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79 Year Old With Recent Painful Arthritis, Neuropathy and Gout

Posted by Joseph (Stockton, CA) on 07/28/2021 73 posts

I have severe Arthritis that recently covers my back, neck, legs. Also have Gout and pain in my big toe and neuropathy in feet and leg. I am 79 and contracted these ailments in past few months. Knox gelatin has done nothing in 3 weeks, cayenne capsules has not helped after taking 2 daily. This morning I started 1/8 Tsp of cayenne pepper. I need some suggestions.

Thank you, Joseph

Replied by Art
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Borax has worked very well for many on Earth Clinic including myself. I use Ted's recommended water and borax mix for men and it has been life changing for me!



Just began following you, Art. I've noticed you refer to "Ted" oftentimes. How do I find him, here at earth clinic? Thank you for your time!

EC: Please see Ted's archive of posts on our subdomain here:

Replied by Cindy
Illinois, USA
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Hi Joseph! If you've read many of the recent posts and comments, you probably know what I'm going to say - colloidal silver. Low concentration, a teaspoon at a time.

Just based on what I've been seeing over the pasts couple of weeks, with regard to testimonials, rather than journal articles, It doesn't appear to matter all that much regarding the quality, how it's made or even how concentrated it is as people have been curing all sorts of diseases since long before "the blue man"..

I would stick with low concentrations simply because it appears they work as well if not better than higher concentrations, which makes sense to me as it's actually a trace mineral that would have been acquired through food and water, all over the world, back in our wilder, barefoot days - I.e. prehistory.

If I had issues, I would take a teaspoon of 10ppm 3 or 4 times per day, swishing it around in the mouth for a minute or so before swallowing.

I purchased some, first, and used that externally and around the house before I knew I was going to purchase a generator but, based on others reports, regarding reversing cancers, MS and rheumatoid arthritis from way back.

I had already received my generator before coming across an old video of a super simple way of making it, but I don't regret it as it runs on AC in a specific and consistent manner so I don't even have to think about it but if I hadn't already purchased one, I'd have purchased a bunch of rechargeable, lower current 9 volt batteries and be making it with one of those with fine silver wires hooked onto the terminals, being careful to keep them apart, for 1 hour, 8 oz of distilled water at a time and, taking a teaspoon several times per day and I would expect those 8 ounces to last me a week and when things started shifting, I might back off and continue in search of a "sweet spot".

I don't mix treatments but I also don't consider the regular ingestion of cayenne a treatment and, besides, colloidal silver has shown no signs of interfering with other treatments whether natural or allopathic which is only natural as it is actually a nutrient.

I also don't consider a castor oil "belly rub of happiness" a treatment - just because it feels so dang good. So I'd do that, as well, and, in fact, I DO do that whenever I think about it and have a few minutes to just relax - and I do that just because I want to.

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Here is a link:


Replied by Mary M.
Arcadia, CA

Dear Sir,

I have osteoarthritis and started to take Boswellia Serata. It really helped me take most of the pain away. It helps me to walk a lot better. I am not cured but a lot better now. Hope this helps you. You can buy it from amazon or vitacost vitamins. I am sure from Swansons vitamins which are a not as expensive. Hope this helps you.


Mary M.

Replied by Margie

Fresh pineapple or pineapple juice daily, no meat... Lots of vegetables!

Plus the other pieces of advice of curcuma with black ground pepper and colloidal silver will bring you back on your feet.

Love from Azores

Replied by Katherine

Hello Joseph,

It could be your diet. Gout can be caused by gluten and gluten mimics. Go to The Gluten Free Dr Peter Osborne is the expert on gluten. It takes at least a month of detoxing, but pain subsides if the culprit.

Replied by Carolyn

Hi Joseph,

If you don't want to do the Borax solution, take Boron 3 mg. capsules - 1 per day (with Vit D; magnesium and a spoonful of yogurt or something with calcium in it) for five to six days and then abstain for one or two days...repeat. Works great for me at 69.

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Hello Joseph,

For your gout, I have found that Organic Castor Oil helps. Perhaps once a week, 1 tablespoon on an empty stomach has worked for me, but just take it until you find that the gout symptoms have improved. And no beer! Usually, alcohol makes it worse. For the Arthritis, I am sure that a diet free from gluten and dairy also helps. Doctors who practice Functional Medicine recommend a plant based diet.

