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Scarring and Inflammation of the Trachea for 18 Years - Please Help

Posted by Shosh (Atlanta, GA) on 07/09/2021

I have been dealing with Tracheal Stenosis for at least 18 years, which is scarring and inflammation of the trachea. They did some research and it appears as though it might be caused by a TB like mycobacteria, which might set off an autoimmune response.

Any natural tips on how to naturally kill a TB like mycobacteria and get rid of scar tissue in the trachea? I was thinking of taking colloidal silver, systemic enzymes, and applying DMSO with frankincense and castor oil several times a day in a roller bottle on the neck.

Any other ideas on what to do? Any thoughts on the effectiveness and/or safety of the above ideas? Also, any thoughts on dosage and frequency? Thank you!

Replied by Charity
faithville, Us

You also might like youtube John Bergman on the spine, because all nerves flow from the spine to all organs and affect our health, I suspect your neck is out of alignment in my spirit. Blessings, charity

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Replied by Rebecca

The best thing I have ever used for scar tissue as well as arthritis in my knees is Serrapeptase 120,000 spu. I also recommended it to my daughter for a female problem she was having that Rx would not fix and she will not go a day without it. I love the Serrapeptase and it is highly recommended for scar tissue as well as many other things.


Replied by Angelica

Hi there. I'm glad to hear you're considering CS. It's amazing stuff. Are you in any FB groups for it?

Many swear by that and DMSO and I've seen the CS do some powerful things.

Also important, liver care. A healthy detoxed liver helps the body heal. Stay away from Tylenol and consider taking glutathione, m thistle, dandelion root tea, lemon in drinking water and a clean, organic, non gmo diet as much as budget allows.

Replied by Susan
Greer SC

Don't forget about systemic enzymes like Wobenzyme to reduce inflammation and Natto K to help get rid of fibrin and scar tissue. Hope that helps. Blessings sent your way.

Replied by txtorn8oh

For enzymatic activity, I suggest serrapeptase. "Research shows serrapeptase possesses significant anti-inflammatory, proteolytic (protein dissolving) and fibrinolytic (fibrin dissolving) properties. It reduces scar tissue, improves tissue healing and supports a healthy respiratory system."

Replied by Tasha

I don't have this same issue, but I do know that SERRAPEPTASE is great at eliminating any kind of scar tissue on or inside the body.

Replied by Linda

I am absolutely convinced a digestive enzyme called serrapeptase is more than amazing for scar tissue.

In 2010, I was researching what I could to eliminate scar tissue due to having a double nerve surgery for the Guyon Canal (wrist) and the ulnar nerve moved to inside elbow. I had 2 IME Drs tell me if scar tissue in Guyon canal grew back it could eventually cause loss of use of my dominant hand (I have nerve damage to little finger and ring finger). I accidentally ran across Serrapeptase, which was well known and used in England and Europe; discovered by a famous German heart doctor that he would use on patients requiring bypass surgery. He would give them several months of Serrapeptase and retest the blockages and discovered this enzyme eats plaque in the arteries. He found he did not have to do the bypass surgeries. He found it ate scar tissue as well as lessened COPD to the point that folks could give up their oxygen tanks. and were the websites from across the pond I educated myself with. Serrapeptase is prescription only across the pond.

My story is I began taking it immediately finding it in a health food store. They sold very little because folks did not know about it in US, so was inexpensive.

I had had my appendix removed at age 3 resulting in a raised keloid (sp) scar as I grew. When I was 63, I discovered I no longer had the raised scar….it was a thin white line. I checked every scar I had and they all faded.

I had read on one of those two websites, that if the scar tissue is no longer there - the scar tissue is no longer pressing against nerves, resulting in lessened pain.

I recently listened to a podcast in which an 83 year old researcher was finding serrapeptase was eating the plagues in his beloved wife's brain due to Alzheimer's.

I take it every day and have since 2010. it works like Rid X in your home sewer system. It eats the garbage in our body and it is made from a protein in the stomach of the silkworm. The silkworm hibernates in a hardened cocoon and when it leaves it squirts the protein at this hardened shell to fly out from my understanding.

There is a very strong possibility it will heal the scars in your trachea of the scars.

Best wishes this will work for you. I so trust in it that I have not really read the latest information on serrapeptase….only that which I heard about the brain plaques.

Replied by Francine

Have you looked into serrapeptase for scar tissue? it dissolves scar tissue.

Replied by Carol Simmons

I would try Essiac tea. A cup or Two a day may help the inflammation.

Replied by LIz

Ozone therapy is effective against TB. One could insufflate, and drink ozone water regularly.

As for scar tissue, a 3-6 month course of serrapeptase and nattokinase will dissolve internal scar tissue if taken in high doses on an empty stomach twice a day.

Replied by Zal

I'm shopping a lot for supplements on iHerb and read thousands reviews there on all kind of supplements, their experiences. I suggest, visit and start researching all supplements for diabetes. There are non-related supplements, which surprisingly people discovered during their search for cures. Very often people in their reviews mention other stuff that they're using and helping them. Did you try Serrapeptase, Wobenzyme...?

