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Post COVID Long Hauler - I Need Serious Help

Posted by Paceo872 (Manhattan, Ny) on 07/07/2021

I have been having issues breathing and constant brain fog for 2 months now. I've done every supplement under the sun. Went to a Post COVID facility and they told me to try breath techniques but all have failed me. I am currently taking BHT1,000mg a day with coconut oil. Does anyone have any advice or what I could do to make this go away in a week's time? I feel completely helpless.

Replied by mmsg
somewhere, europe

Paceo, you could try Bill Munro's h2o2 inhalation method until you find something more useful. I do think this inhalation does one's lungs good pretty quickly.

Replied by Sara
Loveland, CO


I would try the H2O2 inhalation that has been mentioned. As well as NAC. I haven't dealt with covid or long haul covid, but daily NAC has helped my chronic allergy induced asthma. I used to have a significant cat allergy and would have breathing problems/inflamed lungs when visiting my parents (who have a cat and shedding dog), that would last for more than 24 hours afterwards. As of late I have been able to tolerate visits with no long term effects. I realize this is a different issue, but deals with inflamed lung tissue nonetheless.

Replied by Michelle

i would look into food grade hydrogen peroxide nebulization. You can purchase a nebulizer online and mix the H2O2 with normal saline. You can find instructions online as well.

Replied by Beachgirl66

Try using oreganol P73, I have allergies and breathing issues. I ordered it after watching a YouTube video and it has helped me tremendously. in just a couple of days my breathing is so much better. I ordered the capsules instead of the drops. Highly recommend it.

Replied by LAG
United States

Nebulizing with baking soda also works, according Dr Mark Sircus.

Replied by KISHA

I would recommend you visit the FLCCCs website for their COVID long hauler's protocol. They are having a lot of success treating folks in your situation with safe, generic repurposed drugs.

Replied by Angelica

Try cytokine suppress for post covid and post vax symptoms and look up Dr. Amy Beard on fb. She has a protocol.

Also, nebulize colloidal silver as well as take internally.

Good luck!

Replied by Beverly Singer
Santa Clara Pueblo, NM


Erica Elliott, MD sent this to her patients, therefore she is being candid and not defending every statement. I am sharing it with you as a more medically sophisticated group. Regrettably, she is not taking new patients.

March 27,2020

Dear Friends,

Over a dozen people have asked me to write another group email about COVID-19. I'll skip the statistics regarding the epidemiology of the disease because they change on a daily basis and are easy to find and follow online.

Some of you might not know that the word COVID-19 refers to COronaVIrus-which first occurred in 2019. For the sake of clarity, I refer to the coronavirus as the pathogen and COVID-19 as the disease.

Tips for Protection against getting COVID-19

Viruses cannot be killed because they are not living organisms. They are made up of genetic material surrounded by a shell, or capsid. They can be inactivated by several methods, one of which is heat.

Viruses in general are heat sensitive which is why fevers play such an important role in healing. The fever interferes with viral replication.

Coronavirus is especially heat sensitive. At temperatures between 130-140 degrees F, the capsid collapses, inactivating the virus. We can take advantage of that trait by using heat to protect us.

Given that water boils at 212 degrees F, you can protect yourself from being colonized by the virus by inhaling steam into your nose and sinuses where the virus attaches before moving down into the lungs. Researchers report that the virus can remain in your nose and sinus cavities for up to three days.

You don't need to inhale the steam into your mouth because, when you swallow liquids, the virus will get washed into your stomach where the gastric acid will inactivate the virus.

When you return to your home after being in contact with the public, try to remember to inhale steam to give yourself some extra protection. Bring water to a boil in a pan and then turn off the heat. Put a towel over your head and inhale the steam for two full minutes. Be sure not to burn your mucous membranes. I add a couple drops of eucalyptus essential oil to disinfect my airways.

If you are fortunate enough to own a sauna, you could sit in the sauna at 140 degrees F for 15 minutes every day.

Since the viral capsid is made up of fatty acids, simple soap will emulsify the fat and disrupt the shell. Hand washing with soap after touching surfaces that might be contaminated is vitally important in order to avoid putting the virus in contact with your face where it can gain access through your nose, mouth, or eyes.

We touch our face frequently without even realizing it. Wearing a mask in public can prevent us from unwittingly touching our faces and possibly inoculating ourselves.