I know it is not easy to give up foods that we like and are used to having but to feel better, perhaps you could give it a try, just to see if you get better and hopefully, you will.

Best wishes

Replied by REJANE

Hello again,

I forgot to tell you about Vitamin C. It helps a lot.

Please, check the Orthomolecular website to find some information that could help you more.

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Joseph, for arthritis maybe try taking a capsule of chicken sternum type 2 collagen to rebuild your joint cartilage. The capsules are at places like or

Chicken sternum rebuilt my knees in about 4 months, knees which were loose in their sockets.

I have seen people cancel their hip and knee replacements after taking chicken sternum.

You may want to try both brands as Swanson's is BioCell Collagen® (hydrolyzed chicken sternal cartilage extract), while PipingRock's is "kollaGen II-xsTM Chicken Sternum Cartilage."

Taking PipingRock's macadamia nut oil internally, cured my fungal toenail and numbness and tingling in my toes at the same time, after I would say 2 months and one 16 oz bottle of the macadamia oil. I took 1 tablespoon twice per day after meals and the fungal toenail lifted off after about 2 months. The numbness and tingling in my toes went away at the same time.

Macadamia oil has the antimicrobial palmitoleic acid at 18%, and is the highest food source, which is about 2.5 grams per measuring tablespoon.

It looks like you could order both the chicken sternum and the macadamia nut oil at the same time from PipingRock.

Thanks and good luck.

Replied by Pris

I'm so sorry about your suffering, Joseph! Sounds like your body has become more acidic lately caused possibly from eating foods. To alkalize your body and rid it of inflammation, freeze a whole lemon in a small plastic bag. Remove and then slice the lemon and cut the slices into inch-size pieces. Eat the rind too. Ten times more vitamin C in the rind than in the pulp. Eat/chew a piece every few hours.

Gout is caused by an acidic body too so will be helped by the lemon also. Avoid eating red meats, bacon, sausage, as they are acidic causing gout. Arthritis is caused by inflammation caused by acidity. Then soak feet in basin of water with 1/4 - 1/2 cup Epsom salts. Soak twenty minutes. Do this three times a day. This gives your body's cells magnesium which relaxes the muscles and relieves pain and promotes a good night's rest and sleep. This mineral must be absorbed through the skin—-NOT through the digestive tract as with a tablet. The intestines only deliver to the bloodstream and not to your tissues.

You can buy magnesium oil to apply to your skin as well. Several times a day. Magnesium deficiency is why so many are on pain relievers/killers. The heart is a muscle and needs this mineral every day to function well. The lemon ingestion is good for the body every day also. Cancer has been cured by the high amount of vitamin C. I do these things every day also! I'm in my upper seventies too!

Replied by Frank McLean
Thunder Bay, ON, CA

The cause of gout is tartaric crystals in the joints. These tartic crystals act like sand paper in the joints. The solution is vitamin B6 and Magnesium. It will dissolve the the tartaric crystals and also help increase the synovial fluid in the joints.

I used to make wine with my father-inlaw and after making wine with him for a while, I had such severe pain in my joints I couldn't sleep at night. Later I found that when I took vitamins and minerals the pain went away. Eventually, I found it was the vitamin B6 and Magnesium that was the answer to the problem.

For Osteoarthritis, you want to get 'Cetyl Myristoleate.' You can buy the powder and make your own capsules or you can buy the capsules already made. And the 'Cetyl Myristoleate' for horses it is the same as for humans just costs more. They're not going to give anything to a horse that will hurt it. Or you can buy the capsules for humans but are very expensive. I also use Celadrin joint cream from Swanson's in the USA. The item number is SWU742. I find direct application very helpful.

Here in Canada I also use 'Voltaren Extra Strength' considered best Seller for Arthritis Pain Relief Medications. This is also good for direct application together with the Celadrin joint Cream (CM Cream).

If you have rheumatoid arthritis, Dr. Joel Wallach says it is due to a chronic infection with 'Mycoplasma Spp.' My hands were so bad a few years ago I was afraid to shake hands with anyone for fear they might squeeze my hands. I found that using a bandaid with colloidal silver and DMSO, was able to penetrate my joints and kill the 'Mycoplasma Spp.' by repeated treatments. My hands are very good now and don't have to be afraid to shake hand with anyone.

