for discomfort.

I am also having pains in legs after sitting for short periods and while sleeping I will awake in night with pain at knees and feet or ankles. I noticed recently that some fingers and toes are now sometimes tingly or crampy.

Can you help me please? What Specialist would I see and any natural cures that would help me, please.

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Here is a link to a post that explains how to make borax lotion which you can rub into your arthritic areas. It doesn't work over night, but if you can give it about a month, it should be helpful to reduce or eliminate the pain from arthritis. With further testing, I have found that it can also work on larger joints such as a shoulder or knee:


Replied by Gary
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Hi, I read a lady had similar pain and she researched and found that vit. d3 controls your nerves in your body. So she took 10,000 ius a day for 3 days straight and it stopped all her pain.

Look into it, Hope this helps.


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for Nancy in Palmbay: do you take meds for cholesterol? They can cause similar symptoms.



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Two things come to mind - one of which is polymyalgia rheumatic. It's at least worth having someone check out your symptoms, which are close to the usual ones - shoulder pain, joint pains, tingling and cramping. You might also check out Stasha Gominpak ( who's a neurologist and has fascinating insights on joint pain. Good luck!!

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You might have your Vitamin D level checked. If it's low, get the vitamin. Dr. Mercola (online) has a good one.

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Have you taken Cipro or Levaquin or any antibiotic in that family? My husband has very limited movement in his shoulder and constant pain. It was caused by a round of Levaquin. So far nothing is helping but if you have taken this, do not get a Cortisone shot - will make things much worse. Hope you get to the bottom of it.

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Amazingly I have pain like you on my left shoulder, lower back which affects my sitting for long, left ankle and both knees. All due to arthritis and also nerve damage from a pinched nerve on the back causing numbness and tingling on my feet. Your best doctor would be a functional medicine doctor who can get to the root of the problem and work with you using natural products like supplements, chiropractor, acupuncture, etc... which all work very well. Try DuckDuckGo search engine (won’t censor what you read) and read about LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone). My Dr. prescribed me 3 mg and it works great for pain and nerve damage. I can move my body and sleep so much better With no side effects. Also, research how to properly dilute and apply DMSO to your painful areas. I apply it directly on the painful areas several times through the day and at bedtime. It is wonderful stuff to use and very cheap. Get that from your pet supply store. I wish you wellness in your health journey!

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I have the same symptoms and l have tried many things with no relief. I do not have arthritis, l don’t take any medication and I take 5000 units of D3 every day. What may be different with me is that my pain comes and goes and seems worse an hour or so after I eat.

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Nancy, if you have a referral of pain going into your legs, you may have a nerve pinched in your spine. A good deep tissue massage therapist may help you without any drugs or supplements.

Replied by Rob.

Hi Nancy,

I suffered from chronic pain for a decade because of arthritis & herniated disks in my back and neck but the usual scrips for pain did not work very well so I started to look at alternatives and this is what worked for me.

1 tbs. of "100% pure Food Grade DMSO as pure as you can get" DMSO @2 X daily, when I wake up I drink a cup of tea, get a bite to eat then take the DMSO, I also rub it on externally where it hurts as needed, then at bed time or 12 hrs. later take another tbs of DMSO, I also take a Boron supplement daily as needed this multiples the effect of the DMSO to the point that I no longer use any script pain meds & the pain was chronic and very bad on a scale of 1 to 10 daily up to 10 mostly in the 7 to 9 area so I could barley walk or get out of bed.

You can add some other things "any anti inflammatory " like whole turmeric and the supplement form, I take both every day, the above I take every day as well.

NOTE: The DMSO will feel warm when it hits your tung but not hot, it will not burn you it just feels warm and the garlic taste is strong but it only smells - tastes like garlic when it hits your body. Follow with some water or some liquid without sugar, get rid of this to.

When you put DMSO on your skin it might sting and can get uncomfortable so if it does just rub a little water on it until it goes away in a minute, never longer in my case. I also found out that this is a very good wound healer from experience. I had a cut in my nose that would not heal so I would get constant nose bleeds to the extent that my MD noticed that my blood count was low, but it healed up rapidly by just putting the DMSO on a ear swab and sticking it my nose where needed, so the nose bleeds are a thing of the past as well. I used the DMSO on a rash in my arm pits & it went away in 3-4 days.