In my last group email, I said that I clean and disinfect surfaces at home with grapefruit seed extract. Several people asked for the name of the product. It's called BioKleen All Purpose Cleaner. I also said that patients wash their hands in the patient bathroom with grapefruit seed extract. The product is called Nutribiotic Skin Cleanser. [Felicia is pleased because she gave Erica her first bottole of Nutribiotic Cleanser for her patient bathroom many years ago! ]

Felicia also recommends BioKleen Produce Wash containing Grapefruit Seed Extract for soaking and then scrubbing your produce.

Testing for the virus

Two days ago I spoke with a physician at the New Mexico Department of Health regarding the status of testing for COVID-19. Sadly, our state is still experiencing a serious shortage of test kits. You can only get tested if you have a fever, cough, and shortness of breath. I asked about people who have come from abroad or elsewhere and have returned to New Mexico by plane and want to get tested to assure that they don't they have the virus. No testing permitted for those people. The governor mandated that travelers quarantine themselves for two weeks once they return to New Mexico. The physician I spoke with went on to say that testing asymptomatic people produced high rates of false negative results. In other words, people who carried the virus but had no symptoms could still test negative.

I asked about people who have had the infection and want to get tested to see if they are no longer infectious. The physician told me that those people are told that three days after their temperature returns to normal they are no longer infectious. No testing.

On top of this egregious lack of test kits, the physician stated that people who are tested often don't get their results for up to a week! The results can be read after 12 hours, but the labs are woefully backed up and cannot get back with the patient's doctor right away.

What to do if you get sick

The physician that I spoke with at the Department of Health said that the hospitals are so full that most people who test positive for COVID-19 are sent home to recover.

If you think you are getting sick, start the heat treatments right away. In addition to steam inhalations several times a day, drink hot ginger tea throughout the day, take hot baths, use your sauna if you have one, and use a heating pad on your chest. Don't forget to stay hydrated.

In addition to the heat treatments, you could take high doses of vitamin C throughout the day. I prefer using liposomal vitamin C. Liposomal means a “body of fat” surrounds each molecule of vitamin C, much like putting each molecule of vitamin C into an envelope. The fatty envelope allows us to take huge doses of vitamin C, which otherwise would cause us to have severe cramps and diarrhea.

Doctors in China successfully used intravenous vitamin C to help save the lives of their patients with COVID-19. I have been using 25,000 mg of intravenous vitamin C in my medical practice for almost 30 years to successfully treat viral infections.[Felicia has posted this research.]

Since many outpatient doctors are not seeing patients in person unless there is an emergency, you won't have access to intravenous nutrients. Instead, you can take your liposomal vitamin C and increase the amount you take each day, from 2,000 mg twice a day, up to 10,000 mg twice a day for three days. If you don't tolerate this amount, reduce the dose.

A few of my patients have ozone machines and know how to give themselves rectal ozone and inhalations of ozonated olive oil. A tiny amount of ozone can oxidize the pathogens in your body. If you don't have experience using this method of viral control, I would discourage you from doing this procedure on your own.

If you have a sore throat, gargle with salt water, suck on zinc acetate lozenges, and slowly lick a level teaspoon of Manuka honey. Do these things three or four times a day.

Continue the supplements I wrote about in my first group email. And be sure to take the antiviral remedies that I wrote about in my blog post “Flu Prevention and Treatment.”


Over the past two weeks I have received countless calls from people who feared they had COVID-19 because they had a sore throat and felt deeply tired. They also complained of headaches, stuffy nose, sinus pressure, and “clogged” ears. Most of the people with these symptoms were experiencing reactions to high counts of juniper pollen. With reassurance and a protocol to follow for mitigation of allergy symptoms, their anxiety subsided, thankfully.

For the allergy sufferers, I recommend nasal douching twice a day, and again when returning from outside. I suggest a supplement called QBC by Solaray, 2 capsules four times a day, freeze-dried nettles as directed on the bottle, removing dairy, gluten, and sugar from the diet, using a HEPA air filter in the bedroom, closing the windows at night, and getting Nasalchrom from the drugstore, used to spray up the nose.

Nasalchrom is cromolyn, a harmless substance that stabilizes the membranes that surrounds the mast cells. The mast cells are part of your immune system. They contain the histamines. When you are exposed to inhalant allergens, the membrane on the mast cell ruptures, releasing vast amounts of histamines that make you sneeze, cough, congested, and tired. You snort the Nasalchrom up your nose four times a day. It takes a few days for the cromolyn to prevent the mast cells from releasing the histamines.