Additional supplements you should take are 2000mg Calcium to 800mg Magnesium per day, as well as gelatin, collagen, glucosamine sulphate and chrondroitin sulphate up to 1000g three times per day. As well as Swanson B100 & item SW056 & Swanson Multi Mineral item SW257.

For neuropathy, take 'alpha lipoic acid' 600mgs, 'benfotiamine' 300 mgs and 'methylcobalamin' 5000 mgs. I also add vitamin B1, B3 as niacinamide and vitamin B12 as an extra kick. B vitamins in general are good for nerves.

I hope this helps.


Replied by KS
Glenview, IL

Magnesium oil spray. Here is an easy and effective solution to at least some of your issues. And you don't have to swallow any more pills. Magnesium oil spray about $12 and should last a very long time. Spray 4x a day anywhere after bath, especially where it hurts. If you need more, during the day, ok, but no need to get carried away. Here's one source:

For the gout, just get the medicine from a doctor for it. Too late to mess with natural remedies if you are already in pain. Then follow your gout diet, no rich foods, no alcohol, etc.

What is your diet like? Sounds like it could use an adjustment. Rather than taking individual pills, I would suggest at your age, to get a good tasting liquid vitamin/mineral supplement.

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I've found all of these diseases in my mom went away when I became her caretaker, she has dementia and lives with me now.

I've been on a vegan diet for 53 years and so suffer from no diseases (and believe it's 99% due to my diet). so I am giving my mom those fake meat and cheese products and she does not know it's not actual animal products, and just last month her doctor took her off her cholesterol and high blood pressure meds, she's back to her natural weight and off of her pain killers for her gout and arthritis!

Also, her psoriasis has almost disappeared! i'm so happy with her progress, her doctor is in shock, i'm not letting on “why” as mom would fuss and ask for “real“ meat and cheese if she knew, but she's delighted by feeling young again. and yes, she does b12.

Replied by trevor

liquid cayenne...follow instructions

start 15 drops in the morning with lemon juice and honey

10 2 times more during day

buy from

good luck

Replied by Tom

Hi Joseph,

As to the gout, I had the exact same problem re big toe, etc. It began many years ago, suddenly, while I was driving and working. I told a colleague about it and he told me it was gout and told me to get a jar of maraschino cherries and eat them the next time it happened. I did that and it worked. However, it used to bother me at about 4:30 in the morning, enough to wake me and force me to massage the toe-joint a bit. Rarely, I got up and ate some cherries, which I always keep in the fridge.

Then, after switching to distilled water, the morning gout went away. It now bothers me only once a year or so. The cherries have remained untouched in a corner for years; they look like they're still okay though.

It's late regarding the arthritis. I'm the same age as you, Joseph, and had this incredible pain in my shoulders in the early '70's. One day I just had to leave my job at the sawmill and go 28 miles to a doctor. After looking me over he told me that I had incipient rheumatoid arthritis and that I should begin to prepare myself mentally for being gnarled up and in a wheelchair by the time I was 50. He prescribed some pain medicine. The pain continued for weeks after that and I finally returned to another doctor, a surgeon, and asked for a quote for removing both my arms at the shoulder, for I would have to take my life to relieve this pain. After consultation, he gave me some pills, butazolidin, as I recall. He told me to stop taking them as soon as the pain disappeared. That worked, but it is now illegal. Racehorses may still use it, so a vet could prescribe it for your horse.

Then a few years after, watching a Donahue Show, a fellow named Dale Alexander was on extolling the wonders of cod liver oil. It seemed to be good for everything under the sun, but what got my attention was his saying it is very good for arthritis. It a long-term nutrient. He said to take a tablespoon with some milk or juice first thing in the morning. Shake it up and down it, and then do something else for half an hour before ingesting anything else. After the half hour I usually have a half cup of coffee. I began taking it that day, around 1978, and haven't missed. On times when I was travelling, I took gel-caps. As you can imagine, I've tried most of the brands by now. At he beginning it was Squibb's mint flavored, very good stuff. Then for years I used Dale Alexander's Cod Liver Oil, and then it was joined with, I think Twinlabs. Now I recommend consulting Weston Price's site. When I buy unflavored, I usually add a few drops of mint oil. About seven years ago I asked a doctor to check me for signs of arthritis and he told me he saw no sign.

