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Shingles Still Painful After One Year, Please Help

Posted by Jane (Fairfax, VA) on 01/05/2021


May I have ínstructions how to help reduce painful of post shingles. It has happened over a year now. Doctor told me take gabapen 4000/2/day. Please help me. Thank you

Replied by Art
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Hi Jane,

Here is something I used for a friend that seemed to help very significantly with regular application. In addition to mixing with the lotion, I also made a mix of the aspirin dissolved in Original Gold Listerine to be used as a spray, when the lotion mix wasn't convenient:


If the coconut oil doesn't work for shingles, try ground up aspirin mixed into a water-based cream. The cheap uncoated aspirin that dissolves quickly in water works for me.

It not only gives quick pain relief, it slows viral replication when applied topically because the localized concentration is much higher than you can get from taking aspirin orally at the highest recommended dose according to these studies below. Some people can not tolerate aspirin and if that is the case, this won't work for them. Check with your doctor to make sure this will be compatible with current meds and is safe for you to use.

Aspirin is antiviral.

Good luck!


Replied by Hisjewel
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Jane of Fairfax VA,

Have you tried upping your vitamin D Levels.

Initially I used a lot of things, and most helped in some way.

Then I used vitamin D3 30,000 IU. Ask your doctor if this will help you. I have forgotten how long I stayed at 30,000 IU for the shingles, Maybe a week, I dropped back down to 10,000 IU. I will tell you this I have no more shingles pain it been at least a year, it's worth a try. There may be a clue to how much should be taken an the article below.

Enjoy your New Year.


Replied by Rob

Campho-Phenique (Liquid in the green bottle) which you can buy over the counter at any drug store. Campho-Phenique is an old folk remedy for many skin issues. Camphor is known to have antiviral activity.

Studies state that external application of lavender oil mixed with Camphor deactivates both herpes simplex type-1 and herpes simplex type-2 virus. This prevents spreading of the herpes infection. It works for any type of herpes virus such as cold sores or shingles. Apply with Q-tip to affected area three to four times a day. It dries up the sores immediately.

I got introduced to Campho-Phenique back in the late 70’s when I had a mouth ulcer. My parents had a bottle of it in the bathroom cabinet. I dipped a Q-tip into the liquid and rubbed it on the mouth ulcer, waited about a minutes and spit it out. The mouth ulcer was gone by the next day.

Replied by Dr Howard
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Alpha Lipoic Acid 1200mg/day and 5,000 mcg Vit B-12 daily has been shown to be helpful for Post-herpetic Neuralgia.

Topical Geranium oil may also be helpful.

Replied by Liz

I tried so many different things which may have help a wee bit, but I found that going on an extended fast was the only thing that helped. I spent almost a week with nothing but chicken soup with lots of onions, garlic and herbs. I made the soup from chicken bone broth. Then I spent almost two weeks with nothing but water. My blood pressure also became normal as well as my skin. No more burning and itching. Try taking care of your liver, kidneys gall bladder. Also try to eat more fermented food or take a good pro-biotic. Try adding some really good olive oil to you diet.

Replied by Nazdira

Hello, I have phantom pains as well. I use cannabis for pain relief and burdock root infusions to help clean my system internally and take lysine daily also try to live a stress free life adaptogens like reishi chaga helps!!!

If you get a break out again cannabis balm on the spot and also oregano oil. It numbs the nerve pain and helps heal much faster.

Replied by Brenda

I suffer from shingles outbreaks pretty frequently and my go to remedies for pre, during and post outbreak are as follows:

If you get ahead of it, such as using when the pain and sensitivity stage happens, this usually stops an outbreak.

Pure undiluted lavander essential oil. Do a skin test first and buy quality oil. I apply it directly to the area involved about 3x daily. If you can't tolerate the undiluted oil try the least dilute possible and use either pure coconut or jojoba oil.

The next is a homeopathic remedy made by Clear Products, Inc called CLEAR cold sores, Shingles and U.T.I'S. I take this at the first sign of pain and it generally stops the outbreak but if not definitely makes it less severe and stops the pain.

