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After Surgery, My Malamute Stopped Eating/Drinking and Now Leaking Urine

Posted by Karen (Us) on 01/27/2016

I have been an avid follower of earthclinic for myself, my family, and my dogs for many many years. This is my first time to ask for help.

My 8 year old female malamute was perfectly healthy before she had surgery 2 weeks ago for a torn ACL. The surgery went well, but after she came home (on Tramadol), she refused to eat anything for days. Finally she ate a few small milk bones but has since started refusing them as well as all her favorites (like Greek yogurt, tuna). She also is not drinking enough water.

And yesterday the vet said that she has stopped squatting to pee and is leaking urine pretty regularly. At this moment she is at the vet's with IVs and antibiotics.

Today we have an ultrasound scheduled. Tonight we plan on bringing her home to her own space and her pack to see if we can coax her to eat some 'home cooking' and also to try some apple cider vinegar. Please help us with ideas about how to get her to eat and drink water.

Replied by Theresa
Mpls., Mn

Hello Karen,

It sounds as if your girl went into shut down mode after the surgery; the organs stopped working hence the lack of appetite and the leaking urine: it can happen after surgery - for whatever reason, it just does.

It is good you have her at the vet for fluids. The vet needs to ensure her organs are functioning properly before sending her home.

Once she is good to home home, I would consider dosing with homeopathic thuja occidentalis - this to help negate any allergic reaction to the anesthesia. Keep your girl warm and comfortable and check to see she is properly hydrated. Monitor urine and look for color in the urine- you want to see that she is concentrating her urine and isn't just peeing water: you also want to check for dark urine which indicates a complication and you should make a call to the vet.

ACV may help here - but dilute it down so it isn't a taste deterrent. If this were my dog I might favor a home made doggie pedialyte over the ACV water only until she is on solid ground again. If she comes back from the vet on less than stable ground I would ask for a hydration kit so can give her fluids under the skin to ensure she is properly hydrated - proper hydration will keep the organs functioning and if you have that you are on the path to get out of the woods.

There are many tasty things you can use to coax her to eat; there are prepared chub rolls at pet food stores and grocery stores even, and nothing beats a home cooked diet. Ground hamburger or chicken or whatever protien, plus some butter to brown it up and a sprinkle of garlic powder and a dash of salt for extra flavor always works in my house. If your dog is used to RAW then feed it raw and so much the better.

Please keep us posted on your girl's progress!