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91 Year Old With Old Scar That Reopened and Won't Heal

Posted by Sultan A. (Trinidad) on 08/01/2021

Sir, I usually get email from you all, very interesting, Now I had to reply but when I start to reply to you all it is so small in email to you I cannot remember what I am writing the letters so small, so I decide to write to you all it will take some time to reply. Now let me explain to you here.

My name is Sultan A---. I live in Trinidad, You know my age? My age is 91 years but I have a problem if you can help me I would be thankful. Presently when I was young going to school I got an itch on my leg. My parents was alive they take care of me carry me to the Dr several times I feel good I get over but now at my age it had a scar on the leg it come off now. it is a wound that needs healing.

I went to Dr. I am taking treatment right now but it taking long to heal. I am not strong to walk on my own. I use a walker sometimes on a wheelchair I have to get help if I have to go any where. Is there any way you can help me to get better. Thank you all.

EC: The above was a letter sent to Earth Clinic and retyped here. He included his email address, so we'll forward any replies.

Replied by Cindy
Illinois, USA
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Not sure what's available in Trinidad, except sugar, and plain white sugar is excellent, particularly for wounds that won't heal. It draws infection from the wound as well as moisture from pathogens, suffocating them and promotes tissue growth. You just pile it on and wrap with a bandage. That's it. Apparently, judging by more recent investigations into its use, it works very quickly. particularly with wounds that won't heal and on animals as well as people.


Medihoney is the way to go. Otherwise called Manuka honey, it comes from the nectar of tea trees native to Australia. It is raw honey and comes in varying strengths. I use it for all things to do with wounds as it not only keeps wounds clean, but helps them to heal. I'm using it at the moment on the huge wound on my greyhound's back leg, where a cancerous lump was removed. I can't believe how well it is healing. I smear a thick dollop of honey on a dressing and change the dressing twice daily. If it sticks to the wound change more often.

Good luck with your own wound and all the best from Down Under

Replied by Cindy
Illinois, USA
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Replied by Charity
faithville, Us

As I read this I heard Salt so I will paste a link to help you apply salt:

Salt Treatments to Soothe Itching Skin (

Replied by Maryellen
Boston USA

My mom had a vein removed from her arm to use in a live reconstruction of her jaw from cancer. They used medihoney. It was flat piece of medicinal honey that you applied to the wound and then covered with gauze bandage. It worked great. Closed up the wound, which was 1.5 inches wide by 8 inches long


Our dog was seriously burnt at the vet's when we took him to get neutered. They left him on a heating pad that burnt (3rd degree) him so bad while he was recovering from being put under that the hair will never grow back in that area. We got some salve from the vet but it didn't do much, so we started using Manuka honey and it worked much better than the salve from the vet. Changed the gauze and cleaned the wound with sterile water and reapplied the Manuka honey and gauze both morning and night. We used a syringe to wash with the sterilized water, that the vet supplied. He was also given antibiotics by the vet.

Replied by Art
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Hello Sultan,

I have had good success with healing significant cuts, burns and abrasions to the skin using topically applied colloidal silver. It will not work to just apply it and let dry. The wound has to be kept wet. What I have used sometimes is an old cotton t-shirt that I cut about 4" off of the bottom of the t-shirt so that I now have a 4" wide ring of the t-shirt. I fold this up so it is about 6" long by 4" wide and is several layers thick. I wet this with colloidal silver so it is all wet, but not dripping wet. I cut 3 more 6" wide strips off of the t-shirt and I putt the wet 4" x 6" piece over the wound and then use 2 of the 6" strips to wrap all the way around the leg over the wet piece. I use the last 6" strip to tie around the other 6" strips to hold everything securely in place. It will be easiest if someone will help you to do this. Replace these wraps daily. Silver is still used to speed healing of burns and as long as it stays wet, it definitely speeds the healing process.


Replied by Barbara Burton
Denver, CO USA

I had something similar that wouldn't heal. After a few months of visits to dermatologists to find an answer, I finally went to a sports doctor. She applied a zinc wrap around the affected area, and it healed it quickly and easily. Within two weeks it finally started to make new tissue. And it was painless and not expensive. I think they can be purchased online through amazon, and possibly other sites. The bandage comes with the sink ointment already in it. Hope this helps! Good luck

Replied by Frank McLean
Thunder Bay, ON, CA

I understand colloidal silver is supposed to help tissues heal faster. Also, vitamin E is supposed to help healing. And glycerin is also supposed to help healing. FWIW


Replied by Dano

Activated charcoal packed into the wound has helped heal many long term stubborn wounds when everything else failed. Good luck.

Replied by KS

if the sugar doesn't work, try Manuka honey kfactor 16 and higher

Replied by Susan

Copper that could be rubbed on the area not healing could possibly give your body the extra healing support it needs.

Replied by Stephen

In your case, I would only eat immune Boosting good and as for the wound, try natural organic honey.