When on iHerb, check out "Thorne Research" products. Highly popular because of their highest quality. Other very high quality brand is "Arthur Andrew Medical". When reading people's reviews there, pay attention also to reviews in Russian translated into English. Buyers from Russia are the most knowledgeable and their reviews are highly detailed, and are most of the items have double and triple reviews in Russian than in English. So, pay attention. Also on each product page you can ask any question and they are answered by buyers, not necessarily by those who used this product.

Replied by Mil
United States

Have you been tested for Lyme Disease? If so was it with an immunoblot test like the one from Igenex?

My husband has had mystery severe esophagitis for the past 2.5 years. We found out about a month ago that he has Lyme disease. He had been tested through the hospital on multiple occasions with the ELISA PCR tests for Lyme. Also TB, & Avian Flu, scardoisis, autoimmunity and numerous other Infectious Diseases.

The Igenex lab test we got through a Lyme Literate MD was black and white positive for Lyme Disease, no previous infection, not “indeterminate“. It felt like hitting the jackpot after numerous hospitalizations.

Apparently, there is a big fight about the low accuracy of the current test used by most hospitals. Wish I had known about that earlier.

Treating his Lyme has started to show great improvement, but we are now testing for mold and mycotoxins which we believe colonized in his esophagus and is often a co infection with Lyme. We had to pay for the test ourselves (not cheap) but worth every penny to be finally understanding what his problem has been. Also have learned some people can have Lyme for decades without knowing.

You may not have Lyme, but given the amount of time you've had this and the fact that they can't pinpoint it** you may want to consider finding a LLMD or someone to run a more accurate test if you have already been checked for it.

He also started in 2020 with an upper cervical chiropractor who has been wonderful.

He has taken colloidal silver, slippery elm and aloe vera by mouth (Pre Lyme diagnosis). It helped initially, but the Lyme/whatever coinfections he has overcame it.

Good Luck with your search.
Blessings to you.

Replied by Homebody


Look into the herb marshmallow root. It seems to me an infusion made with this herb would soothe your trachea and reduce inflammation. You can buy empty paper tea bags (sachets) and organic marshmallow root on amazon. You could make a quart at a time with a heaping tablespoon of the herb in a quart of boiled water, steep for four hours, or overnight, and refrigerate it, drinking it over a few days‘ time. It actually has a pleasant taste. Natural remedies can take time so be patient and be consistent.

I like serrapeptase, too. I once got rid of a ganglion cyst using serrapeptase and it took around four months, taking large doses (Doctors Best brand) at bedtime and first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

Replied by luma

TB like mycobacteria is often a sexually transmitted disease, so prevention in the form of condoms is first, after that I've heard avocados can be very healing. I've had a few of my male friends come down with this, and be careful as it can develop into cancer (similar cause as cervical cancer). I used to work at a TCM sino therapy clinic and we saw good healing in the form of acupuncture too. Best wishes to you.☀️

Replied by RY

Remember that all silver is not the same. If you decide to use it, the best is Angstrom Silver.

Replied by Debra
Sydney, Australia
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Colloidal Silver is a good choice. I am 3 months into drinking 3 glasses a day and having good results with other conditions.

Replied by Rosalie Priday

Serrapeptase is excellent as suggested by quite a few of respondents. Also, aloe vera inner filet is extremely healing. Colloidal silver may help with bacterial eradication. Manuka honey for soreness, bacterial infection and general well-being...lozenges with high manuka honey content would be handy and soothing. God bless!

Replied by Darla
Atlanta, GA

All of that sounds good. What about methylene blue? Nattokinase? Nebulized food grade hydrogen peroxide with a drop of iodine.

Replied by Sarah
Winter Park, FL
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Good morning! I believe this is a low stomach acid issue, which also contributes to the rise of 'bad' bacteria (because stomach acid kills off bad bacteria). I highly recommend supplementing with HCL/Betaine; continually increase your dose until you feel the 'burning' in your belly. you probably won't feel it until the 3rd to 5th capsule.

By stenosis, do you mean your food gets hung up on you? If that's the case, I had the same problem and it stopped when I started supplementing with HCl

Replied by bodulica

This website is very useful for drugs, supplements, all the information necessary (with side effects and drug interactions)

Replied by Jerry

I had a serious issue with a fungus and bacteria in my gut that led to a cancerous pancreas and liver. I will spare you those details. Available healthcare made the situation worse. I like you have tried everything and nothing became available until I made the decision to seek out alternative medicines. I was pointed in the direction of this book by an alternative healer. The solution to this and many serious health conditions are in this short book:

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This book saved my life and now I am completely free of any cancer or other impairments. I have to say, most people would say that to follow the regimen exactly is a burden. But that is a matter of motivation. If you tried everything and you have been getting worse, then you will find that the process of healing not an issue at all, in fact, it is simple, dirt cheap and it is easy. I had no problems with the process at all. All that is needed is the determination to set up a schedule 3 times a day and drink 8 ounces of a simple mixture. This will go on for a matter of weeks, usually between 6 to 9. The first days may be difficult as the treatment rids your body of toxins, bad bacteria, and viruses. Persevere through this short challenging time of healing. This is an absolutely unbelievable cure and is not a treatment. My life and body have never been better and who knew that this procedure has been buried by the large pharmaceutical industrial complex, who knows there is no money in cures, only in treatments. Anyway, good luck to you and bless you.