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Showing Slight A-Fib on EKG

Posted by Pacific Coast Lady (Crescent City, CA) on 03/18/2022 186 posts

I need feedback on A-Fib because I was at a cardio visit yesterday and he said that I had "some" a-fib indication from past EKG's, 3 different times, and one from my EKG yesterday. I have never been alerted to those previous 3 times. Here's the deal though, this cardio wanted me to do several tests, and 2 or 3 were do-overs I already had recently. He also wanted to put me on a Blood Thinner and after reading about those it's a BIG no for them, and I am not even willing to take these tests.

I have noticed a very slight flutter at times but nothing I believe I can't remedy with natural alternatives. I've already all but cured my diabetes (I do Keto and love my new life). I ordered more Vit. E the same brand as before but stopped taking it maybe 2 months ago. I read on the A-fib thread that the NOW brand, which is what I had previously bought, is excellent, so getting that one again. It has the tocopherols, and the other Toco :) too!

I'm not sure about the reviews on Taurine and arginine because people come and go here and you don't find out what happened eventually. I was reading info from 2016 and didn't reply to any of that as I can't tell if you people are still around. I have a hard time navigating this website, but so far, I have found wonderful info, to at least try instead of feeding the big pharm, and paying for expensive tests I really don't want done.

Bottom line, I no longer feel safe with doctors unless it's to fix a broken bone, or give me my labs so I can take it from there. Any feedback is very welcome, I just am going to tell the Cardio I will let him monitor the pace-maker I have for a 3rd Degree AV Node block they found in '97. If I'd learned back then, what I know now, I doubt I would have let them put this piece of metal in me. I would have at least searched and tried some natural alternatives.

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Berberine may help :

Good luck!


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Perhaps you know this already, but calcium, potassium, and magnesium deficiencies may cause heart arrhythmias.

Calcium has worked the best for me, but they're all critical for heart rhythm.

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Hi Connie, thank you for your reply! I have been reading about the electrolytes like magnesium, potassium and salt. What is hard for me to know is the amount and type of magnesium, and especially potassium. There are several electrolyte recipes online but I need something T2 Diabetic friendly and also I am on a ketogenic diet which has had tons of wonderful benefits.

Also, I saw my cardio on Thurs. last. He said my pacemaker was set too low for me so he set it up to 70 bpm, and for night-time he set it so it would be on 60 bpm. I have only had one, slight palpitation since Thurs.

May I ask how much calcium, and potassium you dose, and how often? The only thing I don't have at this time is calcium, but I can get some. Recommended types that work for you would be wonderful to know. Thanks so much :)



Great news about your pacemaker setting correction. Heart palps. and flutters are scary.

Doctors thought my sister's palps. were from anxiety. She and I decided it was the other way around, the anxiety was from the palps.

I'm on Keto too, it's helps the gut and keeps glucose in good range.

With electrolytes, I take supplements in addition to food because it's easier.

I generously salt food but sometimes take salt tablets. Most people don't need that.

I buy potassium gluconate powder . Now brand sells 1 lb. jars of it. It doesn't upset the stomach. The RDA has shifted over the years to 2600 mg. daily. I've seen even less.

Supposedly, people on keto tend to recycle nutrients well and may need less than average.

Avocados are keto, and are loaded with potassium. Greens are too. I haven't been counting how much potassium I get, it's probably close to the RDA.

Calcium seems to be an individual thing. These past 8 months I've been taking and eating more than the RDA of calcium, ~1200 mgs. daily. I don't think most people will need any more than that. I've had a long standing deficiency, and some sort of genetic cause.

I take a calcium chelate from Source Naturals. I chew the tablets even though they're not the chewable type. The taste isn't that bad. I chew them because the calcium stops canker sores and helps my inflamed gums.

I've just begun to be able to take magnesium again. It used to be highest normal in blood serum, but now I can take it along with mag. oil. ( low calcium people may have a negative reaction to magnesium at first.) I have some mag. glycinate caps, 120 mg.

Nuts and seeds are very high in magnesium.

I'm still not able to tolerate vitamin D. It's good because it enhances calcium uptake. It also enhances phosphorus uptake. If someone is low on calcium, phosphorus can bind the calcium and cause problems. I hope to be able to take it in the future.

I've found that trying to balance electrolytes at first is a challenge. They can antagonize each other. I was see sawing for a time. I would recommend to people to record and comment to aid the process.

I hope this isn't tmi, and I really hope you get rid of the A fib.!

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Hi Connie, I am sorry but the site wouldn't allow me to reply directly to you. So I do hope you will see this.

I was so excited to know you are into ketogenics and your note was so informative and helpful!

I've done some searching on the a-fib/weird palputasions. I need to focus on my electrolytes I believe, Omega 3's, and definitely up my water intake. Also, I have a list to hit our Grocery Outlet today to search out Green's powder because I eat just broccoli and spinach, over and over. I don't usually go for powder supplements, but if I can find a well-labeled/ingredient one, I will buy it. Also Boullion comes recommended so I'll try to find a good one. I know about boiling the bones, but I'd like to avoid doing that way. Possibly MCT oil if it's a good one.