Ps. The boron, turmeric etc. supplement work best if you take a load dose the first 2 - 7 day`s as needed

meaning you take 2-3 times what you normally would for 2 - 7 days ** Not the DMSO only take what`s needed ** make sure you don`t have any allergy to any supplements before taking any.

This is all from real life personal experience.

Look on Amazon you can get good deals on it, you just have to look around but don`t just look at the first page, their is no reason to pay more than you have to.

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Nancy- Have you tried chiropractic care? I have had frozen shoulder off and on over the years, and found a good chiropractor and/ or trigger point therapy can provide immediate relief for this, as well as help with hip-related issues.

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I would look into doing a heavy metal and parasite detox, using zeolite and green juice powders, as well as using bicarbonate of soda to reduce acidity in the body. Supplements such as vitamin c, d and zinc, rose hips and an anti inflammatory oil like flaxseed will help greatly. Also I would really recommend bioresonance therapy which scans the body to see what is going on and even corrects imbalances etc. Hope this helps. Good luck!

Replied by Ann
Long Island, Ny

Nancy, I have gotten great results taking citrate magnesium for pains in my legs and feet at night in bed. It's been a lifesaver for me and has helped me avoid medications, which I prefer not to take if at all possible.

Replied by Phil
Queensland Australia

I use Boswellia serrata for my hip joint arthritis, takes the pain away, but won't cure it. Bought from an online health company in New York State. Piping Rock.

Replied by Sharon S.

Hi, may I ask you what is the Brand name of the magnesium you spoke about?

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I am 62 and also have left shoulder/bicep pain ... along with LB Pain and R-Hip Osteoarthritis. I have found that supplementing with Vit D (I take a minimum of 2000 IU/day), Boron, Vitamin K2 and Magnesium -- preferably at the same time each day taken with some calcium (I make my own eggshell calcium which I sprinkle on unflavored yogurt) has been very beneficial. I am a fitness trainer; practice a very clean diet, and not overweight. Also, you may want to do research on Fibromyalgia.

To Marlowe in Mexico: if you have these issues after eating, it's most likely diet/nutrition-related. I would try an elimination diet with different foods or group of foods.

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Hello Nancy!

Ah, those ones of pain are vexing!

There is a therapy called Fascial Counterstrain that removers restrictions caused by damaged and/or misshapen connective tissue called fascia. If your problems are caused by injured fascia, this is, I think, the only treatment that will correct it.

This website will direct you to a number of practitioners on both the east and west coast.

Another thing that will help is homeopathy. Please go to this website and enter your pain symptoms, or do an internet search with "Joette Calabrese" and your pain symptoms. There is a lot of free information to be found on her website. I advise you to read as much as you can to educate yourself about homeopathy rather than just looking for a quick fix and taking whatever remedies she recommends for your problems. She does offer courses, tho you can still get benefit from thoroughly educating yourself by reading her blogs and watching her podcasts. She explains things very well!

Good luck to you!


Replied by Debby W.
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Have you taken any fluoroquinolone antibiotics such as Cipro or Levofloxacin (there are many more)? Your symptoms are very similar to toxicity caused by these drugs. I had these symptoms from having taken levofloxacin so it’s just a thought on my part...

Replied by Jj

Hey Nancy,

I had a loooong journey with pain. And yes, the most western medicine could offer was long term meds (and the side effects) to cover the pain, not reduce the pain itself. Even a nerve block made it worse. I tried many things. I spoke to a famous holistic doctor - he used to run a large pain clinic and said he came to understand unless stealth infections and toxicities (eg heavy metals) were dealt with, it would be hard to reduce pain levels.

Best thing I found by far was high quality DMSO, even better combined with MgCl, use both orally and topically. Can start at several times per day. DMSO actually works on the inflammation and pain and has some anti microbial effect. If I could have found a place that would IV it I would have done - watch on youtube 'dr stanley jacobs 60 minutes dmso'.