Both of these things help me tremendously so maybe they'll work for you.

Replied by Susan
Greenville Sc

Infrared light therapy and topical CBD. Try 3X a week on infrared and 2-3 times daily topical CBD.

Replied by Shelley

Homeopathics work fast and efficiently when you use the right one. There is a site called that can guide you to the correct homepathic for you.

Replied by Ewa

I would go for IV vit C.

High doses of magnesium including trandermal magnesium. Vit B12.

Replied by Kathleen
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hi, have you tried megadosing vit C? my sister got shingles, she went to the doctor and they told her to expect it to get MUCH worse for several weeks before it got better. she started mega dosing with Vit C and it went away literally overnight. her rash, which was suppose to get worse was 95% gone the next day and completely gone the following. she was a little achey the next day but not too bad... her shingles literally went away in 1 day and never came back .. colloidal silver would be another good thing to try, taking it orally and applying topically

.by Mega dosing Vit C I mean 4 grams of sodium ascorbate ( roughly 5000% of your recommended daily value every 30 minutes) until symptoms of COVID improve ( but then keep taking maintenance doses for several days). there are no known side effects of mega dosing vit C other than loose stool - which means you have reached bowel tolerance which is actually a good thing. I would implore you and anyone reading this to Read the book Curing the incurable by Thomas Levy. and checking out vit C lectures by dr Levy and Dr Susan Humphries .. also Dr. Saul has so much information with mega dosing vit C and COVID.

Replied by Lady B
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I can tell you what cured my shingles and the nerve pain that goes along with them. I started taking several thousand milligrams (about 20) of lysine for a few days, then slowly took smaller amounts until I was taking only about 4000 milligrams daily. I also put capsaicin cream on the area in the daytime and used tea tree oil at night(because of the smell.) I also took about 2oz. colloidal silver twice daily. The pain literally went away in just a few days and I have had no more pain now in many years. The lysine was a very important part of this regimen I think since it is good for any herpes infection including fever blisters. Since you have had the nerve pain for so long I don't know if this will still work for you but I certainly hope so.

Replied by Kathryn
Brevard, Nc

Shingles happens sometimes along with EBV. I have never had shingles pustules, but I have internal shingles and back pain is the result. Shingles also causes face pain. Please do yourself a favor and look into Medical Medium. I take L-Lysine in large doses, 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper with my smoothie (a small part) and other things that help EBV. I am grateful to have gotten the cayenne info here on this site and it works! It's getting better! Blessings be!

Replied by Dibro
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Worked for me/ This is not medical advice.

If skin is raw, I suggest using Vit E oil topically on affected areas through out the day. If skin is no longer raw try DMSO "Cream" rose scented am/pm

Both are easily found on Amazon.

Replied by Kris Unger

A friend's son had shingles, he took L-Lysine, took about 4 days and it was gone, not sure of dosage, but I think 3 or 4 pills 3 or 4 times a day. Can check for sure if you need to know exact amounts.

I have also read that using a tanning booth destroys the shingles virus.

Replied by Helen From Houston

A friend told me she had shingles, again, it usually keeps hurting for weeks, even months. I had just read a solution in an off topic discussion a few hundred posts under the YouTube video on whatever topic. I couldn't find it but knew what I was looking for. So after a full days search I found a different post -- which is to say this is hard to learn but easy to apply.

Step 1 - see a chiropractor, the kind that manipulates by hand. Takes 1 visit, maybe 2 to get it all. Pain is GONE! Shingles is caused by physical stress such as moving heavy furniture, that slightly dislocates the muscles. It is NOT some mystery. Or should not be. Just get the body back to it's proper shape.

Step 2 - take vitamin B-12, high dosage, like 5000 mg. Kills the rash. Take daily until the rash is gone. My friend said the rash started decreasing a few hours after she first took B-12, and as totally gone in 10 days.

Replied by Claudia M.
Spring Hill, Florida

My husband and myself have both had shingles - very painful indeed. This was several years ago and the only relief at the time that worked was calamine lotion that you use on poison ivy.

