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Need Help for German Shepherd Puppy Eating Stones

Posted by Patricia (Waikino New Zealand) on 02/13/2018

I have a 10 weeks old german shepherd puppy, I dont know how to stop her from eating stones. I have tried spraying with cayenne pepper, but she still goes for it, I suspect is a compulsive disorder or the lack of some minerals, the vet doesnt believe so.

any advice, please....?

Replied by Theresa
Mpls., Mn

Hey Patricia,

You have a super intelligent breed of dog. Chances are your puppy is not eating stones from any deficiency but rather to gain your attention. My advice to you is to clear your yard of stones, and to allow him outside on leash only to do his business. You can train him to eliminate on command AND keep control of him so if he does go for a stone you can guide him away and distract him. I will say that any attention given to his behavior - in his mind is good attention. So even telling him NO about the stones is a reward of your attention for going after the stone. At his age he will soon forget about the stones if you do not give him attention about the stones. So again, avoid having him near stones/remove the stones from his reach, and to enforce that further only walk him on leash to potty, until he forgets that the stones exist. It will help to have an 'object of attraction' with you to distract him from the stones, or when you see his thoughts turn to them. So a squeaky toy chirped at just the right time to get his attention away from a stone - and turn that into a game of tug until the stone is forgotten will help. Again, this is a behavioral issue at this point, not a dietary deficiency.