If these methods don't help, then it's time to use other methods like Chinese herbs and acupuncture.


Recent information traveling around the internet warns that ibuprofen, an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drug in a class of pain medications called NSAIDs, which include aspirin, Advil, and Aleve, can interfere with recovery from COVID-19. For pain control, they urge using acetaminophen (Tylenol), also know as Paracetamol in the EU) There is no solid research that supports this assertion.

[Felicia has seen articles that taking ibuprofen greatly worsened the progression of the COVIDS-19.]

Replied by Rebecca

I do hope this helps you ... in my research regarding this elusive condition I came across this info and have passed it along to my family and friends and I hope it is not too long for EC to consider (actually I am just posting a portion of the article and if you need more I will be glad to send that) here it is:


"Persons who have vitamin D blood levels in the normal range — just the low to middle of the normal range — greatly benefit against Covid-19. There are over 30 studies showing that vitamin D can reduce risk of contracting Covid-19, reduce the severity of the disease if you contract it, and greatly reduce risk of dying from Covid-19. We are seeing a vast increase in the number of cases and an increase in the number of deaths because every year the average vitamin D blood levels in the U.S. population (and many other nations) falls in the winter. It falls so much so that about half the population will have full blown vitamin D deficiency and about another 25% will have vitamin D insufficiency in winter. That is the cause of this Winter Wave! The Solution is either of two plans. I prefer plan A, as it is faster in raising vitamin D levels.

Plan A. Each adult should take 100,000 IU of vitamin D3 every day for 6 days. After that, take 100,000 IU of Vitamin D3 once a week. So that is one hundred thousand IU of vitamin D3 every single day for six consecutive days, for a total of 600,000 IU for that week. Then, the next week, meaning about 7 days or more later, begin taking 100,000 IU once a week. (Note that vitamin D3 is available in high dose formulations, either a liquid or a pill with 50,000 IU per pill. If you can't find those formulations, you could take 10 of the 10,000 IU vitamin D pills each time.)

Plan B. Each adult should take 300,000 IU of vitamin D3 once only. Then the next day start taking 10,000 IU of vitamin D3 per day continuously. So that's one dose of three hundred thousand international units of vitamin D3, followed, starting the next day, by a dose, once every day, of ten thousand international units of vitamin D3."

Replied by DS

I read an article in the Epoch Times by Lydia Zuraw called A Break From Breathlessness, dated July 7,2021. She mentions how music therapists have long used singing to improve breathing for people with COPD and asthma. Ms. Zuraw has long haul Covid and feels it has helped her and improved her mood and her sleep.

Replied by Linda W
Orange City, Florida

I know you said you have tried everything but have you tried Boswellia capsules? I take it internally. It is Frankincense and I used to used Advair which is steroids and now I use boswellia and I am sooo much better, I don't even use inhalers anymore at all.

Replied by Shannon

Try Ivermectin. Reduces symptoms at any stage of the disease by around 90%. There are a lot of videos on the web about how to use it. Also try iodine nebulising if the H2O2 doesn't work. And many doctors are using inhaled cortisone (i.e. an asthma inhaler) to reduce symptoms.

Replied by Wavy Soul
Mill Valley

Hi, I'm sorry you're going through this. I have had post-viral syndrome aka CFS for many decades and have only recently discovered the real cause, which has to do with certain brain loops. Doesn't mean the symptoms aren't as real as real, but they are caused by the brain being on high alert and not knowing how to heal.

I have found a solution for myself. The Gupta Program has the answer to this, and they are now working with many long-haul COVID people. Google Gupta long-haul Covid. I promise you this is the answer, although it involves really changing your consciousness.

Replied by Carol S.

I have been using zinc, Vit D with Vit k and Quercetin. The quercetin seemed to be the key!

Replied by Mary
Utica NY

Call your Dr, ask for Ivermectin! I had a wonderful video of a nurse w symptoms like yours and ivermectin was the answer, it's been taken down from utube or I would send the link.

Replied by Shelley

I had Covid. I took zinc, with high dose vitamin D and C. Lots of hydration with fresh lemon and honey (water, green or black tea). If breathing is a serious problem, I used elecampane root tincture. Keep your immune system strong, eat right, eat good (berries, I.e., pomegranate, blueberries).

