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C-Diff Caused Staph Infection, Antibiotics Caused Major Side Effects, Help!

Posted by Laura (Baton Rouge ) on 04/30/2021

Thank you all for your shares. I had a staph infection in my nose that was directly related to me getting c.diff. Major reaction to the vancomycin, frozen shoulder, and golf balls like bumps were coming out of both the tops of my wrist. Had to take prednisone, in addition, to get the reaction calmed down. Went to Rheumutoligy Sean Shannon at our lady of lake hospital. Now I have celiac disease as well! It's been a long road! Numerous supplements probiotics, ACV, activated charcoal, enemas.

Does anyone know if an ozone ionizer will clean the spores? Also, if hydrogen peroxide in a vaporizer will help? The s boudlari makes me bloated, is there an alternative to it? What am I supposed to take that will help heal my perforated colon? microbiome? L. Reuteri and rhamnose are supposed to be the specific probiotics for c.diff, correct?

It's been 3months and I'm am still not totally recovered. Please any other info would be very much appreciated. What's next??? Does any have any other suggestions of naturopathic doctors that may be able help please!

Replied by Cindy
Illinois, USA
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If it was me, I'd skip the commercial probiotics and do a quick and intimate ferment.

Rinse off (don't wash) and finely chop about a cup of - organic, if available - onions, put them into a mason jar, sprinkle a heaping teaspoon of sea salt over them (the trace minerals in the sea salt will help jump start the process). Set the jar aside.

In another jar or a large glass, put one tsp of ACV and 1/2 tsp of baking soda and let it foam. Don't move or stir it, just let it fizz. It will quickly fill with carbon dioxide. Set aside.

Squish your onions down into the jar to release their liquid, add filtered water until there's about an inch of water covering them, and "pour" the carbon dioxide gas from the ACV/baking soda fizz over the top of your ferment - not the liquid, just the gas which is heavier than air and will pour out and fall just like water - to displace the oxygen in your ferment jar and attract the yeast, place a ferment weight or sealed ziploc with some water in it on top of the veggies to keep them underwater, cover with a coffee filter or clean cloth and a rubber band and just leave it on your counter. Remove the coffee filter and the bag of water and taste your ferment after 12 hours, noting the salt content. If it's too salty, reassemble and let it ferment another 12 hours then eat a couple small spoons between meals, as if it were soup - I.e. some onion with some liquid - remove the plastic bag, put on a regular lid and put it in the fridge.

The probiotics you want are YOURS. You want YOUR yeast to ferment the sugar in YOUR onions in YOUR kitchen fed by YOUR environment. And, quite frankly, the messier your house, the more of YOU it will have to work with and the better it will be. If you're a neatnik, put it on your bedside table and arrange the bed as if you've just gotten up - blanket pushed aside exposing the sheets and your pillow.

Also, I would do a nasal rinse with plain, slightly warm, lightly sea-salted water with a scant teaspoon of the ferment juice in it.

Your ferment will produce the EXACT probiotics YOU need at THAT time so, discard whatever's left once the problem is resolved. It shouldn't take long.

I wouldn't take anything else while I'm doing this and certainly don't add anything "special" to your ferment. No herbs or extracts or anything you think is "medicine-y". And, certainly, no antibiotics. What you want to do is fix the secondary issue of the damage the antibiotics have done so your body can fix itself. Basically, you want the ferment to produce the natural and EXACT probiotics/ANTIbiotics your body needs.

The problem with antibiotics is two-fold - your "probiotics" eat the "bad" biotics and a LOT of them. Therefore, the "bad" biotics multiply a lot faster than the probiotics - like dragonflies and the mosquitoes they eat - so, when you take antibiotics - whether natural or prescription - you kill the "bad" biotics. If you use something natural, your "probiotics" will reduce their population due to starvation creating another good environment for the faster multiplying "bad" biotics and if you use prescription antibiotics, the "probiotics" just get killed off along with the "bad" biotics so, either way, your interference is going to create an imbalance and environment to quickly multiplying "bad" biotics by reducing or eliminating the population of your slower multiplying "probiotics".

The homemade ferment is going to create new "probiotics", specific to you as well as whatever you need, at that point in time. Once the issue is resolved, you may want to keep some on hand and eat a couple spoons of ferment soup every few days or add them to a smoothie or top your salad with some probiotic onions. You can leave a little liquid once you've finished the onions and add a tablespoon to the water, as a sort of "starter", for your next batch. You don't need it but it will ferment even a little faster or you may want to chop your onion - or other veggies - a bit chunkier which will take a little longer to ferment.

FYI - fermented SALSA is AWESOME. You can chop everything but the tomatoes - onion, garlic, peppers - leave it to ferment for a day, then add your tomatoes and leave it on the counter for a couple of hours before you refrigerate. That way, your tomatoes won't "mush" but it's good either way. Of course, you can add some cilantro if you want or just top your salsa with it when you eat it. I don't like the flavor smothering, "over-cilantroed" stuff that's all the rage these days but if YOU do, go for it.