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Seeking Natural Remedies for Endometrial Hyperplasia

Posted by Cheri (Port Of Spain ) on 08/12/2017

Recently told that I have endometrial hyperplasia. MY endometrial lining is 18mm thick, not biopsy it is not benign. Last period was start date was July 29th and next period is not due for another 2 weeks however I got it back; and it's heavy. I am very healthy, exercises regularly, athletic built, BF% 18, BMI 22, I'm 36 yrs, weight 129lbs. My doctor informed me that course of treatment is either a low dose pill or progesterone injections. Do not know if this is the most natural option..., any suggestions on best natural treatment?

Thank you in advance!

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Cheri,

Vitex (Chasteberry) is helpful to some ladies with endometriosis and other reproductive problems.

I also wonder if charcoal poultices or castor oil packs over the abdomen overnight (not during your period) 4 nights a week would be helpful. I have used both for female problems with great success.

There is also "natural progesterone cream." I have used this before but am not sure it is so natural. But I have used it myself to even out hormonal problems, that I was told were incurable without prescriptions.

~Mama to Many~


Hi Mama to Many,

I am only now seeing your post after so many years. Life happened :( anyway my update, unfortunately I did another biopsy and the lining did not reduce and period got heavier and was obstructing daily especially work. I work in a high stress job as an essential service and starred spotting. Went to another Obgyn since the other two suggested a hysterectomy and I felt was too extreme. I am 40years now and because I started spotting I was told it is a precursor for endometrial cancer, so that no delays and that I have to take the progesterone treatment. I ended up having an IUD (Mirena) inserted. It's been two months and while a reduction in bleeding during my period, I have severe cramps, headaches, feel depressed and I am now weighing 147lbs and have not been able to exercise because of the cramps.

Just wish I had seen your post and been able to try your suggestions :( thank again.

Mama to Many

Dear Cherise,

I am so sorry things have worsened and you are struggling so.

I wouldn't give up hope, though!

I still think that charcoal poultices over your lower abdomen at night could help, especially with the pain.

I have found that baking soda 1/4-1/2 teaspoon in a little water has been very helpful for pain.

Blackstrap molasses might help with the cramping.

I wonder if an exercise bike would be an option for exercise? It still will up your heartrate but might not put the stress on the pelvic organs as other exercises might?

~Mama to Many~