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Severe Dry Eyes

Posted by Stephanie (Long Valley, Nj) on 04/20/2024

What will help severe dry eye? I don't have eye fluid, it is very painful. And it is causing my eyesight to deteriorate rapidly. I was using homeopathic eye drops, and the gov't took them away a few months ago. I am looking for any suggestions of an eye drop that is healing to the eye, and also moisturizing. The one I was using was in a little glass bottle. Similasan dry eye relief. Also is there an easy recipe to make my own eyedrops? I am very ill with failing organs, liver, kidneys, heart, and anything you suggest is greatly appreciated. Also with this dehydrating from the inside, out, I have no mouth fluid either. So now I am losing tooth enamel, and it hurts a lot. How can I regrow tooth enamel and reduce cavities quickly?

Replied by Art
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Hi Stephanie,

You might try Maqui Bright / Maqui Berry Extract as discussed here :

Here is a relevant quote from the human study :

' Consumption of MBE resulted in the resolution of DED signs and symptoms, along with a reduction in ocular surface inflammation. '

The retail product is often referred to as Maqui Bright or Maqui Berry Extract. Which ever one you decide to test, make sure it is a "Maqui Berry Extract". Here is a link to a typical product :

This requires one capsule every morning.


Replied by Cate

Hi Stephanie,

Place one drop of Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Ratfish Liver oil into each eye and you will feel instant moisture and I promise you it won't sting! It is very healing and soothing. A 10ml bottle will last a long while.

For your tooth enamel, it won't grow back but if your teeth are painful, place some oil in your mouth and try to leave it inside your mouth for as long as possible before spitting it out.

For cavities, use Himalayan pink salt (or any other salt, Himalayan pink salt is less salty than table salt) to brush your teeth instead of tooth paste but if you find it drying, just use oil to brush your teeth. Just remember to clean out your toothbrush each time afterwards with soap water.

Replied by Katherine

I use DMSO for teeth and gums. Squirt dropper full into mouth. Swish as long as possible and swallow. Read up on this as I don't know what else you are taking. Supposed to return things back to original condition.

Dry eyes..1drop Caster Oil into each eye. Blurred vision occurs. It will clear soon. Do at night, as it clears while sleeping.

Replied by Madelyn

If you can drink water with some sea salt added for increased hydration, that may help. I've heard hydrogen water (need a special machine to make it) is extremely healing. Also Willard water is hydrating. I have a iTeraCare terahertz wand that I sometimes use to make water more hydrating. I can tell a difference.

Xylitol mints and gum are good for teeth and keep mouth moist. At night, you can get something that sticks inside your gums and cheek that's made from xylitol so your mouth doesn't dry out over night. I think they are called XyliMelts. Dry mouth causes decay to really get bad. Also calcium bentonite clay applied directly onto teeth helps remineralization. But you'll really need to up the water intake because clay absorbs water.

One last idea- fresh squeezed lemon juice and orange juice added to water, and celery juice, can help hydrate. Watermelon too!