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Seeking Natural Remedies for Bladder Cancer

Posted by Marianne (Ontario) on 07/13/2020 9 posts

My husband has been diagnosed with Bladder Cancer - is there a natural cure??

Thank you in advance for any help.

Replied by Charity
Faithville Us

I was reading Ted about cancer in this site and he was talking about it being fungal or viral in nature and coconut oil is anti fungal and anti viral and anti bacterial and anti microbial.... serrapeptase and chanca piedra eat the outer layer off virus so your body can fight them for me lately I have been using comfrey and it generates new cells. Amazing stuff, the root has the most medicinal potency. Interesting.

I don't know that much so just throwing some stuff out there. Blessings, charity


Have you or anyone had any success with bladder cancer natural treatments? I have been dealing with it for many years and don't feel like having another surgery or chemo.

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I read a lot of books and articles and one guy had that and shared his story of all the treatments he went through, and he finally went on a fast for a long time along with getting images of it on regular schedule. When his body got desperate for supplies it ate the cancer up.

Ted has some insights

Ted's Remedies, Natural Remedies to Support Bladder Cancer Treatment (