I eat at least a quarter cup of nuts a day, walnuts, almonds or hazelnuts are ok for me. I have T2 Diabetes so don't want to mess with my good numbers. Been on Keto 14 months and in the safe zone w/o meds. I eat flaxseed and chia seeds every day, just a tsp, but it's a start. Also really like a tsp of nutritional yeast. I sprinkle all three on my omelette I eat every morning ;) I am pretty repetitive, just turns out I like eating the same things every day, except I switch out my dinner daily unless leftovers.

One thing I may be going overboard on lately, haven't gained weight, but still, is not fasting enough during the day. I like to eat peanuts in the shell, 1 cup for a snack between lunch and dinner. I do get at least 16 hours of fasting in as I don't snack after dinner, and don't eat brek. til 10 to 10:30 when I'm finally hungry.

I still get hungry, almost ravenous after breakfast?? But I do think it has to do with water/electrolytes, not enough of. I eat around 1500 cals a day and those are all keto friendly. I don't eat but about 30 g of carbs a day. I lost 23 pound in under a year. I'll have to watch for how many carbs in the green powders, and especially any sweetners. If I need sweet I had just a little stevia, but try to get buy without it.

It really was awesome hearing from you Connie!!

Oh, supplements I am taking right now, and started them again about 2 months ago, are:

magnesium citrate 2x500mg

B1 1x 250mg (Benfotamine recommend by Dr. Eric Berg)

B12 1000mcg 1 x per day(mainly for tremors but of course other benefits as well)

Vit. E NOW brand Complex(with Tocopherals & Tocotrienols) 1x day right now.

Vit. D 125mcg 1 X per day

Norwegian Fish Oil for Omega 3 (I can't find any healthy fresh Salmon right now and that's my fave but I see there are many types of fish including sardine and anchovies, which sound icky but I will try anything within reason)

Mines getting long-winded here too, but need to thank you also for the dosage info, and especially calcium because I haven't taken any of that at all. Any feedback or advice is very welcome Connie :) Denise


Hi Denise, your diet looks good; it takes a lot of discipline to heal once something goes awry.

Nuts and seeds are nutrient dense, and they have a lot of copper which is also good for the heart and its rhythm.

I know it's hard to keep up greens consumption, I go up and down, having collards, then skipping. I wouldn't worry about carbs. in green powders, they're nutrient dense.

I hope you don't mind, but the magnesium dosage looks high. It may antagonize calcium uptake.

I've wondered why we all may have some form of calcium deficiency now. Water comes to mind. Good water has naturally occurring calcium from the rocks it flows over. Fluoridation has ruined it too. ( I have moderate to severe fluorosis from fluoride. )

We've become more than wary of calcium because its implicated in numerous conditions where calcification is involved. Heart disease is of course included. Calcium is at the scene along with other minerals, especially phosphorus. There are studies and reviews that implicate excess phosphorus as a cause of many diseases.

"The change in dietary habits resulted in far more phosphate consumption (almost double) than the RDA, contributing to increased cardiovascular diseases, kidney diseases, and tumor formation. "

Too much calcium can cause problems too, but too little can be painful, even deadly.


  • Prolonged QT interval on EKG
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Cardiomyopathy

It's really difficult to diagnose calcium deficiency because the body will go to great lengths to preserve it. It will take it from the bones to protect the heart. Blood serum calcium will appear normal even with extreme deficiency.

Some people with hypocalcemia ( low calcium in blood serum ), will have no symptoms, while others will have normal serum calcium and many symptoms.

Do you have any symptoms of low calcium?

There can be cramps and numbness, joint pain, etc.

The papers posted above have long lists of symptoms.

Best to you!

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Hi Connie, thank you for all the info. I did think about the Mag. intake because I am pretty sure calcium intake needs to match that, but not 100% sure I read that ;) I will today though.

I don't have the symptoms you mentioned, but I will read the other symptoms in the papers you've given me links to, thank you so much.

I'm attaching a pic of my last labs and showed no issues but I don't truly trust the those. I was full-blown Keto, been since Feb. 2021, so seems like if I was horribly deficient from doing Keto I would show something by Dec. '21 when these were taken. I can honestly say there is something good going on since I am doing boullion cubes, using seasalt in my water intake, and my magnesium. Also my Vit. E, B1, B12, D3. I'll stay on this route but keep reading materials like you've sent me. I can start charting again on myfitnesspal because it shows a few mineral amounts for the food I eat. I'll go ahead and snip a pic of an average day of eating for an fyi.

I don't mind any kind of advice Connie, I appreciate hearing others opinions. I can almost always glean something from others experiences and opinions, thanks so much for you time, and helping me! I hope these links work Connie, I save my pics on flickr.

Average day of food

Last Labs in December/Vit & Minerals


Everything looks good, Denise

If it were me, I would have magnesium measured to be sure. The calcium intake is on the low side, but many people do fine with that amount.

Best to you, perhaps someone can sense another possibility.