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8 Years With an Ovarian Dermoid Cyst - Seeking Mama's Help

Posted by Mehnaaz (India ) on 11/17/2020

Hello dear MaMa,

Hope you are doing well. May God give you a happy healthy and long life with your family.
As you know I've ovarian dermoid cyst since last 8yrs (previously it has been operated two times and second time oopherectomy also has been done ).

Now I'm tired and never want to go for a surgery again ☹️. I want to seek some beneficial remedies from you and also want to know about fox nuts as it contains estrogen so it would be good or bad for my infected cyst wd size 7cm approximately. (what is false unicorn?)

Waiting for your caring response.

Replied by Mama

Dear Mehnaaz,

It is good to hear from you!

I have never heard of fox nuts. If your cyst is infected, I would consider antibiotic herbs like turmeric....Is your doctor concerned about the infection?

I am not familiar with false unicorn either. Have we ever talked about Red Raspberry Leaf? It is a most wonderful female herb that is useful in all stages of womanhood. It has a normalizing effect and is nutritive. It is best taken in a tea. The properties are extracted with water. Alcohol tinctures or capsules of it are not as effective.

I steep 2 tea bags in a pint of water every day. Then I sweeten with a bit of honey and add some lemon. I have grown to really like it.

You have been patiently bearing with this affliction for such a long time!

It is so rare that I see any information about dermoid cysts - and certainly I have not seen anything to indicate a cause or a cure. I wish I had! Given the lack of information, I would tend toward doing things for over all health. Eating a variety of quality foods, especially fruits and vegetables. Getting some daily exercise...and Vitamin C and D are good especially at this time of year and with a global virus to consider.


~Mama to Many~