Also consider if you have jaw cavitations on the left side (the infected stuff can run down into the arm, and systemically). Best of luck xo

Replied by Hanna

Hi Nancy, always difficult to find out what is really wrong with our bodies, so you have to keep trying. I learned from this video and it worked. from Dr. Jonathan Wright. I have 5 bad discs, pain in legs and sometimes pain in left arm. Got neuropathy in my feet and could not walk much. As a long shot used the 3x 1000mg niacinamide a day and can walk again. If I don't take it the pain comes back. At least the niacinamide is not expensive and is good for a lot of things. I have also used a chiropractor for my arm. Hanna

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Try BOSWELLIA. It's an amazing herb. I'm sure it will help. It's for all sorts of inflammation in the body. My right shoulder had limited movement for a few yrs, until I started Boswellia. The best one is by Terry Naturally, on iHerb. Also by Himalaya brand is also very good. Get both and use them religiously. Another supplement that might add to improvement is Nattokinase and Wobenzyme. Wobenzyme is quite expensive, but worth trying after you complete both Boswellia brands, if no change.

Replied by Satyaja

Hi Nancy,

I have had severe leg pain for years. Over time it has changed in the way it expresses and has become more like ligament pain especially around the tops of my legs and radiating down the back and sides and sometimes affecting the inside of my knees and feet. I also have arm pain but that is not as bad. I mentioned it to several doctors and got very little response or advice. There is a good chance that it is Polymyalgia Rheumatica, but I have not had the blood tests which might show increased inflamation.

I have tried most of the previously suggested remedies here and got no relief. Very recently I found out about something called Delta 8 THC. It is a form of THC but different from the Delta 9 THC which most people use from marijuana. It is weaker and does not cause any of the possible unpleasant side effects of Delta 9THC. I ordered some and much to my utter amazement all my pain stopped and I am sleeping well at night and not waking up from pain. This is nothing short of a miracle for me.

The company I ordered from is 3CHI. They have a video on their site with several people speaking about their experiences with it and also have extensive information about the product. They sell other cannabinoids as well, but having tried several others over the years with not much response, I ordered the Delta 8 THC and I'm so grateful for it. I have never been able to take Delta 9 THC. It makes me depressed, lethargic and does not stop my pain.

I would be happy to answer any questions you might have if you want to e-mail me.

Replied by Maria

Hello Nancy, have a look at DMSO on the Earth Clinic site. Also, if you can find a ' Cranial' Osteopath, give it a go. Have used both with success. Nothing to lose. Excellent therapy.

All the best,


Replied by Charlotte O
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Nancy, I so appreciate your posting! My exact symptoms, so following and getting some wonderful ideas. Thank you!

Replied by Ben G.

You really need to see a chiropractor!!!! They will deal with your muscles and skeleton, so to speak. Continually taking pills for this and that is not getting to the underlying cause!!!!!

So please go to a chiropractor soon as you can!!!

And yes, you'll probably have to keep going back for awhile, as it's not like taking a pill.....respect your body and the ways in which chiropractic can help you!!! .

Replied by Ann
Long Island, Ny

I also had been on many rounds of Levaquin and Cipro several decades back due to countless sinus infections. Quite a few years ago I began having lots of pain in my legs and feet which was causing sleep problems for me. I stumbled upon magnesium citrate and that has been a miracle for me. I think if your husband gives it a try he'll find it can help him too. And it's much safer than living on aspirin and medications which can cause other serious problems. I hope this helps him as much as it has me.

Replied by Rsh

I would start out with Vitamin D3 and liquid collagen. My hips hurt so bad I couldn’t lay on them and after Vit D3, they are pain free. Liquid collagen greatly improved my arthritic knee. It has been pain free for 6 months now after starting liquid collagen. However, powdered collagen did nothing for it.

Replied by Trish
Louisville, Ky, Usa

I had similar problem and it ended up being some stenosis in my neck. The chiropractor has helped tremendously. He did great work on me and taught me about postural awareness to keep the nerves free from being pinched.

I hope you will let us know if and how you find relief!