Replied by Mary

I'm so sorry you are still suffering. I just wanted to tell you that I've been sick for over a year with breathing trouble too. I was never diagnosed with covid but it all started after being sick at the beginning of 2020. I have noticed that my breathing improves when I lower my carbohydrate intake. So fewer bread, potatoes, and sweets, etc... I also take elderberry and it seems to help. I will say it is finally starting to get better after a year. Don't lose hope and rest as much as you can. Wishing you the very best and praying for a full recovery for you.

Replied by L

Check your vit D, get it up to about 100, take ivermectin (it binds the spike proteins) you can buy horse wormer ivermectin, I take 1/4 a dose for the horse at a time, repeat every few days. Take Quercetin 100mg twice a day and zinc (up to 500mg day with some carbs or else you will get sick) to fight the virus.

Some people are having good results with Chlorine dioxide, but it is something you gotta research to take the appropriate dose for you.

Replied by Cricket

Try Melatonin, zinc, magnesium, K2, Vit. C and D3. I take Jarrow's Bone Up which contains all of the above vitamins. Also, if you can get Ivermectin Or Fluvoxamene (needs a prescription). You may need a multi pronged approach and it may take more than a week to show improvement.

Replied by Adrienne Greenfield
Naples, Florida

I heard that Dr. Morse's Lung remedy (order online) will help a lot. It is just a herbal remedy.

Replied by Susan

I too was a Covid long hauler taking hydrogen peroxide nebulization solution, intravenous vitamin c + 4000mg daily vitamin c, B12, zinc, vitamin D 10,000 IU, and was still having issues after a year. My nurse practitioner finally agreed to put me on Ivermectin 2 months ago and I haven't had a bad bout since. Try and get your doc to prescribe Ivermectin! It worked wonders for me.

Replied by looms

I'm not sure if this will help, but when I had covid, I drank a very strong horehound tea every morning after a hot bath, and my case was very mild. was it the horehound? I'm not sure…I'm vegan (with low blood pressure of course) and I've heard those with high blood pressure have suffered the worst.

I wish you well….

Replied by Christy
Spring Lake MI

Please, get to a qualified Nutritionist as fast as you can! It will take a while, but please be dedicated. You owe it to yourself. I'm so very sorry you're dealing with this.

Replied by E

I believe I had Covid because I had all of the symptoms; shortness of breath, loss of taste and sense of smell, non existent appetite, achy, body felt heavy, extremely tired, etc. First of all, I forced myself to eat at least 3 times a day a small nutritious meal, no junk food or processed food. After each and every meal I consumed 1 tablespoon of organic coconut oil. After consuming the oil I immediately also took 1 teaspoon of organic and unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar in a cup of water and drank it. Slowly but surely I got better. I kept taking the oil and ACV until all my symptoms were completely gone. It took time, but I completely healed. Never take ACV without diluting it in a cup of water and make sure the ACV is unfiltered. Hope this info helps!

Replied by Clara

I had longhaulers too. I wanted to Kill myself. I won't go into my symptoms. A parasite cleanse took my symptoms away. I became myself again. I did the Dr. Hulda Clark cleanse. If you think about it, ivermectin and other similar drugs people are talking are anti parasitic. Maybe there's a connection? Not sure, but I know I got my life back. Hope this helps.

Manhattan, Ny

Hi, thank you for writing in. I just ordered this; how long did it take you to feel better and what your your symptoms?

Replied by Alex
South Carolina

Biocidin and colloidal silver nasal spray.

Replied by Tracy
Pacific Northwest

My concern is the request for "one week" ...with that said, I had COPD and other issues, after reading a great deal on H2O2 I began taking it internally. It took several months but within 8 days, I noticed changes. I am thrilled to report (again) that I have not had bronchitis or pneumonia in the past 8years. No asthma...

I no longer have the lung nodule either.

This is nothing short of a miracle. my diagnosis of copd was removed. it did not help CFS and with fibromyalgia comes brain fog... I cannot with any confidence say H2O2 made a difference.

There is a great deal of reading material for this method. I spent hours & weeks on earthclinic educating & even read testimonies from amazon. read 2books and made my purchase. Do the research as it is remarkable. I do pray you find your healing soon.

