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Need to Lower Cholesterol for Work

Posted by GertJr (Madison) on 01/12/2021

I am so angry I could spit. We are required to have a Wellness check annually at work. They test bmi, bp, cholesterol and weight. My cholesterol reading came out very high, BUT, the room where they checked it was very cold, even the techs were wearing their coats. Because of cold hands, she had a very hard time getting blood out of my finger, and mashed and massaged and milked my finger to get enough blood for the little tube. I think this is why my number was so high. Please do not tell me that cholesterol numbers don't matter, I agree, but this is work and we have to do this. So now I have to go for a consultation and don't have a choice of Dr. You know he'll say statins, which I won't do, but then I jeopardize my job. I will also see my regular doc at nearly the same date, and he will work with me.

I've been taking lecithin, niacin to flush, watching saturated fats, minimizing carbs and, not only that, I've been only eating ancient grains as what carbs I do eat. I eat skinless baked chicken or baked tilapia, don't add sugar to anything I eat, and exercise (lift weights 3X/wk, swim at least a mile 2X/wk). So, will mashing my finger like that cause the result to be higher? Is there anything I can do besides what I'm already doing?

BTW, I eat 2 eggs every morning, scrambled in a little vco. I'm doing everything healthy that I can! Or am I missing something?

Replied by eB

I have high colesterol which went down when I juiced one bunch of celery a day for 3 weeks, from 8.2 to 5. something (don't remember exact number as it was told to me over the phone).It has to go down more but till now it has only been creeping up so this is real.

I found the cure on earth clinic as well as remembering my doctor telling me years ago that celery juice alkalises the body.

Good luck.

Replied by Art
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Lecithin works if you are taking enough and it starts to show measurable reduction in one month if the dose is high enough and even further reduction after 2 months of continued daily use.

I have seen 2 tablespoons of granules work very well in friends and then reduced to 1 tablespoon after that as a maintenance dose.


Replied by Sharon

Dear GERT,

it sounds like you were dehydrated. I had a blood test, and they inserted the needle and nothing came out! "I thought, am I dead and don't know it?" the tech said, no your dehydrated. go to the cafateria and get water and drink. I drank 2 small bottles of water, and the blood test went fine, back to the cholesterol, for 30 years I took 2TBL of lecithin granules 3x a day (for psoriasis)and never had a cholesterol level higher than 180. Good luck.


No, I was not dehydrated. I was freezing. My hands were blue with the cold. The tech was wearing her coat, it was so cold in there.

Art, thanks, I am taking lecithin, the Now gelatin ones. If I remember right, I got the sunflower kind, avoiding soy. so I'm taking niacin & lecithin and nordic naturals Omega ldl, exercising, not adding any sugar, super low carb and high protein, and midrange fats (vco, olive oil, and whatever fat is in my eggs---which are home grown). Any carbs I eat are ancient grains. I think conditions are why my numbers were high, find it unbelievable that I'm that high. I've been doing this since DH died in July, set myself up a routine and I'm very rigid in what I ingest. Guess I'll find out Feb 8 when I see my doc.

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I have not had luck with the softgels. Only the granules have worked for me at the dose I mentioned. There are no studies for other forms of lecithin such as sunflower lecithin, so I have used non GMO soy lecithin with very good results.


Replied by Ben

Eggs are a good source of cholesterol. Give those up for a while and see if that helps.