Replied by Charlotte O
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Nancy, by pure accident I was looking for a preventative for Covid, thought long and ordered the paste. Bought at a farm store online. My doctor believes in the Rx Ivermectin.. as a very successful treatment for Covid, but so far has not prescribed it as a preventative. I too have been almost unable to walk after sitting, had such pain I could barely turn in bed and such symptoms since May. It is now Dec. I have not been tested for Covid but have had it early on I suppose.

Just three days ago I tried the horse notch per 50# of wt....expecting not really much except as a prevention. The next morning I woke to probably 75% less pain. Just last night I was visiting with a young man that had tested positive back in early Oct and just took supplements but kept having the same pain we talk about. He was prescribed the Rx and similarly woke up with about the same result. I intend to take it again Day 3, Day 8, and then once a month per suggestions of some Senate hearing testimonies and other doctors I follow online that are begging for the treatment to be recognized because of its success. I will see where this leads, but for me it gives me my life back. I am a senior and have always been quite active..

Replied by Green Augustine
North Wales

Hello Nancy.

There are a lot of things that could cause these pains.

1) First maybe you could look at your diet and possible food intolerances? 30 years ago all my joints were so painful I thought life was worth living and the Dr said it was arthritis. I started cutting acidic food like tomatoes, oranges, pork out and also gluten. The pains went down from 90% to 5%. A good Kinesiologist should be able to test you for food and medicine intolerances.

2) Also you could be short of potassium or magnesium. Low potassium causes very dull aches in your muscles and just extends more each day if you don’t add it to your diet. A quick test would be try 1/2 teaspoon of Cream of Tartar (used in baking powder) in a small glass of water. If that’s the problem, you’ll feel relief within 4-5 hours. It’s other name I believe is potassium carbonate and you can get it in supplement form.

3) if you eat a lot of dark greens such as Kale, chards, spinach which we’re told are so healthy, you could find you’ve got a problem with Oxalates or oxalic acid. It is high in quite a few vegetables And fruit. (You can find lists of Oxalic high food on the web). They use it I believe to clean out jet plane engines as it has little hooks that remove the grease and dirt. Not an ideal substance inside your body and cells. I have a problem with it, but the pain isn’t like arthritis it’s more like a scrapped knee when you‘ve fallen - sore rather than aching. And my knee does actually puff up like a sponge when I have a lot of broccoli or spinach etc which I like eating.

4) if you take pharmaceuticals from your Dr., it‘s worth checking the side effects on the web in seevral places. Many of them cause pain in joints and muscles. My yoga teacher, always fit and active has had to sell up and go into a home because her thigh and shoulder muscles started to hurt and don’t work. It started just when they put her on supposed cholesterol lowering statins which are well known for damaging the muscles and causing severe pain.

5) it could be stress which can manifest itself in many forms in different people. It could also be posture related depending on how you sit etc or if you need arch supports in your shoes to stop over pronation but that shouldn’t affect your hands etc.

6) A McTimoney chiropractor might be a good place to start. It’s a very gentle technique but can really get everything back in the right place . Bowen technique is also very good for sorting out muscle and joint pain. And you can help yourself by doing a full body scan which means you imagine you are breathing into your toes, then your feet, ankles right up to the top of the head. Jon Kabat Zihn descibes in his brilliant book on modern life stress “ Full Catastrophe living”.

I do hope you find some help in all the replies and send you kind wishes and hope for a remedy. Homeopathy may be helpful too. Good luck and a pain free life.

Replied by Clare

I would absolutely go to a chiropractor. It sounds like you have impinged nerves. They can help you without surgery or drugs, are totally non-invasive, and are always my first resort.

Replied by Xam

Try carnivore diet

Replied by Trinidad

I would recommend watching Tony Pantalleresco and his channel HerbsPlusBeadworks on YouTube. I have taken his Your Daily Controversial Dose for years for fibromyalgia, rotator cuff tears surgery (bilateral), carpal tunnel (bilateral) and neck pain. The morning after I took it was the first time I didn't wake up from pain. Just follow the instructions.

Replied by Anjellea
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May I suggest using Organic Sulfur (MSM). It goes to the root of the problem. I highly, highly recommend this product.

A word of warning, it is very bitter, don't let that stop you.

