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Severe Hair Loss After Salon Color and Accutane Medication

Posted by Monique (South Africa) on 03/18/2016

I've lost over 35% of my hair in a year, I went red from blonde and then started accutane medication for six months, I went back from red to blonde while on the medication and last year April I had my last bleach and got a bleach bath for 15min with the bleach on my hair, after that day in the salon my neck hurt and my scalp was numb in some places and took a week for the feeling to come back, I finished the meds in Aug but my hair was so dry and unhealthy and started looking thinner, I had still not coloured it and didn't notice any scalp problems, in Dec my stylist said I had a chemical break in my hair where a lot of my hair broke off in short stubs and she recommended a Brazilian blow, but it's March now and I'm losing 300 hairs a day and hardly have any hair left, my scalp is now red and inflamed and I've stopped all products and only use cortisone shampoo 3 times a week but how long should I wait, it's been 2 weeks but no difference, my scalp seems better but is that just because I'm no longer blowdrying it and how do I stop it falling out before I go completely bald, please help.

I'm so scared and crying everyday, oh I'm 32 in good health and have always had thick healthy hair and weigh about 50 kilos hope this helps in anyway for you to please tell me what is wrong with me and how I can fix this? Thank you