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Severe Itching Allergies in Bull Terrier After First Vaccination

Posted by Jeanette T. (St. Stephen NB Canada) on 05/26/2023 7 posts

Help for our sweet girl

We have an English Bull Terrier that is now 20 months old, since 12 weeks old 3 weeks after first vaccination she broke out with hot spots, spots on her face, lips and inside her mouth, swollen, hair loss, incredibly itchy, especially the face. She was so itchy she actually took the the whiskers off her face. So when taking her to the vets without any testing they said she needed to be put on these injections or steroid medications for the rest of her life, to which I refused to believe. So I started researching myself and found a product called neem tablets and neem oil for dogs for her outside and began giving these to her among omega oil, vitamin C, kelp, pre/probiotics, diatomaceous earth and a supplement called NuVet. We have had different forms of allergy testing done. One was hair and saliva from Glacier Peaks and the other NMT from our homeopathic vet/regular Veterinarian. He thinks her immune system is not working properly(which worries me that something was in the vaccination) but we also tried Thuja.

She is on a raw food diet as when we got her she was eating kibble and not sure if that was the problem and researching Bull Terriers seems to do al lot better on raw diets. So with doing all this she nearly healed but it took a long time. Then because she was still slightly itchy and still getting ear infections (which are chronic) our vet wanted to try a low carb kibble...and against my better judgment or gut feeling we tried it and well she has broken out again, but just her head, face and ears this time, we are back to trying to get her healed again as we had to stop all things when she got real sick from that change.

I know I may have to accept defeat and do meds but I really am hoping someone can help as doing research it says that if you do not address what the underlying issue is she will not get better. Our Cheeka is the sweetest Bully ever and doesn't deserve this. I am so hoping to do this naturally and hope maybe someone can help. I have been told about urine therapy but I have no idea how I would capture her pee and it will be packed with goodness and possibly cure her so that is something we are thinking about. Anyways thank you 😊 if I could I would attach pictures but I am not sure how to on here.

Replied by Deirdre
Earth Clinic

Hi Jeanette,

I had a dog (he passed last summer) who had very similar issues. I believe the issues started up after a groomer knicked him in several places and he got a terrible skin infection after that which took months to heal. Then the ear infections, flaking skin, itchy skin, hot spots, fur loss, aural hematomas, and etc., started up after that. However, thankfully he 95% improved on a freeze-dried raw food diet. He was a golden retriever/chow+++mix.

I fed him the brand Small Batch freeze-dried in rotation (chicken for a couple of days, then beef, then turkey). You can look Small Batch dog food up on Amazon to see what they have. Stella & Chewy's is another brand but he didn't like the taste of that one when he got older.

Because he also had a VERY sensitive stomach, I had to include a bit of grain-free turkey kibble in each meal to stop his IBS and subsequent diarrhea.

The other thing that really helped him was 1-2 tablespoons of 20 ppm colloidal silver daily. That stopped the constant flaking skin issue and inflamed ears. I do think the shots and pills the vet gave him made the situation much worse. And the vaccinations, no doubt. It took three days on the freeze-dried rfd to see a change.

So sorry for what your sweet girl is going through.