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How to Stop Eye Melanoma From Spreading?

Posted by Danny (United Kingdom) on 06/23/2019

I have just been told I have an eye cancer - a melanoma so wide that my only option is for the eye to be removed, within a month. There is a risk that the cancer may move to other parts of the body. I'm getting resolved to this happening but wanted to know if anyone had advice re possibly stopping any further spread of the cancer via natural products. I am 50 years old male, previously had childhood cancer at age 7 and had not had an eye test in the intervening period due to perfect vision.

Replied by Sahin

Hi Danny,

I have been searching and experimenting with whole plant food based diet. Look it up. There are several scientific research saying it stops and reverses many diseases. Especially turmeric with black pepper.

Replied by Rsw


Look at the Joe Tippens site - My Cancer Story Rocks - and read the comments to see if anyone has had success with eye cancer by using fenbendazole (Panacur C). I think Transfer Point Beta Glucans is always a good idea with cancer. Best wishes. The people on this site are excellent researchers and are probably looking for possibilities for you right now.