Replied by Genevieve

Try Bowen Therapy. It is a very effective holistic hands on remedial therapy, and has wonderful results.

Replied by Tom
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In 2011, I got rid of numbness and tingling in my toes by taking two tablespoons of NOW brand unrefined macadamia oil after meals. This was twice per day.

In two months and one 16 oz bottle later, my toe numbness disappeared and my fungal great toenail also lifted off and a new, healthy toenail grew in over the next year.

NOW brand discontinued the macadamia oil, but PipingRock has excellent oils, including macadamia oil. Macadamia oil has the highest percentage of the antimicrobial, palmitoleic acid, at 18%, which I now believe is antifungal as well.

That dosage for macadamia nut oil was just one measuring tablespoon after meals, up to twice per day. That way, one 16 oz bottle would last about 32 days since there are 2 tablespoons to a fluid ounce. However, just a half measuring tablespoon after meals might be enough, though, for the first two months. A half tbsp ended up being my maintenance dose for years, at once per day.

Assuming 13.3 grams per tablespoon of oil, 18% of that is 2.39 grams or almost 2400 mg of palmitoleic acid per measuring tablespoon.

At the time, I was using a flatware tablespoon that holds half of a measuring tablespoon, and I would take two of them after meals for the first two months. I no longer take macadamia oil, but the numbness in fingers and toes has never returned, nor has any fungal toenail.

As for your muscle pain, for my muscles, mornings with water I take 1/8 level cup of whey protein concentrate. I have often noticed that my muscles flex a little stronger immediately after taking the whey protein concentrate.

I normally order a couple of 5 lb bags from BulkFoods, but last year BulkSupplements had a sale for 5 kg or 11 lbs for under $50, so I stocked up.

I prefer the concentrate to the isolate because it is less refined.

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That dosage for macadamia nut oil was just one measuring tablespoon after meals, up to twice per day.

That way, one 16 oz bottle would last about 32 days since there are 2 tablespoons to a fluid ounce.

However, just a half measuring tablespoon after meals might be enough, though, for the first two months. A half tbsp ended up being my maintenance dose for years, at once per day.

Assuming 13.3 grams per tablespoon of oil, 18% of that is 2.39 grams or almost 2400 mg of palmitoleic acid per measuring tablespoon.

At the time, I was using a flatware tablespoon that holds half of a measuring tablespoon, and I would take two of them after meals for the first two months.

I no longer take macadamia oil, but the numbness in fingers and toes has never returned, nor has any fungal toenail.

Replied by Tom
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Hi Nancy,

You might try a 500 mg chicken sternum capsule, mornings, for a minimum of 4 months. It rebuilds cartilage because of it's Type 2 collagen content.

I am in my mid-60's and my knees were loose in their sockets in 2010, but taking chicken sternum filled in my knee cartilage and rebuilt my knee cartilage within 4 months, with small improvement starting within a few days.

It is available at SwansonVitamins and PipingRock.

I have seen people cancel their knee and hip replacements by taking the chicken sternum during the 4 month time frame.

It's about $15 per bottle of 120.

I will say that chicken sternum didn't heal my shoulder.

Also, recently since early 2020, my thumbs and shoulders have felt like they could pull out of their sockets, so I plan to order 2 pounds of knox unflavored gelatin powder to see if it helps.

Knox gelatin, taking a few packets per day, healed my knee in 1980 in 3 months when I had injured it, so I will be trying it again.,+Pack+of+2)&qid=1608925008&s=grocery&sr=1-1

Mornings with water I currently take a level measuring teaspoon of BulkSupplement's hydrolized chicken collagen, which I assume has the type 2 collagen in it.


Replied by Tom
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The NOW brand product "Calcium Hydroxyapatite Caps (CHA), " for years or decades has corrected my sensitive teeth.

So you might take 4 capsules per day of these to feed your bones and shoulder. You could take 2 capsules mornings and afternoons, or one capsule every six hours. The 4 capsules provide a total of 1 gram of calcium in the hydroxyapatite form found in bones and teeth.

So you could take both the chicken sternum capsules for cartilage and CHA capsules for your skeletal system.