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Ted's Remedies for Liver Cancer

Posted by Warda (Troy, MI) on 11/18/2020

Hello Ted,

I need your help, Ted... My Best friend was diagnosed with habitats B it turned into fatty liver than cirrohsis liver and now liver cancer.. Went to Cleveland clinic to take a second opinion yesterday. It seems there are spots on the lungs. So we're going again for a Ct scan and take another Ct scan of the lungs. He has lesions in the liver too.
I am searching your web and there is a lot of information about liver cancer.

Could I just search earth clinic for what you have recommended for other liver cancer patients or if you could please advise me what he can eat and take some f the supplements you recommend.

Please help us thank you so much.
God bless you for being here and posting information and helping all of us...

Thank you