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Papaya Seeds for Parasites Made Me Sick, Please Help!

Posted by Marty (FL) on 03/18/2023

3 days ago, I ate around a cup of seeds from a papaya as a parasite cleanse. I have been really sick ever since. Nausea, my whole body is aching. I had none of this before I ate them. I'm not feeling any better. I thought if I have poisoned my self it would eventually get through me. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thank you for this amazing site.

Replied by Learner

A cup sounds like a lot. Maybe the seeds were just too rough on your body or have stopped up your digestive tract. You might eat some aloe vera leaf, cabbage, and/or a magnesium supplement. If it has been a few days and you still feel unwell you might contact a clinic in case there is major damage. I would put the inner leaf gel from a large aloe vera leaf in a blender with a glass of water, blend it a little until it is drinkable, but not watery, and drink it on an empty stomach. I would do that once or twice a day until the seeds have passed through or the discomfort is gone. Aloe vera, cabbage, slippery elm powder can heal and sooth your digestive tract.

If you are concerned the chemicals in the seeds are making you ill consider taking activated charcoal, baking soda, and/or calcium bentonite clay. Milk thistle seed powder, turmeric, garlic, leafy greens, crucifer vegetables might be considered for their detox and protective effects. You may need to call a clinic.