But something else that you might wish to look into is DMSO. I have just finished reading 4 books on this liquid and have found it fascinating! If used safely, it is wonderful stuff. I am sure there are many posts here on Earth Clinic in regards to DMSO for you to read about. Shingles has been treated with DMSO many times with great results - per my books.

Replied by Peggy

Two friends that had shingles swore by Tiger Balm ointment from any pharmacy. They both said it helped much better than any prescription medicine.

Replied by Jamie
Madison, Wi

I'm sorry that you are still having pain a year later!

I recommend Enzacta Alfa HFI Humic and Fulvic Acid capsules. You can start with a 30-count bottle or more if you're comfortable spending more. You can find them on eBay or Amazon. Check both to find the best price. Take 2-4 capsules per day for a week.

This brand has very pure and potent humic/fulvic acid. This helps viruses to stop replicating. It sounds like the virus might still be active in your body. This should help you, so please research humic/fulvic and make this purchase. Trust me. I hope you feel better soon! Follow up with me if it helps you:)

Replied by Hope

I have had recurrent atypical shingles going on four years now that started out being very severe with constant nerve pain and even spasms and brief paralysis on one side.

Once I started a regimen of 35mg of zinc daily and 500mg vitamin c 4x daily, the recurrences shortened. What really has made a huge difference is also taking l-lysine 500mg 3x daily in addition to the zinc and vitamin c.

Now I only occasionally have the nerve pain, and it lasts for a much shorter time.

Replied by Del
British Columbia

Hi Jane,

I have had shingles 2x. I found a protocol online that boosted the immune system. Daily: 3 x 1000mg Vitamin C, plus 2 L-Lysine, plus 2mcg Folic Acid now (Vitamin B).

For pain I purchased Licorice Root Extract from a health food store and rubbed some into the shingles everytime it hurt. This let me go right back to sleep when I woke up in pain so worked very well for me. Wish you peace and good health.

Replied by Sweetorange

My late husband had several recurrences of shingles, and antiviral drugs did little for him and didn't relieve pain. My fully qualified herbalist told me she had never found anything better for shingles and associated pain, than Melissa officinalis/ lemon balm.

When he had a new outbreak, I gave him a mug of strong lemon balm tea three times daily. I would brew each cupful, covered, for 10 minutes or more, and I would use a new teabag for each cupful of tea. The outbreak reversed itself and disappeared, and he had no residual pain afterward. I continued to give him lemon balm tea several times weekly (it's lovely-tasting tea), and the shingles never returned. For a couple of dollars, buy yourself a box of lemon balm teabags and try it.

I wish you luck with this!

Replied by Gay

My husband had shingles about a year ago. He used homeopathy. Once he started the remedies, it became a non event and went away in about a week.

These are the remedies for shingles. If pharmaceuticals were used first, the remedies are not as effective. These remedies will work for about 80% of people. For those who don't have a good response, there are other remedies, but would need to be chosen on an individual basis.

Antimonium Crud 6c taken every 3 hours for the rash and itching. (It can be used for rashes and itching not caused by shingles too.)

Hypericum 200c (or ck) twice a day for nerve pain. If pain is sever or returns before the next dose is scheduled, it can be taken sooner, up to once an hour. If taking more frequently than twice a day, wait until you start feeling the pain getting worse before taking another dose. This remedy works well for all types of nerve pain such as slamming a finger in a door or with a hammer, stubbing a toe, and tooth pain. May help with some back pain and sciatica too.

If there is a fever present, Belladonna 6c can be added to the schedule, every 3 hours until the fever is resolved. (Homeopathic remedies are highly diluted. There are no negative issues using Belladonna in homeopathic form. These remedies work on an energy level, not a chemical level.)

General instructions for use of homeopathic remedies:

Do not eat or drink (water is ok) 15 minutes before or after taking a remedy. Avoid strong tastes such as onion and peppermint. Try not to touch the remedies with your hands. If you are taking more than one remedy, allow at least 15 minutes between taking each remedy, unless instructed to take at the same time.

These are not drugs. There really are no side effects of these remedies. If you continue to take a remedy that you don't need you may cause symptoms to appear, but they will go away once you stop taking the remedy.