Good luck, Joseph; I hope this helps. Prayers going out, too.

northern calif

I have been taking cod liver oil and Vit C for 50 years and I do not have any joint pain anywhere, no arthritis at all. I eat all nightshade vegetables, my favorite are potatoes and tomatoes.(grow my own)...I do a lot of gardening and if I have an injury, I take extra Vit c and a couple of aspirins. If you start the day with sugared cereal, or sugar in your coffee, or a glass of lemonade for years, I guarantee you will develop arthritis.

Replied by Simone
Toronto, Canada

Hi Joseph,

Although people say that gout is caused by meats and acidic foods, the biggest culprit behind gout is fructose. The body produces purines from fructose, which then break down into uric acid. It can happen very quickly (within minutes). So, the best recommendation is to eliminate any foods containing fructose from your diet, including fruit. You can add small amounts of fruit again once the gout is resolved, but cut back again if the swelling comes back.

Neuropathy is often helped by high dose thiamine (B1), especially if the onset is recent. High stress and illness can deplete B1, and if severe, it can cause neurological issues. There are 4 different forms of B1, so you may need to try different ones until you find one that works for you. You should take a B-complex in addition to the B1 because they work together. You may also need extra B2. B6 is also very helpful for nerve issues.

Arthritis can be related to diet (usually nightshade vegetables), but can also be a symptom of infection or a detox reaction. It sounds like your body is going through a lot of stress, so the B vitamins are a good idea. A good diet for arthritis is mainly vegetables and organic meat. I would cut out nightshades (tomatoes, peppers, eggplant) too. Please be aware, while cayenne is a painkiller it is also a nightshade, so it could be making your arthritis worse. Fish oil can help to lower inflammation so I would try that (take it away from NSAIDS like ibuprofen, which can cancel out the anti-inflammatory effect of fish oil). CBD can also help reduce arthritis pain but won't knock it out. Alkalizing with apple cider vinegar and baking soda can also help.

Replied by John

You might try Galixxa cream for both the arthritis as well as the gout. It's active ingredient is Gallium Maltolate. I do not know if it would provide you with relief but it might be worth a try. Read the testimonials (there are quite a few) on the website:

I personally use it for any type of healing or inflammation problem. It has worked for me, I hope it helps with you.

Replied by Claudia Matusiak
Spring Hill, Florida

When all else fails, do some research on DMSO.

Replied by Lynn Greene

Dr Abram Hoffer's book, "Niacin". He recommended taking 500 mg time-release pill per day. It can cause hot flashes, so it's best to break it in two or three and take it after a meal. You can also take 1 white willow pill with it. I had a very painful foot and it doesn't hurt anymore. Also, pure sulfur from Organic Sulfur limited. You can find out about all the benefits from the website.

New Zealand

Milly's post for Arthritis pretty much hits the nail on the head I reckon.

Mind you, she probably benefits from growing her own food, which I am also a great believer in doing as much as possible. If you wont, or can't, grow your own food, take "pains" to ensure it is as natural as possible: GMO free, preferably pesticide/chemical/synthetic fertilizer free, growth hormone free and organic etc etc. Nature knows more than man and "The Answer Lies in the Soil" - you should ideally say that last part with a thick Shropshire (UK) accent!

I have heard it said that some "growers" these days keep a separate garden for themselves and their families, which makes me a tad suspicious to say the least. Maybe it's just that they mono-crop the commercial side of their operation and have a house garden for variety reasons - who knows?

My favorite Aunt cautioned me to avoid the white stuff! Main culprit is the sugar of course but what of molasses and honey etc? Do they also feed into arthritis and cancer? An old anecdote around these here parts used to be "Did you ever know of a bee-keeper who got cancer?" and the expected response was, of course "No"!

Honey was used prior to antibiotics and saved a lot of our troops in the trenches in WW1 - can't argue with that evidence.

Maybe the jury is still out on those two? I still take a very small amount of Kanuka (or Manuka) honey each day but would not wish to take a lot, partly because it is so expensive!

You may not wish to heed an old codger's advice but it's free (for a short time only - I cannot repeat this offer) go vegetable gardening if possible - it has multiple benefits, though saving money is probably wishful thinking at least in the short term.

Cheers from Down Under

New York

Hello EC and Milly of Northern California,

I love the cod liver oil suggestions I want to hear more on the subject.

