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What Fights Anxiety and Doesn't Interact With Antipsychotics?

Posted by Joe A. (Stockton, Ca USA) on 06/20/2021

My son has Severe Anxiety, he took Valiums for years, now addicted to Benzodiazepines.

Does anyone know what I can give that is better than L-Theanine 800mg daily or Mulungu 500mg?

I understand that Jujube fruit may help, haven't tried that for my son yet. I will be posting about Insomnia and Anxiety. I cannot use my alternative that treats Anxiety because I no longer can use it due to its interaction with other medications (Resperidone).

Replied by Fam Coll

Source Naturals GABA Calm. Get the tablet version, not the liquid version. It's a lozenge. Fast working. Can buy over the counter. You can use it for sleeping, too, if you have trouble falling asleep. Specific to anxiety reduction. It's very impressive, but don't over use it because it will become ineffective.

Replied by Celeste
Colorado Springs

Librium orotate may help. And, it is OTC.

Replied by Kriskopop
Chicago, IL

I've become addicted to xanax as well. I've weaned myself off it in the past and I understand it is hard. I previously did it using amino acids after reading the book The Mood Cure by Julia Ross. BUT what I'm doing this time around is using CBD oil. I've been lowering my dose of xanax daily and the CBD is making it completely bearable. I only take xanax at night but I know that it can make you more anxious when you are not on it so I've had more anxiety during the day. Anytime I feel anxious I use some CBD oil under my tongue. My naturopath said that it is safe to use CBD at the same time as xanax and it is working wonderfully for weaning me off it without any unbearable side effects. Do it as slow as you want ....or what my doc said was to take 1/2 the dose of xanax that I'm used to taking for a week and then start using it only every other day and slowly increasing the time between doses all the while continuing CBD oil daily. Good luck!!

Replied by John
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Thiamin (B1) specifically helps with anxiety. It's best to take in addition to a B complex. Dosage varies for each person, but you can start with 50-100 mgs and see how you do. You can take much higher doses if needed, but if so, take some magnesium and watch that potassium doesn't get low.

Replied by Patricia
Austin, TX

I turn to homeopathic remedies for many things including for anxiety. You can Google or Duck Duck Go for a list of possibilities. Remedies are inexpensive to try. (About $8 for 80 pellets.) Some remedies may be in liquid form. If he tries pellets put only 1 under the tongue to dissolve (or several can be dissolved in purified water and sipped throughout the day. Each sip is a dose.) 30C is a good potency to start at.

For such a severe case, seeing a qualified homeopath would be advised. However, for a quick try, you are safe in trying any homeopathic remedy as they are ENERGY MEDICINE and not chemicals.

Best of luck in finding a solution.

Replied by Angelica


They help the body deal with stress.

Powerful ones like Holy basil Tulsi.

Organic india makes a HBT tea with ashwaganda. An excellent combo!!

Replied by Clatterbuck
Beltsville, Md

I had horrible anxiety and paranoia a few years ago. It seemed to come out of no where. I couldn't get any relief. My doctor ran some blood tests and discovered I was extremely low on vitamin B12. I was prescribed B12 shots because I eat plenty of meat so I shouldn't be deficient. Shots are the only way my body can absorb this vitamin. Well, after the first shot I felt a peaceful calm settle over me. The paranoia left at the same time. It was like a miracle.

I have to take monthly B12 shots or the anxiety and paranoia come back. Google B12 deficiency and see if your son has some of the other symptoms that come with this disease.

Replied by Raymonde
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Have you ever heard of miracle mineral supplement (mms)? you could go to

Replied by Lila

Have you tried ashwagandha? You need to be consistent for at least 3 months to see permanent results.

Replied by Shannon

I personally use GABA 4,000 mg (value for price paid, best is NOW foods). Holy Basil is essential, but there is only one brand that works for me. New Chapter Holy Basil uses CO2 extraction and works within an hour. I take 4 capsules every day. This is not an inexpensive supplement, but it is essential for me. Lithium orotate, 5 mg, just one per day. Very inexpensive. I buy Swanson. I cannot speak to the interactions with current medications being taken, but I strongly recommend checking this out before starting anything. I have a friend who is not allowed the lithium orotate but takes the others and helps her. Another friend was on antianxiety and antidepressants for decades. I didn't recommend it, but he weaned himself off the medications and now just uses supplements. Again, I did not recommend this to him, and he told me after the fact. Feel free to send me any questions and comments. Stay safe and breathe.


Hi Joe,

As an anxiety sufferer, I think of your situation often. Have you had any results with any of these remedies?

Replied by Music

Have you explored using CBD oil or other CBD products?

Replied by Alex
South Carolina

I think anxiety comes from a clogged lymph. Dry body brushing daily keeps my anxiety away. You can body brush more than once daily to get anxiety under control.

Replied by Debra
Sydney, Australia
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Have you tried up to 3000mg of Niacinamide. My daughter has bipolar and she was taking 500mg Niacinamide and 5mg of Lithium Aspartate that controlled her anxiety and depression.

Replied by Ivanka

I had insomnia and was severely depressed for a long long time. I took krill oil one capsule every day for 6 months. Vitamin D3 5000IU one capsule every other day and Vitamin B3 (Niacin) 500 mg every night plus B complex. I had severe insomnia and stress after a surgery. I tried many different antidepressants and pm pills with adverse reactions and made my condition worst. I tried many different supplements and herbs too, but those above helped me the most and the longest. Good luck to you!

Replied by Richard

Hi Joe,

I don't have anxiety myself but Andrew Huberman (Neuro-scientist) says a good way to relieve anxiety is with breathing. Best to check him out. A very simple technique he calls 'the physiological sigh' = Breathe in, then breathe in some more, then exhale longer than the inhales. He says it's a direct control of anxiety. And it's free and always available! Check him on : or on youtube.

Good luck, Richard

Replied by Cicndy
Illinois, USA
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Castor oil packs. Also known as "the palm of Christ", castor oil soothes the soul as well as the body.

Replied by Dee

The only remedies I can think of is CBD Oil, Chamomile and Tulsi tea, Melatonin, and Magnesium Glycinate. Also no blue light hours before bedtime. They have orange glasses that filter the blue light on tv and computer screens. Exercise walking, yoga, pilates. Relieve stress by meditating the same time of day.

Replied by Avril

hi, hope this is helpful - Eric Berg's very good at laying out the WAY things work.

1. vid ''THE BEST NUTRIENT FOR FEAR'' -dr Eric Berg

2. what works almost unbelievably well for me is folinic acid [not folate, but all systems differ] - BUT ONLY if combined with vitamin B12 as METHYLcobalamin; and I use 7 caps daily of the brand I buy, rather than 1 or 2. I consider this not remotely expensive considering the results. And no side effects experienced after about 8 months of religiously observed daily use.

Best of luck,

Avril K.