Honey was used after an operation and due to MRSA the cut wouldn't heal.

Honey managed to close the incision.

Replied by HisJewel
New York, USA

Greetings Sultan A. of Trinidad,

I hope that you are already feeling much better.

I just want to add "Honey" to your list of treatments. The great thing is you only have to rub it on. My mother was given a tube of honey to heal her wounds by a nurse. Since then I have used regular kitchen honey on my wounds. It works pretty fast, if I recall right it worked within a weeks' time. If the honey in your kitchen does not heal the wound than try "Manuka honey, " it is mentioned in the below study:


I second the recommendation to use honey. It is usually easy to get and it works very fast. I would use raw honey if available. A lot of commercial brands may be adulterated with corn syrup.

In my experience, honey accelerates healing by days. I got a deep cut on my finger that would not close but it sealed up overnight when I bandaged it with raw honey.

Replied by Jacqueline

If you can get a leech, put it on the open wound area and the leech will help the wound close.

Replied by S

Hello Sultan!

You may want to try a castor oil pack - yes the same castor oil that your parents may have forced you to drink years ago. Take a clean old rag or cloth or rip up an old t-shirt and saturate it with the oil until it is soaked but not dripping. Apply to the wound and wrap in some plastic wrap or a plastic bag to contain any drips. Then apply some heat from a hot water bottle or heating pad. I usually do one hour per day. This has helped me greatly with wound healing.

Best wishes to you - I hope you find a workable answer from the Earth Clinic community!

Replied by Health Coach

It sounds like diabetes. Watch eating excessive sugar and fats together. Eat nutrient dense with plenty vegetable, plant or animals protein. Quality Protein is needed for healing and growth, vitamin C, D3 for collagen formation. In addition, Manuka honey has healing property and can be applied Topically and don't take it internall. Make nutrient dense beef liver broth and drink a cup a day. Last do some earthing, plant your feet straight on the ground and allow the earth to heal your wound and believe that God will be with you through the process. Let go of any anger or resentment you have in you and you will see yourself walking once again without help. Believe healing is simple, easy and fast.❤️

Replied by Fam

When my mother was 99 and again at 102 she used a Chinese powder called Tian Qi to heal open wounds. One was on her buttocks and the other on her calf. If you can find a Chinese doctor or an acupuncturist, ask for this powder. It is miraculous. Simply sprinkle on the wound and it will close it (takes less time for small wounds, a few days for larger wounds). I have used it on cold sores and it dries them up very quickly. It is easily available from Chinese herbalists and from acupuncture doctors.

Replied by Jim

iodine iodine iodine

Replied by Azna

Regarding wounds that won't heal: organic cayenne, mixed with pure water, formed into a paste, is great for healing open wounds, abrasions, cuts, etc. A naturopath named herbdoc used this when he was called in as a consultant in England many years ago. A gentleman had been in a motorcycle accident. His leg/knee was torn open practically to the bone. Herbdoc applied a ton of cayenne, sealed it with tape, and it healed perfectly with hardly any scarring, etc.

Replied by Kk

Take zinc picolinate with copper and vitamin c powder. Zinc helps wound healing and vitamin c is a booster.

Replied by Mother Earth

I've just learned about Turpentine from a Dr on Bitchute. No more than 1 teaspoon per day and that includes external use too. It must be:

100% Natural Pure Gum Spirits of Turpentine.

Replied by Carolyn

Wound Healing

"Since 1990, boron has been shown to significantly improve wound healing. Application of a 3% boric acid solution to deep wounds reduced the time required in intensive care by two-thirds.8 In 2000, in vitro research using human fibroblasts showed that a boric-acid solution improved wound healing through action on the extracellular matrix.9 Further in vitro studies published in 2002 revealed that these beneficial effects of boron were due to direct actions on specific enzymes found in fibroblasts: elastase, trypsin-like enzymes, collagenase, and alkaline phosphatase.10 The most common cells in animal connective tissue, fibroblasts synthesize the extracellular matrix and collagen and play a critical role in wound healing. Boron facilitates the activity of these key enzymes in fibroblasts, thus improving extracellular-matrix turnover."

Replied by Teena
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Highly recommend pure raw honey applied daily then covered, not by absorbent gauze but by an inabsorbent medium (I used paper in haste) then bandaged. Apply daily after shower until skin heals. Protects the wound, I had grit in mine that I couldn't reach, daily applications of honey until it scabs over, when I healed there was no trace or worry over the trapped debris.

Replied by Dee

I would try raw honey mixed with vitamin E oil on the wound. Tape it over with a band-aid or wrap it with clean gauze. Just squeeze a Vitamin E oil capsule into the honey.

Replied by Ressler

Do you have the virus shingles? It starts as chickenpox as a young child. If you do, just make your body alkaline and it will heal up. The easiest way to be alkaline is to drink lemon water 3 times daily, don't eat junk food, sugar foods.