Replied by Brisa

Hello! I'm sorry you're having a hard time.

(I apologize for my bad English, I am using an automatic translator)

Have you checked if your home (or job place) is near a telephone antenna? That may be the main cause of symptoms. I recommend consulting information on "the environmental theory" of Covid disease, in which there are several possible causes, such as exposure to electromagnetic radiation (3G, 4G, 5G...) and pollutants by external substances that are introduced into our body by different ways.

In the event that you confirm that you live near an antenna, you can try to make measurements of radiations, with a special device for it (It is easy to find simple and cheap devices for a first domestic orientation use, or more professional and exact), or make a professional specialist come to your home. If it is detected that, indeed, you are being affected by an excess of radiation, there are some 'insulating' measures that can be taken, at least in the areas of the house where you spend the most time, such as curtains, paints, shielding clothing, earthing sheets and mats, etc.

It's especially important to sleep in a healthy room, .

Among the various ways of earthing or grounding, it is important to wear shoes with soles of natural materials that allow ground discharge, and it helps a lot to restore health to be barefoot on grass at least 20 minutes a day, if possible, or as frequently as you can.
There are many sites and books where it is well explained how to do earthing and the numerous health benefits of practicing it.

CDS (chlorine dioxide solution) is very effective and fast, although it must be taken away from other supplements and/or drugs, for a few hours. There are protocols with CDS or MMS for various diseases.

Also Nac (N-Acetyl Cysteine) and melatonin, and high potency Serrapeptase could help you.
I hope you soon find the best way for you to recover.

I wish you the best way to recover for you soon.

Replied by Stuart

Hi, this sounds very hard, sending you best wishes. There can be a link between mold and covid, either inside the body or in the environment. Please consider this possibility if it might fit. Surprising connection, first made apparent in India.

If it's in your environment, mold people say move asap. I'd start there. Also, if you can't move easily, there are two purifiers that can work. LMK if you want to pursue this.

Either way, all my best.

Best wishes, Stuart

Replied by Carolyn
07/11/2021 (healthybynature) radio show has several interviews in the show archives that deal with covid and long haul. Most recent was with Dr Malone.

Replied by Steven

Ultraviolet irradiation of the blood has always resolved viral symptoms very quickly, typically within 30 minutes.

Replied by ET
Replied by Marie
Mexico City

I really recommend Biomagnetism Therapy for long Covid. It will eradicate the remains of the virus. Biomagnetism is a serious and scientific alternative above board therapy that is useful in the eradication of bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. It is worth investigating. Once you understand the basics you will appreciate how it is possible for a Biomagnetic therapist to treat a patient long distance.

Replied by Antrius Resius
16 posts

Check immediately vitamin D in any laboratory. Make sure you get it above 50 and even better get it near the upper limit which is 70 with supplementation. (30-70 is the laboratory limit).

Also use Cayenne and Wheatgrass, every day.

I wish you the quickest recovery.

Replied by Sussi

You may want to try Niacin (nicotinic acid).

It must be the immediate release form - NOT niacinamide or nicotinamide. NOT the no-flush or w/ gels or aloe. It has to be the flush niacin.

Dosage: 500 mg. 2-3 times a day, after meal.

Dosage can be increased to 1 gr. (Body temp may drop 8-12 hours after flush, should then return to normal by next day as health returns)

Expect flushing about 20 min later. Flushing might last for about 1 hour and will likely lessen over next few days.

Drink plenty of water during the day.

Hope you'll feel better very soon!

Replied by bill

Hi Paceo,

Sorry to hear about your condition.. There's research just coming out of Spain ( indicating that "COVID-19" is in fact graphene oxide poisoning - from masks, PCR tests & of course the inoculations.. N-acetylcysteine or glutathione seems to be effective in removing graphene oxide from the body..

I would urge you to investigate your exposure to electromagnetic radiation also - WiFi, bluetooth, 4G / 5G, smart meters, etc.. All are taking a serious toll on biological life and the symptoms are more than coincidentally similar to "COVID-19".

Blessings to you _/_


Replied by REJANE

I have read many times that Ivermectin is a great medicine to treat and prevent covid. I have this information here but I am sure that if you do your research you can find peer reviewed articles about it.

