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Severe Tooth Decay in 5 Year Old Daughter, Please Help

Posted by Maria K. (Germany) on 11/16/2020 2 posts

My 5 years old daughter have had severe tooth decay in her upper front teeth, she was breastfed until 2 years of age.After two years she drank cow milk in bottle.She did bottle feeding, breastfeeding during night that' s the main reason of her tooth decay. Now dentist is suggesting pulling of baby teeth. Is pulling of teeth can be avoided.

Is there anybody to help me what to do?I give her vitamin d3 1500 I.E.with vitamin K and help her brushing her teeth regularly. None of her teeth has fallen out yet.

Thanks in advance.

Replied by MissM
New York

She needs to brush with xylitol tooth paste, I don't know what you can get in Germany. If her teeth and very decayed you may not have any options as you don't want teeth infections and problem with incoming teeth.

There are dental pastes called MI PASTE, they do contain some dairy so your child cannot be allergic. They do help rebuild teeth.

I have strengthened my teeth with the paste.

If you apply then play a game with your child then spit out.

Replied by Charity
faithville, Us

I know a few things, if your neck is out of alignment it affects the nerves that affect the jaw and dental health. If your gut is out of balance it affects the absorption of minerals . If your ph is off it affects the acidity can rot teeth and feed bad microbes. If your stress is off the charts it produces cortisol and can rob the body blind trying to run from the bear. Fluoride is interesting . The teeth and bones have tear down and renew cycles and fluoride makes it so when they renew they are weaker due to the fluoride interruption so teeth appear good but structures are getting weaker and weaker. I fell into thinking if I brushed more I would regain dental health. I made it worse . Diet plays a role but your thoughts are also creating her atmosphere and so are hers . We are creators of what we attract to ourselves. I hope I have not offended you. I am finding my own answers and you asked for insights. Eric Berg youtube, John Bergman on bones and spine, Dr. Kennedy on teeth. Quantum research on using energy fields to heal ourselves. As you believe you receive. Thankfulness and faith are both powerful forces. Blessings, Charity

Replied by Nan

We've had very good results with fermented cod liver oil/butter. My granddaughter had a small spot of decay right on her front tooth. Of course, the dentist wanted to drill and fill immediately, but she had the good sense (at age 14) to take the fermented oil daily and within a couple weeks it had disappeared. I know this is a mild case, but I've read that it works beautifully for more serious cases of decay. We used Green Pastures oil, by the way.

Replied by Carolyn

I have had many worn out teeth that the dentist wanted to put caps on them. The best thing I have used to restore my teeth (still re-mineralizing) is this special toothpaste. Have been using it for a month now and the results are amazing! No caps needed now!! Tastes great too. Stay away from fluoride as this ruins teeth.,aps,291&sr=1-6

Moringa Mineral Rich Fluoride Free Toothpaste

Replied by Marco D.

It was in 2010, after losing one tooth to decay and a painful root canal.
I ended up searching the net in search of alternative ways to deal with the tooth decay issue of mine.

It was at this point I ended up discovering about Weston Price and his studies.. and a very interesting study done by Steinman and Leonora, that resulted in a book called "Dentinal Fluid Transport" (look it up on amazon, it's from Clyde Roggenkamp).

After this, I made a series of changes to my lifestyle, in an attempt to get closer to the concepts expressed by the studies above.

I did basically four things.

First, I drastically increased the consumption of fat-soluble vitamins:
- Drank raw milk almost every day, now I have it just occasionally.
- Increased egg consumption by a huge margin, I have them every day, half-boiled with a soft yolk.
- Started with fermented cod liver oil, had a good experience.
Later on, I dropped for good quality unprocessed cod liver oil, currently, I have it just sometimes in winter.
- Vitamin D3 liquid form, 3000-5000IU daily.

Second, I stopped consuming fructose and reduced my consumption of sucrose.
Generally talking, I tried avoiding constant insulin spikes.

Third, I started oil pulling with unheated sesame oil.
At a later stage, I switched to water pulling as I saw similar results with fewer risks (i heard about chances of inhaling oil particles?).
This was a godsend for gums and it made a HUGE difference.
It worked for me, in association with regular flossing.

Four, I started fasting, regularly, along with increasing physical activity.
I currently fast between 16 and 24 hours at least 3 days a week.
This had a huge impact on every aspect of my health.

The result of this is, I have a cavity since 2011 and it has stopped completely without progressing further.
I did not have any cavity issue since then.

Has it healed? I'm not sure but I can definitely say it is not of concern anymore.

I wish you the best for your child to get back on track, as a father of a 3yr old girl I feel your concern.

Take Care

Marco D.

Replied by Raele

Could she handle holding/swishing coconut oil in her mouth for 20 minutes? I know that's really long for a child. Maybe even 15 minutes would work? Perhaps while watching TV.

I had a severe bone infection in my jaw; the orthodontist could do nothing, antibiotics did not touch it. I resorted to doing "oil pulling" twice a day until it resolved.; It's the only thing that worked. Like a miracle. It works for countless issues, even those not in the mouth. It's very powerful. My neck was swollen up like mumps and it all subsided. Coconut oil contains lauric acid and is a good antimicrobial for bad pathogens. But, supposedly oil pulling works with other oils. I wouldn't try others, tho, unless maybe high quality olive or avocado. This is a nearly free approach that is worth a try. My husband had a cavity that stopped hurting and seemed to reenamelize after oil pulling.