Homeopathic remedies can be purchased at some health food stores and online.

Replied by Dee

You can try a good quality Multi vitamin, extra C, D, B12, and Zinc, Omega 3, Magnesium, Probiotic. Good diet, no sugar, no grains and yeast products. VitaminA, C B foods. Also try Oregano Oil, Melatonin, Turmeric with dash of Black Pepper, Noni juice, Williow Bark capsules, CBD Oil. Detox bath with 8oz. Epsom Salt, 8 oz. Hyrdrogen Peroxide, 1/4 sea salt or mineral salt. If you increase vitamin in take like Vit. D after 2 months have your doctor check the vitamin level.

Dr.Richard Becker you tubes:

Noni Juice benefits (I get my Noni from

Curcumin (Turmeric) benefits

Replied by Cindy

The original formula of Listerine {generic that says it is equivalent works fine} helps with a number of things. I love The People's Pharmacy website for such alternative remedies. Soak cloth in the Listerine and place it on the area that is giving pain. It has 3 oils in it {menthol, thymol and eucalyptol}. It also has oil of wintergreen. These herbal oils having wonderful properties. People's Pharmacy website explains how they feel they can work for such things as pain, fungus control, etc.

Replied by Presouz
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Look into a low dose naltrexone aka LDN lots of info on it online with shingles. good luck.

Replied by Jean Forsland

Shingles is a member of the herpes family and specifically Herpes Zoster. This is kept in check by a naturally occurring member of the b vitamin family called b lysene. In the absence of this vitamin the virus multiplies from its dormant sites in the spinal nerves. To stop the virus you must take l lysene every hour initially for a few hours and extend to every 2 and then 4 hours. Once the virus is again dormant you are still susceptible to a recurrence if you continue to be lysene deficient. Minimum of 500mg twice daily. There may be some good research available on nerurogenic pain. Search that on Google for any new studies.

Replied by Juanita

A friend told me she had that problem and the only thing that helped her was acupuncture.

Replied by Cjuan

I came across this article today - I hope it will offer some help. Bless you!

Replied by Will Done

L-Lysine saved me when I had prescribed strong medication, but I had a horrible headache. In desperation I looked for the natural resource and decided to use helped and I was healed after a few days.

Replied by Jen

Hi Jane,

The postherpetic neuralgia/ nerve pain from shingles is awful, poor thing. I got a terrible case through my head/ throat/ tongue, excruciating pain ALL the time, nearly died. I am a medical scientist so I started researching, as they started me on opiates and Lyrica (works well for some but all these have bad side effects). If Gabapentin does not work, people try Lyrica (it worked for the sharp pain but made me a zombie, couldn't read). Opiates actually are the best for nerve pain by research, but people don't want to say that.

I also did 2 nerve blocks (made it worse). I finally realised western medicine can only help cover the pain (ie meds for life) and they tell you to 'think' your way out of it (BS), not get rid of the pain, because they have no tools for that! . Intractable pain is usually caused by toxins, inflammation and stealth infections so consider those (eg jaw cavitations). Make sure your iron levels are not high, iron feeds infections.

I tried EVERYTHING, most natural things helped a little or not at all. The best by far was high quality DMSO, preferably in glass bottle. 90% pain reduction over many months. It's natural and good for you anyway. Apply topically and orally. I would have done IV if someone would have done it. Watch on youtube 'Dr Stanley Jacobs 60 mins dmso'.. FDA tried to shut him down as they want to sell pain meds to people for life. For even better pain relief mix with MgCl oil (someone on earth clinic talks about this combo). Start with several times per day after patch type test. You just have to understand how to apply, clean dry hands and all that. Doctors will also tell you hooey that you can only get shingles once (not true), and the pain always goes away.... I would also do natural anti viral strategies too eg olive leaf, lysine, garlic, etc. I think the virus sits back in the nerves, mine came back. I know people too that have ended up using CBD/ MJ for nerve pain, but I would try dmso first.

Best of luck.

Replied by Angi S.
Morro Bay, Ca

What helped me was to find out what alkaline foods were in my diet.

