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Seeking Cure for Severe Tinnitus

Posted by Denise (Us) on 12/04/2018 71 posts

I would so love to hear of someone that has had tinnitus 24/7 that has truly experienced either a cure or definite improvement. Most of the posts I find are from dates gone by, and just wondering if there is anyone around now that has this awful ailment?

I have tried so many things and still not getting relief. I am not sure why I got tinnitus, but it wasn't from an injury. Mine started in about 2011-12 with a swishing noise when I would get up out of bed. I didn't think much about it because I was half asleep. It would go away in a few seconds, or maybe sort of come and go a couple of times. No ringing at that point.

In around I didn't get the actual ringing until 3 years ago this January. I think the swishing was of course, just a prelude to what was going to happen.

The doctors tell me there is no cure, the articles tell me, there is no cure. But I still believe there could be something for me, and something I could share with others to try. I have to have a sound machine at night, or I can't fall asleep. During the day, if I'm not running around doing errands, just sitting at home, I have to have sound going to drown out the ringing.

I've been taking supplements, and using things like ACV, Blackstrap Molasses, Coconut oil for other ailments. But something I'm taking might be making the ringing worse. I don't think so though as they are ringing horribly loud as I type, and I don't have my sound machine/app going on my phone.

Any help, or just someone that understands because they have it, or have had it. I would so appreciate hearing from someone, Denise

Replied by Stephen

My wife had swooshing in her ears. She found out she was severely anemic. After getting blood transfusions and taking iron supplements, it went away. Make sure you are not anemic.

Replied by Steve

I've had tinnitus for many years and it seems to be related to stress and sometimes toxicity levels. I do liver/gallbladder/kidney cleanses to keep the toxicity levels down. I have found EFT and cold laser therapy helpful. I also use a product called seriphos effective for lowering cortisol/adrenaline levels which when elevated cause the ringing to get worse. There can be many different causes for tinnitus so each case is different but it's worth trying different things until you find what works for you.

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Jhb Rsa

Hi Check out Dr Mandell's YT videos at Motivationaldoc - he has several videos and methods of dealing with tinnitus. I hope you find something that helps you.

Replied by Kt

Good Morning Denise,

I am still adamant about problems caused by the flowing agent in common table salt. It seems that something your are eating or a binder/capsule in a supplement would cause the constant trouble with tinnitus. There is a post here on EC about a lady who had trouble and turmeric worked for her.

You might try taking 1/4-1/2 tsp turmeric every couple of hours in about 1/2 C warm water. I take equal amounts of turmeric and ginger. I had stopped taking that every morning when we had a problem with the upstairs bathroom my regime was off so it was more neglect but I noticed even though I faithfully took my magnesium, my arthritic aches returned so I feel the mag, turmeric and ginger work together for that pain. I took two doses of the t & g starting at 1 am and the second dose at about 6 and the pain has subsided except for that big toe and my spine so I am going to take another dose right now, 9:20.