"The data shows the ability of the drug Ivermectin to prevent COVID-19, to keep those with early symptoms from progressing to the hyper-inflammatory phase of the disease, and even to help critically ill patients recover. … numerous clinical studies — including peer-reviewed randomized controlled trials — showed large magnitude benefits of Ivermectin in prophylaxis, early treatment and also in late-stage disease. Taken together … dozens of clinical trials that have now emerged from around the world are substantial enough to reliably assess clinical efficacy."

Doctor who support Orthomolecular Medicine advice taking Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium, Vitamin C and Vitamin D3, to boost immune system.

I hope it helps. All the best

Replied by GEG
North Carolina

I had Covid. L-Lysine was the game changer for me. Helps stop the virus from replicating. Yes, got all this information from Earth Clinic.

Replied by Debbie

I agree with all the nebulizer hydrogen peroxide therapies!

Don't know if I'm supposed to suggest a prescription drug on this site but your situation is really serious.

FrontLine COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance recommends “Widespread Use” of IVERMECTIN (prescription drug) for “ALL STAGES” of COVID-19 including “LONG-HAULERS” and “preventative” use! Please see link below of interview from Dr. who has seen significant results using IVERMECTIN including with “Long-Haulers! It's sad to read that some people needed a court order to be treated with IVERMECTIN but that might only be when they were hospitalized. I wish you nothing but the best of health & I hope this gives you “hope!” I'm also checking with my Dr. this week so there are no surprises to see if he would prescribe in the event I contract cover.


(copy/paste) link below....very interesting


Replied by Dina

I also just got an article about the extreme benefits of nebulizing baking soda for any COVID-like illness.

Replied by HAROLD

Listen to DR BERG on YOUTUBE.

Type in search engine on You Tube "Dr Berg Lungs or Dr Berg Breathing"

Replied by Ross Allan
Napier, New Zealand

Lots of comments above about Zinc and Ivermectin, Quercetin separately.

Look up Dr Sehault of Medcram on Youtube. Episodes 34 & 59 to name a couple. His ideas do not exist on Google Web Search - weird? Where is the money?

Dr Sehault - Episode 34 on Medcram Explains Covid-19, cells, RNA replication, How Zinc Stops this, How Zinc can not enter cell by itself.

Dr Sehault - Episode 59 - Daily Regimen

A good site is -

Swiss Policy Research - Covid-19 Treatment

The Covid-19 virus crosses the cell wall into the Cytoplasm (Fluid around Nucleus) and uses our DNA Replication system to copy itself (RNA's). The Covid-19 Virus can enter ANY cell in the body. I have seen surgeons say they have never seen so many organs infected at once before.

The presence of Zinc stops this hijack, IF it is present. Zinc has trouble entering the cell, crossing the cellular boundary. If an Ionophore is present then the Zinc can cross the cellular boundary.

Some such Ionophores are Ivermectin, Quercetin, Chloroquine, Hydroxychloroquine or just take Zinc Chelate capsules.

The point is that you need both - 'Zinc Plus the Ionophore'. Zinc is an approved treatment by the FDA, so are Ivermectin and Quercetin approved by the FDA. But Zinc plus the Ionophore is 'Not an Approved Treatment' - where is the money to get approval?

Covid-19 is basically a Common Cold Virus with a very efficient mutation. Remember taking Zinc Lozenges for the Common Cold.

Best Regards

Ross Allan, Napier, NZ

Replied by Dee

I do not know what remedies you tried. Here are some ideas Hawthorn extract or Oregano Oil or Goldenseal extract. Take good multi-vitamins, extra C, D, K, Magnesium, CoQ10, Zinc and Melatonin. You can even rub your chest with diluted Oregano Oil or Eucalpytus Oil or Peppermint Oil. Stay on an 80% Alkaline diet, prefer Mediterranean Diet.

Try the Fire Cider Tonic made with fresh garlic, Ginger Root, Honey, Horseradish, Cayenne etc/

Replied by Dee

Have you tried Homeopathy Remedies. Here is a homeopathic Web Site:

Replied by Cass D
Minneapolis, MN

I hope you're feeling better since your post. One of the only things that has helped my breathing this past year when all else has failed is doing the Wim Hof breathing technique, every single day. It's free on YouTube (my favorite price ha), it's a sustainable practice, and I'm so grateful I found it. I truly hope it helps you, it only takes like 11 min a day. You might not be able to do the full rounds at first, but as your lungs get stronger from this practice, you'll get there. Much love, friend.