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Need Help for Chronic Anxiety in My Child

Posted by Danielle (WNY) on 03/12/2023

Does anyone have a natural cure for anxiety? I have been dealing with this with one of my children for a long time who does not want to take pharmaceuticals. Is there anything out there taken on a daily basis or herbal remedy that would help?

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If you can give a precise description of what your child's anxiety symptoms are, I can possibly give a non pharmaceutical suggestion.


Replied by mmsg
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Danielle, sometimes it's a nutrient missing in the child/person's nutrition. For a family member, blackstrap molasses (a teaspoon in a glass of hot water) works each time they fall into "the anxious mode". We don't know the exact part of it that is helpful, but who cares?!

Replied by Madelyn

Magnesium once or twice per day, definitely. I would add on Lemon Balm extract as well. There is also a homeopathic remedy called “calm keeper” that is effective, gentle, and safe.

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Hi Danielle,

How old is your child that is suffering from anxiety? Also, boy or girl? How is your child's nutrition and sleep?

How is the anxiety manifesting?

I have a few ideas but answers to the above would help me narrow them down.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Cindy
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Castor oil packs OR what I call "The Belly Rub of Happiness" which is basically a chest and belly rub with castor oil before bed.

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CBD oil, you can get a doctor's prescription.

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If your child is being abused at school, daycare, Boy Scouts, at home etc. they may experience anxiety.