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Root Canal Gone Bad Causing Serious Heart Pain - Urgent Help Requested!

Posted by Deborah (Missouri) on 07/26/2021

I'm very concerned that I have a root canal gone bad even though the dentist claims it's fine though he just glanced at my x-ray and moved on to the next patient. I've had a lot of problems with this tooth getting infected in the past and the dentist ended up doing a root canal through my bridge and it was loaded with infection then. It's been a year and still has a daily dull ache.

Now my heart feels like I'm gonna have a heart attack. Heavy and aches. Liver hurts off and on too. I've had tests done for my liver and heart in the past and they've found nothing. I really believe my tooth is causing this problem but now don't think my heart can handle the anesthesia at the dentist if I have them pull it.

Is there something I can do to help my heart and get rid of infection? I don't want to have a heart attack! It's never hurt this bad! I don't drink or smoke, and am not overweight. My heart feels heavy and hurts if I do any kind of activity. I do stress a lot and never am able to sleep well so I know that isn't helping. But I honestly believe my heart is hurting from my tooth root canal issue. Please help!

Replied by Rob

You can make mouth rinses by mixing water with salt, baking soda, or hydrogen peroxide. Alternatively, you could apply oil treatments to the affected area.

Oregano, thyme, and clove essential oils have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that might come in handy. Just remember to dilute whichever essential oil you choose in a carrier oil before applying the treatment (6 drops in 1/2 teaspoon coconut oil then soak into a cottonball and placed next to infected tooth/gum as a compress). You can use garlic paste in a similar way by rubbing a crushed clove on your gums (this does burn a lot).

If you think an infection may be in your bloodstream, you can either consume garlic raw, or take garlic oil pills. Colloidal Silver is a very good antibiotic as well (1 oz CS in 3 oz water 3x/daily). Plan on doing either treatment for 14 days.

Also rubbing diluted thieve's oil blend over your heart area may help as well. (6 drops in 1 teaspoon and rub on chest).

Replied by Cindy
Illinois, USA
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From what I've been able to gather about castor oil, one of its effects is calming. SOOOooo...

I would hydrate for the rest of the day - 1 cup of water every two waking hours, apply a castor oil pack and expect to be more clear headed by morning. At which point, I would reassess.

A castor oil pack is thick or layered fabric saturated but not dripping with castor oil placed on the upper right quadrant of your middle, over the liver, cover with plastic and a towel over that. I wouldn't wrap it, personally, but if I couldn't sleep on my back or side, I'd sleep "reclined" enough so that the weight of the castor oil pack would keep it in place. And sleep as long as possible.

Sometimes, with a bedtime treatment, one may awaken in the middle of the night to go to the restroom or get a drink and seem a lot worse but such instances appear to me to be "mid-treatment" phenomena. Where the body needs you to get up and go to the bathroom or drink some water during its work but THEN needs you to go back to bed. So, if that happens, do what you have the urge to do and then go back to sleep.

The body just works better when you're asleep, especially when you're stressed, because it can focus on what needs to be done without the interference of having to protect you from the stress of being awake, conscious, afraid and tense so use that information to prevent freaking out should that happen. Just go to the bathroom or get your drink of water and go back to sleep.

One way to calm yourself is to breathe in through your nose, out through your mouth and then pause for a slow 3,5 or 10 count before you inhale again - whichever pause you can do without gasping for air. What that will do is generate carbon dioxide which you need to break the blood oxygen bond so your blood can release its oxygen payload to your cells. In the case of stress, particularly your brain cells as stress creates hyperventilation. Not the gasping, dramatic hyperventilation you see on TV but just a constant breathing, in and out, without that pause, reducing the amount of oxygen that is delivered to the cells.


It has been shown that bacteria from the mouth can get into the bloodstream and cause heart problems. I remember reading that the risk of heart attack is higher for a short period after going to the dentist, even for just a routine cleaning. I would recommend a number of supplements to combat infection until you can get the issue with the tooth resolved:

High dose vitamin C (to bowel tolerance) can both kill bacteria and help the immune system to make white blood cells to kill bacteria. Powder works best to take high doses, and you can add a bit of baking soda to neutralize the acid. People with active infections can tolerate extremely high doses of vitamin C, their bodies just soak it up. Take throughout the day with plenty of water to avoid stomach discomfort.

