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Any Supplements to Help Heal Mild Concussion?

Posted by Marta (London) on 05/01/2018

Looking for advice for healing a mild concussion. My sister hit her forehead violently on the edge of a partially opened door over the weekend and has had a mild headache since then and pressure on the top of the head on the side where she hit her head. The scary symptoms of a serious concussion like one pupil being bigger than the other did not manifest. Does anyone have natural remedies that will help the healing process? She did not take any painkillers that would have masked the symptoms. She is going to see an osteopath soon to adjust the skull but any other suggestions would be appreciated. This is day 3 since the hit. Thank you very much for any advice.

Replied by Faeqa
Amman, Jordan
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Hi: What I found in old Arabic books that drinking lavender tea sweetened with honey is benefit from shaking the brain from a drop or a blow.