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Need Suggestions For Low Platelets

Posted by Ash (Mississauga, Ontario) on 05/27/2009

ITP-Low Platelets:

Hello, I have a condition called ITP. I have low platelets and it's unknown why. I have been on predisone (steriods) and it does help but with major side effects. I was hoping you might have a natural rememdy to help increase my platelets. Thanks

Replied by Luis
Cali, Colombia


I have taken Engystol (below tongue) with success, a homeophatic remedy from Heel to raise platelets quickly, in case of Hemorrhagic Dengue (a tropical viral disease trasmitted by mosquitoes.

Good luck.

Replied by Shannon
Texarkana, Texas

My sister was diagnosed with ITP disease. She was taking high dosages of steroids that was only helping slightly. She went to Baylor Medical Hospital in Dallas, Tx. for exploratory surgery, her Spleen was damaged from an auto accident years earlier and was never found in any type of X-ray or scans. Thankfully the Spleen removal was successful and has never had to take steroid medication since. Her platelet count will never be completely normal but they have increased tremendously. The only downfall from not having a Spleen is a weakened immune system.

Replied by Gsmagirl
Nashville, Tn

I feel badly for all the ITP sufferers. My father has had ITP for four years and let me assure you the treatments are WORSE than the disease. First of all, the condition is rare so it is very exciting for the doctors to have an actual ITP patient to experiment on. My Dad has had splenectomy, two rounds of chemotherapy(experimental, didn't work), and four years of daily prednisone. Before the prednisone he was losing weight, his clothes falling off of him. Now because of the steroids he must deal with obesity and the steroids have fried his adrenal cortex. No more adrenaline means low energy and chronic depression. (So they have Dad on anti-depressants now as well, plus he now must see an endocrinologist to monitor the adrenal gland) The splenectomy did not affect the ITP. We were told the effectiveness of splenectomy on ITP was 50-80%. I was absolutely opposed but my parents were very naive and they wanted to "obey" the doctors. I do not understand the previous commenter who stated that the "only" side effect of spleen removal is loss of immune system function. Only??? (that's what AIDS is, suppressed immunity, would you choose AIDS over ITP?) Another side effect of the long-term steroid use, besides the previous mentioned obesity and loss of adrenal cortex (both dangerous conditions in themselves) is osteoporosis. Steroid use causes osteoporosis!! This means my father has multiple compression fractures in his spine and can no longer walk without using a wheeled walker. He can no longer swim. I want to tell you that four years ago, my father had bruises and lethargy. They did not bother him enough to see a doctor. The ITP was discovered during a routine blood test. The treatments for ITP have left him a helpless cripple without even a spleen to help fight off minor colds, he is frequently bed ridden with every little bug. Four years ago my Dad worked during the week and played golf on Fridays. Maybe even two years ago he was still able to maintain his activities. Not anymore, there is not enough energy in his body to swing a golf club. All of these treatments are Bad Medicine. Print out my "rant" and show it to your doctor and let him explain to you what suppressed immunity means. Any doctor who told you taking steroids or giving up your spleen "only" causes suppressed immunity should lose their license. I hope a natural remedy can be found, and until then, if it were me I would suffer the bruising and lethargy before undergoing any of these treatments.

Replied by Steve
Martinsburg, Wv Usa

I was diagnosed with Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura (ITP) in 2004, tested at 4,000 platelet count and received standard medical treatments (high toxic dose prednisone 180Mg daily; IVIG intravenous infusions for dropping levels and Winrho SDF (near fatal reaction).

Levels hung around 50-60,000 for a year and restricted from strenuous outdoor activities; started using alfafa supplement after researching animal medicine and noting that too much alfafa content in livestock feed leads to serious clotting disorders--exact opposite of ITP. Alfalfa also contains good natural level of Vitamin K constituents, which is used medically for some bleeding disorders and what patients taking blood thinners are advised to avoid in their diet!
Also switched to solely consuming distilled and/or reverse osmosis-treated water; local water supply has some issues with low level contaminants of agricultural pestcides and other micropollutants. Hence purified water for bodily intake!
Blood levels gradually rose up to 90,000-100,000, as confirmed through periodic CBC testing. Now after 7 years, had highest test to date just inside normal range (144,000 -15) last week.

Now watchful waiting--both above items with little if any risk, good solid basis that may help.

Replied by Janis
Hudson's Hope, Bc Canada

Cured ITP. After 27 years with platelets of 3,000. I tried everything to cure myself without surgery and drugs.

Things that may have caused it or contributed to it are, Vaccines, Amalgam fillings(removed in 95') & Chronic Constipation (healed this in 2006) This is known as "Leaky Gut Syndrome"... Once this was healed my platelets returned to normal.

Also had Chelation treatments in 2005 which may have helped with my healing. I would be happy to help others thru my email, with more info. Dj(at) Good Luck Janis

Replied by Zilverb
Seabrook, Tx - Texas, Usa
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This is how I cured (Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura). My platelets dropped to 7,000 and I had a platelet transfusion plus steroids that caused my eyes to develop cataracts. I was not pleased with further talk about removing my spleen and the low recovery rate with a high death rate at my age from brain bleeds. Children usually recover but as we age the rate of brain bleeds and death is very high.

I own an electromedicine machine (Known as a Rife machine or GB4000) and I noticed that they had a frequency for Werlhof's disease which is the old name for ITP disease. This verified that ITP is caused by microbes and I read elsewhere that parasites cause this disease.

To grow more platelets so that I would not have more treatments pushed upon me at the doctor's office, I took: Vitamin K (100 mcg) three times a day and Vitamin C (1,500 mg with rose hips) three times a day. To kill microbes I took baking soda (1/2-teaspoon to 1-teaspoon) in a cup of water with raw honey, crude blackstrap molasses, or pure maple syrup to maintain a pH level between 8.0 and 8.5 urine pH for 21 days. So one needs to have some pH strips. This baking soda treatment kills bacteria, virus, yeast, and mold. Maybe a few parasites but not enough. At the same time, I did Ted's parasite cleanse with Borax (20-mule team) for 30-days (5 days on and 2 days off). Use 1/8-teaspoon (1/4-teaspoon for people over 180-pounds) borax (sodium tetraborate, sodium borate, or disodium tetraborate) into 1 liter of distilled water. Drink throughout the day slowly to give parasites a dose over the day and keep them sick and die. Drink other liquid during the day because this is not enough for a person.

I did six (6) rounds of the baking soda with sweetener and borax water. I took the vitamin C and K the whole time. I expect to do maintenance rounds and I will be checked periodically to make sure I do not have any more episodes. My blood tests will tell me how often to do maintenance.

It is a good idea to do a 5-day liver gallbladder cleanse because this is quite a task for the body to rid itself of so many dead microbes. My platelet count rose steadily. My last platelet count was 292 thousand. Normal is between 150 and 450 thousand.

I am so grateful to EC for the help and support.

Replied by Carolina
New Zealand

For 6 years my son has ITP, recently it went slightly up from to 45, not a lot but better then what is was, about 2 months ago he had a severe flew, which he does not seem to get rid of, in the last days he developped purpurea as never seen before, even his tonque is red after brushing his teeth, do not wish to go regular, as it is clear, there is no solution, out of the side effects.By reading your comment, it makes a lot of sense to kill the virus, just wondering if this is suitable for a 11 year old boy? thanks for posting your comment in any case, Kind regards, Carolina (mother of the boy)

Replied by Jean
East Tn

Zilverb -- When you say "6 rounds, " what does that mean exactly?

Replied by Nina

Papaya leaf juice helps really fast. This is the best one

Also, beet root juice and pomegranate juice