Melatonin is another supplement that can kill bacteria and can fight off sepsis. I would also take it periodically throughout the day and back off if you start to feel nauseated. Take both melatonin and vitamin C at high doses for a couple of days to knock back any infection and then find a comfortable maintenance dose of each.

I would also add B vitamins and magnesium to this regimen as others have suggested.

Replied by Madelyn

Yes, there is absolutely a connection between hidden infections under teeth and heart attacks. Please read this highly informative article about the work of Dr. Levy. You will then need to research how to eradicate the infection under the root canal and within your body.

Colloidal silver is a great antibiotic option to take internally 3-4 times daily. I had a tooth go bad on me. I had a local anesthetic and had it pulled. I then dropped Lugols iodine into the empty socket. (Rather than getting a root canal). Perhaps anesthesia isn't necessary. You'll need to find a doctor who specializes in eradicating infections underneath root canals (after having it extracted). Ozone is effective. Best of luck. Definitely take care of it.

Illinois, USA
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Good catch Madelyn!! I vaguely remember that! I read a paper regarding the discovery of periodontal pathogens in the heart or blood clots or something - it appears there are many more papers and articles now. I agree - colloidal silver - ASAP. Swishing it around the mouth for a minute or two before swallowing seems to have the best effect. Some have reported little, slow, or no effect until they started swishing.

It makes sense, with any pathogen in the mouth having a direct line to the bloodstream, under the tongue, and through the soft tissue. Good catch!

Illinois, USA
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It occurs to me that swishing it around the mouth would be the BEST way to take colloidal silver - whether there was infection in the mouth or not. You probably wouldn't even need to swallow it...I wonder...VERY colloidal silver "pulling"...yes. I'm going to try that. Got my generator yesterday, got a brand new quart of fresh colloidal silver - yeah!!

Illinois, USA
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When I said in another post that "Some have reported little, slow, or no effect until they started swishing.", I was talking about colloidal silver but the reports of better efficacy with swishing have been for a variety of problems - not just for teeth or mouth issues. Apparently, it just works better when you swish it a minute or so before you swallow it which makes sense because it could go straight to the blood stream without passing through the gut while you're swishing so, not only would it be getting to the blood stream to clear up infection anywhere in the body but you'd also be getting more of it, as it would be distributed before the gut got hold of it.

ANYway - for all issues. Not just mouth and teeth issues. As I said, some have reported that if they don't swish, it doesn't work as well. Noticeably.

Plus I'm talking about 10ppm - which I cut with a little water because my very first batch turned out to be 15 ppm but I'm just going to add another pint of distilled water so I'll have a quart and a half of 10ppm instead of just a quart, which should last more than a month, doing it twice per day. Once in the morning and once before bed.

PLUS you can brush your teeth with it! And it will stop bleeding gum, clear up gingivitis - which, apparently, gets passed on to the heart - and all that other jolly "rot" - if you'll pardon the pun. Of course, I don't think I'd swallow what I brushed my teeth with...just what I gargled with and I'm wondering if one swished and gargled and brushed one's teeth for like 2 minutes, altogether, whether one would even need to swallow it.

Plus, I suspect that even those who don't believe in colloidal silver would still like it as a mouthwash and get some good benefit from it.

Anyway, I can't say that this is my last rave about colloidal silver but I'll try to keep it down.

Replied by Madelyn

My apologies! Either I forgot or it didn't go through on my last post. Here is the link to the article:


Replied by Geeman

I think the obvious solution would be to get the tooth removed. That would clear up everything quickly

If you haven't, watch Root Cause - the documentary.

