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Need Suggestions for Phosphoric Acid Poisoning

Posted by needhelp (germany) on 06/04/2023

In this article: under Antidotes For Acids

What is "a dose of very thick lime water"? It is calcium hydroxide (Ca(OH)2)?

Does earthclinic have an antidote for phosphoric acid poisoning?

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Greetings EC,

To Whoever Needs Help with Phosphorus level:

If you are looking to lower phosphorus levels,

It seems that one should first have their calcium levels checked. if Calcium level is too low, then the answer may be you need calcium.

The following article has a few suggestions what lowers Phosphorus, like antacids that have aluminum hydroxide as one of their ingredients such as Maalox.

We further learn that products that have sodium phosphate such as Fleet increase phosphorus levels.

We need to keep a right balance of Calcium and Phosphorus. When you have time read the article and see if that's it says. If you have a good doctor, I am sure he will assist you.

Here is in Excerpt:

"Calcium from foods and supplements can bind to some of the phosphorus in foods and prevent its absorption [1, 17]. According to one analysis, a very high calcium intake of 2,500 mg/day binds 0.61–1.05 g phosphorus"

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If you decide to reduce phosphorus levels with Calcium also take K2 mk7 200mcg daily.

According to DR Pradip Jamndaras, MD, Calcium is absorbed in our body by taking vitamin D. However, he says that D does not tell it where to go. He said we need vitamin K2 to determine the direction of Calcium.

K2 with vitamin D is a safer way to take your calcium.

Here is where I learned how K2 can help the safe intake of calcium: