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Severe Allergies in 10 Year Old Boxer - Seeking Remedies

Posted by DJG (US) on 09/28/2023

My girl has been on apoquel for severe itching/scratching for about 5-7 years .We try to only give her a half pill with 2 meals . We have had extensive allergy tests done on her to no avail. So in trying to give her relief, we pay approximately $90 every 10 days for freeze dried anti allergy food mixture which she seems to like but it doesn't relieve her discomfort. A side effect of the apoquel is skin growths of which she has a couple but now another large soft tumor on her belly has me concerned. She did have an open cyst that was turning black on her back and I used iodine and it cleared up almost immediatley. I am going to use the iodine again on this growth but am wondering if I should include castor oil. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Cancun, Mexico

Frankincense is reportedly a "tumor remover"; you could look into that. DMSO would also be good. Blessings to you both.

Replied by Deirdre


Please look into frozen or freeze-dried raw food. One of my dogs had very serious skin allergies, and they all but disappeared when he went on freeze dried alternating turkey and beef patties with a bit of grain-free kibble. I had tried numerous remedies over the years, but the diet change was the best. It took a few days to start seeing results. Colloidal silver 20 ppm helped with flaking and itchy skin but was a temporary fix until he was on a consistent raw food diet.