Replied by Frank McLean
Thunder Bay, ON, CA

Vitamin B complex but especially vitamin B1 are very important to heart health. Sound like the dentist left the tooth to high and didn't fit it properly to the other tooth. If it's infection, MMS1 has been known to cure an abscess tooth when used with DMSO. The DMSO carries the MMS1 through the gums to the source of the abscess. Make some MMS1 and put in on a roll of cotton gause and add DMSO. Depending on your search engine, you can often find out how to make it. You need Sodium Chlorite to make the MMS1

You can find out more at:

You used to be able to find out a lot on youtube but that's pretty limited now.

The quickest path is to use MMS2 to start right away, is simple pool shock. Put what fits in a size one capsule for an adult. You can see capsule sizes by looking at capsule images. If your body weight is light reduce the amount. You can find pool shock in most Pool Supply stores.

I hope this helps.


Replied by Frank McLean
Thunder Bay, ON, CA

Another thing you can do is to use colloid silver with DMSO. It will also carry the colloidal silver through the gums. Just put the colloidal silver and DMSO on some gauze and place on the gum next to the tooth.


Replied by Dano

Monolaurin may be helpful in killing the bacteria from your root canal. Monolaurin is from coconut oil and it also helps dissolve the coating that many bacteria protect themselves with, which is why antibiotics often fail to clear up these type of infections. Supplemental iodine will also be helpful. It seems that the bacteria may have gone systemic in your case, which happens fairly frequently. This is actually far more common than most dentists even know. Root canals are risky procedures unless they are performed using ozone and other methods to sterilize the tooth.

Replied by REJANE

In my opinion, best thing would look for help from a Biological Dentist to sort out your root canal problem and also take a lot of vitamin C, for your heart health.

Humans do not produce Vit. C and it is essential for the heart and the arteries. The lack of this vitamin causes a sort of scurvy of the circulatory system.

Please, check the orthomolecular website and search for information about this matter.

I hope you will get better! Best wishes

Replied by Carolyn

I had a root canal go bad and just the tooth pulled with a local anesthetic. Out came a ball of infection with it. Took antibiotics for a short time and all good now.

Replied by Pris
Missouri USA

Turmeric (powder stirred into water) excellent to swish around in mouth after any dental work as it kills any pathogens lurking under teeth in gums. Oil pulling with coconut oil (again swishing and sucking in mouth pulls out infection and done on empty stomach and before drinking water or other beverages. Try to do at least thirty minutes or up to an hour. Spit out doors as highly toxic and then clean mouth with peroxide.)

Apply magnesium oil to skin. That mineral is a catalyst to make all other minerals and even vitamins be effective in the body. It relaxes muscles and eases pain. The heart is a muscle and needs magnesium to function well. Every cell in the body must have magnesium in the interior and around each cell‘s exterior is calcium which contracts muscles and makes them hurt. Practically everyone is magnesium deficient and why everyone has pain and on pain relievers; magnesium applied before bed helps body to relax and sleep well. If taking magnesium tablets internally, only one per cent enters the blood stream but not the cells in the tissues of your body. Must be absorbed through the skin, like rubbed on your buttocks, each cheek. If pain begins again, apply again. I've found I cannot overdose on it as I have applied every two hours for pain of shingles. Do not put on broken skin, cuts, etc as will burn like fire. Magnesium is the mineral to make hearts healthy and makes potassium function. Whole host of health concerns from magnesium deficiency. Check online for info.


You have received some excellent advice here! I had a root canal tooth pulled under local anesthesia and felt so much better afterward. Oil pulling with coconut oil will help draw infection out and will give you the monolaurin that Dano suggested using. Magnesium oil applied to your skin will help reduce inflammation around that tooth and will help protect your heart muscle (magnesium helps muscles to relax whereas calcium helps them to contract, thus they work together). I hope it goes well for you. Please pop by again to let us know how you're doing.

Replied by KS
Glenview, IL

First, so you know where I stand, I believe in using whatever works. I have no medical credentials, just a lifelong interest in alternative medicine. I did have a HA 11 yrs. ago. Second, you need to relax. Drink some Chamomile tea with lavender daily & take up meditation. Third, I think we need more information about you.

1. How old are you, about?

2. What did your doctor say about your symptoms, recently, especially your heart? If nothing, see if you can find a holistic doctor who will listen to you.

3. Please describe your diet, overall. Do you drink? Do you do drugs? It may not be your heart at all & digestion related, instead. Mainly, because you still didn't have that HA and then because you complain about your liver, also.

4. If you take an antacid does the chest pain go away? I still use Alka-seltzer for gas & heartburn, occasionally. Otherwise, I've added molasses daily to get rid of acid reflux. If 1 or 2 antacids don't get rid of the pain right away, go to the ER. Otherwise, count your blessings, you missed the bullet.

5. The anesthesia for a tooth pulling is only local - you won't die from it. But, it doesn't sound like you need it pulled, anyway. You might have a gum problem, though. Did the dentist mention that? I use the new Crest for Gums, it helps a lot. That and I listened to Sapien Teeth Regeneration, twice a day & now only once in awhile.

QLD, Australia

Thanks KS for the link to Sapien Medicine. I listened to the audio on You Tube and after about 3 days I can feel a significant difference in my teeth.

Replied by looms

I had a bad root canal for 10 years and it ruined my health. I finally pulled the tooth and it was almost black under the gold cap. it was such a relief. my lymph glands finely went back to normal and I felt great! I know not having teeth is hard, but for me, it was sooooo worth it.

Replied by Donna

All the suggestions are great and I would also do oil pulling with coconut oil as it is antibacterial on its own.

Replied by Lynn

New Zealand dairy farmer was on life support, Liposomal vitamin C cured him.

Replied by Azna

Hi. Herbdoc (.com) has an excellent tooth and gum formula. Not sure where you are located. I don't know if they ship outside of the U.S. You can put the tooth and gum formula in a water pik. Make sure to rinse out the water pik thoroughly after using the tooth and gum formula. This formula gets rid of bacteria, etc. I also use therapeutic grade only tea tree oil. I use a couple of drops to four ounces of water or so and then mix it thoroughly. I rinse my mouth with this mixture of pure water and tea tree oil. My last dental checkup was excellent; hardly any build-up of plaque and tartar. I use this rinse especially before going to bed at night.

Replied by Carolyn

See a holistic dentist to get the tooth removed. You will not get better till then.

Replied by Shara

I had a mile long of ailments and no doctor could tell me the problem. My dentist said everything in my mouth was great! But went to reiki practitioner and she pointed to my mouth and said that your problem is right here. She didn't know what was the problem but just felt the bad energy I guess. Days before I read about how bad root canals were. I left her office and called the dentist for confirmation of where the root canal was and he confirmed it to be right where the reiki reader pointed. I went on faith, and nothing to lose but a tooth and my health to gain, had the root canal tooth that dentist said was fine and even the oral surgeon said appeared fine once removed. But what happened the days after were astounding! That mile long list of ailments narrowed to just a few within a few days!!!!! It was unbelievable!!!!!! I thank God for my courage to remove a tooth that seemed fine but was clearly causing all my problems. Pull it at all cost. I just needed a little laughing gas. prayers lifted for you.

Replied by Dan

You are on the right track believing the root canal is causing a heart issue. I just read an ebook by Dr. Thomas Levy called Hidden Epidemic, Oral infection Cause Most Heart Attacks and Breast Cancer. You can download for free.

Replied by Kelly Kahn
United Kingdom

Research Jonathan Landsman from the States, The Holistic oral health summit, on root canal and heart disease and other illnesses. You will need to go to a dentist that works holistically and that can help you.

best of luck.


Replied by Terri

Yes, I've had basically the same issue. Definitely take CoQ10 100mg at 3X per day. Its excellent for clearing all gum infections, even regarding gums filled with pus. CoQ10 will work doubly for you as its excellent for heart health! Also, you want to do oil pulling 2X daily before brushing. Only use coconut oil as its the very best to pull bacteria out of your mouth. Do it for a full 20 min each time. You'll be amazed after following this protocol.

Replied by Karen

Have you tried using a borax mouthwash?

I have had great success treating infections (bacterial, fungal and viral) with borax due to its high alkalinity.

Try dissolving 1 teaspoon of borax in a little hot boiled water in a cup/glass. Top up with cold filtered/distilled water until warm enough so as to not scald your mouth. Swill this solution round your mouth for a minute then spit it out. I would say that doing this 3 times a day should kill the infection pretty quickly.

If it persists, try increasing the borax to 2 teaspoons, then 3 teaspoons in the same amount of water. If you accidentally swallow some, don't panic, just drink a glass of water to dilute it.

You can also drink a weak solution. I usually do a pinch of borax dissolved in a little hot boiled water in a mug, topped up to about 8 ounces with cool filtered/distilled water, once or twice a day on an empty stomach, not too close to eating, as it could interfere with your stomach acid which is needed for digesting food. This will help to alkalize the body as a whole, keeping infections at bay.

There is a great section on borax on Earth Clinic.

Replied by Robert

Get the tooth pulled right away. A study done long ago by a MD found that 97% of all fatal heart attack victims had root canal work done. When a tooth was pulled and placed under the skin of a rabbit it died very soon thereafter. Get the tooth pulled even if you have to use a local anesthetic it's better than having a heart attack. I don't remember the link or I would have posted it.

Replied by Mother Earth

Perhaps you can try packing it with MSM powder.

Replied by Dee

For the tooth I would do oil pulling. Take 1 tbsp. of Virgin Coconut oil in your mouth and swish it around for 10 to 15 minutes, you can even add a drop of clove oil to the Coconut Oil. Spit out in garbage. Then rinse mouth with warm salt water or baking soda water.

During the day rub Oakbark Powder or Redmond Clay or Diatomaceous Earth foodgrade on the tooth and gum. The remedies draw out infection.

You can take Oregano Oil extract for infection. For the heart Hawthorn extract, Vitamin C, D, K, CoQ10, B complex and Omega 3. I take Vit C 4000IU C, Vit. D 4000IU, D has to be taken with K. After taking increase in Vit D for 2-3 monthshave your doctor check your levels. Your levels should be between 45-80.

Food and spices good for Heart: Ginger, Garlic, Cayenne, Horseradish, Pomegranite, Nuts & Seeds, Avocado, Olives, real Olive Oil 2-4 tbsp. a day. Healthy Mediterranean Diet light exercise like walking and de-stress with Tai- Chi or Meditation.

Replied by Ginger

I have used oregano oil for infections in my mouth for the last three years, six drops in juice or water twice a day, morning and night, rinse warm water through out the day. This is a natural antibiotic, I take for a week, then stop! Only use when needed. And I stay away from sugars, that feed infections. Please be sure to check with your doctor if you are taking other medications

Replied by Charity
faithville, Us

I've had a lot of experiences with the mouth, castor oil and charcoal work wonders. Turmeric stops pain. Fear makes pain spread. Msg causes brain anxiety and heart palpitations and L-taurine helps msg leave the body. Soy Lecithin granules will make bad fats emulsify and leave the organs. A mineral or hydration imbalance will cause your body to produce histamine to warn you. Histamine is like ants at a picnic and ruins your days. Yes and Robert above about the rabbit study was in the book the root canal coverup. There was also a guy named Willard Fuller that prayed and everyone's teeth issues were healed. Faith does work.

  1. Dr. Willard Fuller's healing ministry: can God fill teeth ...

    Dental healing testimonials involving Dr. Willard Fuller's healing ministry, excerpted from “Can God Fill Teeth?” by Daniel Fry (quoting from newspaper article) Here's a Different Faith Healing; Cavities Filled, Teeth Straightened By ADON TAFT, Herald Religion Editor

    and this guy gives step by step instructions on how to get whole and he used it to get whole of cancer

    How to Stop the Symptom Before it Becomes a Mountain | Mike Hoesch - YouTube

    I hope I gave you hope for miracles...keep your teeth. Blessings, Charity