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No Remedies Helping Scalp Infection, Please Help!

Posted by Krissy (Bronx, New York ) on 07/03/2016

Hi everyone,

I have read plenty of post in regards to scalp infection and tried a lot of the suggestion many of you made. Unfortunately I have not found any result this all started about 7 months ago. I was trying a conditioning method and left the condition in my hair wet overnight. I know thinking about it not its really stupid! A mistake I am definitely. paying for. Since then I have had horrible scalp odor! My scalp is visible clear and clean but a hour after washing my hair a very pungent smell emit from my scalp. So horrible that it can fill a large room. This is after a daily wash, which doesn't make sense. I have gotten no positive result for the dermatologist. I had a scalp biopsy done and it can back negative for fungus. It's says I have spongiotic dermatitis, with parakeratosis which my dermatologist say it mean inflammation of the scalp he has no ideal why there is odor.

I have tried so many products such as apple cider vinegar, head bad shoulders, nizoral, Jason shampoo, baking soda, lemon juice, T-gel, detox, borax acid. So far nothing works, I hardly leave my house because of the embarrassment and after battle this for 7 months and am getting really depressed. PLEASE HELP! Thanks for reading.

Replied by Paloma
Madera, Ca

If it is some sort of infection, MMS is very effective. I would fill a bathtub with water and approx 20-30 drops of activated MMS. Soak entire scalp for 30 minutes. Do this 3-4 times per week at first until you have relief. Continue maintenance at twice a week for a few more weeks. If that doesn't work, make a mask of bentonite clay and petroleum jelly (Vaseline or any brand). Pack into scalp. Hopefully your hair is short because this will be messy! Leave it on for at least 30 minutes. I would even sleep with it on for the first few treatments. Do this as often as you can until you have relief. Continue a few times even after the condition has cleared . If your scalp feels dry, massage with organic extra virgin coconut oil. Good luck.

New York

Thanks, I will give it a try.

Replied by Janet

Dear Krissy. Borax saturated water is my favorite. About 2/3 cup of Borax to a gallon of water. Let disolve when you see the grains mostly gone the water is saturated or has taken up the borax. I add de chlorinator from the fish or aquarium supply sometimes called conditioner a few drops as it further improves condition. Here is Ted's chapter of hair remedies. I suggest you read them all. It is quick and gives a bigger picture. Janet

Replied by Michael
New Zealand

Hi Krissy,

I am trying to find some information from New Zealand or Australia that could be different from what you have tried so far. Did you stick with these treatments for long enough to give them a chance to be effective? The longer you have a condition - the longer it will take to gain relief. I was wondering about Tea Tree products from "Down Under"(Thursday Plantation brand).Tea Tree Oils are very effective treatments for some persistent conditions. Aborigines used them in Australia.

Not so natural would be Selenium Sulfide lotion at 1% OR "Elcon lotion (..mometasone furoate 1mg). You had better get advice on these, as to whether (or not) they would be appropriate for your condition. They are typically used for severe dandruff sufferers and those with "angry"red patches on their scalps.Follow the directions closely.

These are external treatments only. A lot of work might need to be done internally also of course.

Best of luck and I will keep looking.

Let us know how you get along.

P.S. I have found an Emu Oil Shampoo product in New Zealand that might be new on the market. I hope you can investigate it further on the web. Search for "Emu Oil in New Zealand" and you should locate it.

Good luck.

Replied by Heather

Krissy, Has any of the remedies worked; I have the same problem but I have no idea what caused it? Did you try the bentonite clay & Vaseline? Thanks, Heather