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Suggestions Needed For 9 Yo Cat W Cancerous Growth

Posted by Alifernz (Newark, Nj United States) on 11/09/2010

My 9 year old cat has been diagnosed with fibrosarcoma, a horrible cancerous growth right between his eyes. I'm not willing to pay/subject him to chemo and radiation, but feel like there's still something that can be done. Any suggestions as to how I can get the growth to shrink?

Replied by Merryanne
Orange City, Florida, Usa
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I don't know much about CA or tumors except all the health reading I have been doing for 2 years: First give your cat raw foods, no carbs, , use ground turkey once a day, then, raw chicken livers once a day, so you give them both to the cat one at a time each day: all food at room temp or warmer, if the cat does not act like he will eat the meat, just leave it down for him to get hungry: NO MICROWAVE HEATING. Starving the CA/tumor with the absence of carbohydrates. I hope it helps.

Replied by John P
Cape Cod, Ma.

If the tumor is outside the cat or dog, rub castor oil on it... The tumor will dissappear in about a month...

The "Palma De Christi" type oil... Not the drugstore type... It will also work wonders for all type of things for pets and humans... Miracle stuff... "Google" the benefits...