I found out I was eating too much alkaline foods and not enough lysine foods. which brought on the pain and rash. I also upped my Lysine to 2000 mg a day. which I continue to take. I was eating too much chocolate, grapes and blueberries, all at the same time. I have switched to pineapple, dark chocolate for my cravings. vitamin c I increased to 2000/day as well. only by reading on EC here, have I learned what others have done, and found what worked for me. For me, my secret was the lysine missing in my diet. hope this helps.

Replied by Sarah

I second this on megadosing vitamin C. Plus lycine - and watching your diet on not getting too much arginine (in my case, too many nuts! ) in relation to lycine. Vitamin C is the biggie. I took 3 grams of ascorbic acid literally every half hour until bowel tolerance was reached, which took me 17 hours! Then backed it down to 2 grams - the protocol is to keep it at just below or at bowel tolerance. You can find more about that on orthomolecular dot org. I had a fairly advanced case, and it was totally over in 2 weeks, with no pain.

Replied by Francis
New Zealand

Hi, don't know if you have it there but here in NZ we go to the doctor and if you are over 60 you are given a FREE injection that eliminates the itching. I put up with it for months before I realized that the treatment was available. If we have it here I am sure you must have the cure there.

Replied by Cindy

A post recently asked for help with Shingles pain. Highly recommend use the 'search' bar at and type in 'Shingles'. I use quite a few of the things I have learned from them. There is a home remedy they have shared for Shingles pain that cannot hurt you and only costs pennies. ~ Cindy

Replied by Frank Mclean
Thunder Bay, On, Ca

From the book 'The Healing Nutrients Within' by Eric R. Braverman, M.D. Third Edition.

Chapter 18 is titled, 'Lysine: The Herpes Killer. On page 265, second paragraph it states,

'Herpes zoster, the varicella-zoster virus, causes chickenpox and shingles. Herpesvirus infections have until now been restistant to most forms of therapy...Studies have demonstrated that Lysine may have some antiviral effect in both HSV-1 and HSV-2.

Griffith and colleagues working at Indiana Uiversity Medical School, found that supplemental lysine suppressed the clinical manifestations of herpesvirus infections. In this study, oral doses of 312 to 1,200 mg a day of L-Lysine given to forty-five patients, sometimes in repeated doses, resulted in accelerated recovery from herpes simplex infection and suppression of recurrence.

Taking zinc along with lysine enhances results. L-lysiene and zinc should be available in most health food store but otherwise can be order from

Topically, Zincofax is used to treat diaper rash and should be widely available. But it's essential it contain zinc.

As a preventative, L-lysine at 100 md daily resulted in significantly fewer recurrences as well as supplementing with zinc.

Studies by Saturday Evening Post show that 1,500 to 3,000 mg of L-lysine or more are safe and effective.

600 mg of vitamin C and bioflavonoids helped reduce sores. Blister formation was severely inhibited by this concentration.

4 percent zinc sulfate solutions were useful when applied to herpes sores.

Large doses of oral L-lysine of 8 grams a day are commonly used in healthy adults.

Lysine is highly concentrated in muscle meats and is also found in wheat germ, cottage cheese, and chicken. Pork has high concentration of Lysine. Beans are particularly imbalanced in favour of Lysine.

Lysine metabolism is dependent on several nutrients I.e. niacin (B3), Pyridoxine (B6), riboflavin (B2), vitamin C and iron.

Lysine stops the growth of herpes simplex in tissue culture.

I hope this information is helpful to you.

Replied by Pris Covey
Nevada, Mo

I also had the post hermetic pain from Shingles. I used magnesium oil, rubbing it on my thighs (front) every two hours during the day and my doing so allowed me to sleep four hours and then awaking to more pain, rubbed more on and would return to sleep. This lasted two weeks, and then never suffered the pain again. Was so thrilled and thankful as I had read online many suffered with taking pain pills, injections in spine for the pain and finally surgery to cut the nerve, after years and years of suffering which destroyed their lives.

Replied by Ressler

Make your body alkaline by drinking lemon water 3 times daily and taking small amounts of zinc, the virus will go away fast.