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Need Help for Swollen Temples While Eating

Posted by faith (Delta state, Nigeria ) on 07/09/2024

For some months now I noticed that both my temples swell up while I'm chewing something slightly hard. The swelling goes down almost immediately I stop eating. Sometimes it happens even with soft food.

Through my findings, teeth grinding at night is a possible cause. My husband says I actually grind my teeth at night.

Please, aside from seeing the dentist, what can I do to get rid of this? Eating in public is becoming impossible.

Replied by Art
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Hi Faith,

You might consider a Brux guard to help protect your teeth against the grinding when you sleep. It will act as a cushion also which may ameliorate the swollen temples, but most importantly it will help protect your teeth from the damage that grinding can cause. You might also try not eating anything after 8:00 pm.

Here is a link to multiple Brux guards :,aps,151&ref=nb_sb_noss_1