Surprise, surprise, some people manage to balance out their meals even though they eat sugared cereal or sugar in their coffee or lemonade for breakfast and do not end up with arthritis.

In my family, my relatives who stick to a halfway healthy, but well-rounded diet and cherish their vegetables have cheated arthritis even though they love sweets and meats. These enjoyed their carbs and meats but did not or do not over eat it like as I do. Some foods are very acidic and also adding to the problem of acidity is: worry, trouble, stress, hurt, pain and un-forgiveness. We have to learn how to walk by faith and not by sight.

My sisters and I have been carrying for my aunt. She does have a memory problem which goes and comes. She is eighty-five years young. She still works in her garden. She can put on her own shoes and tie her own shoelaces. She goes under the house to get and cut on the water hose etc. if anything happens to her under there I would have to call 911 because I cannot do all that. She drinks her coffee every morning with sugar. She eats her vegetables along with her dinner and deserts. She loves her deserts. However, what I will share is that for about the last fifty years of her life, she has always daily taken a tablespoon of vinegar. Straight! If, I repeat, if I take vinegar I add it to water with a pinch of baking soda. I'm a lemons lady myself and that's only in the last five years.

My grandmother lived to be one hundred and nine months. She was a busy bee until she went to be with the Lord Jesus. She ate a well-balanced meal and loved her collard greens.

I have included an interesting article by Robert O. Young.

"The Cause and Cure for Rheumatoid Arthritis"

If I understand him clear, he believes that acid retention causes Arthritis and that living an alkaline lifestyle is how to conquer Arthritis., rheumatoid arthritis will become a progressive acidic, bones meet to allow movement of body parts.I have also added a link from

I have also added an article from Healthline, "Tips for Limiting Acidic Foods"



Replied by Adam.

Try going to a chiropractor, it worked for me, but an epidermal only worked for a year.

Take cyan pepper with turmeric curcumin with some type of Alcohol, but only 2 tbs. Mixed with water to taste. I did not use a load dose with this using the alcohol, any cheap vodka will do, and you won't taste much after diluting with water, just use the least amount of water you can, so it gets absorbed as much as possible.

The pepper is alcohol soluble, so it will get absorbed very easily, the turmeric is also.

DMSO food grade use it topically & 1-2 tbs. Internally, adjust as needed. DMOS will taste warm & like garlic, but it goes away in a minute or to, wash it down with water, take the water after the DMSO. It might burn your skin so wipe the area with a wash cloth and cold water as needed. The object is to stop the burning, but not to remove the DMSO.

You can also try opium lettuce, but if you can't make it the usual way you can smoke it or should I say inhale it.

Use a small metal funnel & something that won't burn, like a metal lid or saucer.

Place a folded paper towel or something under the lid you use to burn the lettuce in, that way it won't mark the furniture you use.

Place the desired amount on the lid or saucer, light it, then cover with the metal funnel and inhale the fumes. This is more versatile than any pipe. Swallowing a capsule or tea did not work for me.

New York

I see I made an error while placing the link, let me try again.

The cause and cure for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Replied by Janet
Greeneville tenn

Highland Labs make a great supplement for gout called go-out plex. I work in a health store and can hardly keep it on the shelf.

Replied by Jane

Greetings in The name of The LORD YESHUA!

Some Years ago, I began to experience severe pain in my feet & arms! I sought my Lord in Prayer for help, & He revealed that I should begin taking Yucca Root, & Glucosamine Sulfate; & I had my husband purchase these natural medicines for me for I was unable to visit a health food shop & then I began taking these natural remedies! It was awhile before I began to notice an Improvement, but I Thank The Lord that He performed the Miraculous! Also He revealed that I needed to Combine Capscium, Cayenne as well & I did so! I Want You to Know that what I have Stated is Truth, & I Thank The Lord my God; for is Mercy, Wisdom & Love in this Matter!!

It's my Wish That The Lord will Help You, as He Helped Me!

May The LORD YESHUA, Bless You!

Very, Sincerely


Replied by Ressler

Do you have pre diabetes or diabetes? If you do it is reversable. Go on you tube and watch Dr. Bergs' videos on reversing diabetes. Don't eat carbohydrates and sugar. Eat meats, vegetables, nuts, eggs.