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Tested Positive And Diagnosed With Sickle Cell Anemia

Posted by Nathaniel (Accra, Ghana) on 05/09/2012

I tested positive to sickle cell test as AS. My understanding is that this anomaly is genetic. Do you have any treatment to address this condition- I mean one that can result in test proving one is AA. If you have, are there testimonies?

Replied by Zilverb
Seabrook, Tx - Texas, Usa
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Vitamin B14 for Sickle Cell Remedy

Vitamin-B17-Laetrile for Cancer and Sickle Cell

Vitamin B-17 experts say that 15 seeds every other day would provide an adequacy and give quite a margin. Vitamin B-17 is found in most seeds such as peaches, apricots, prunes, plums, cherries, and nectarines. The only common fruit on the hemisphere that lacks nitrilosidic seeds, are the citrus fruits. [i]

The seeds are eaten raw and preferably organic. It's been recommended to eat 24 kernels a day as a preventative, and 40 as a therapy. Also, one must be on a vegan diet while supplementing with apricot seeds. [ii]

Note: Dr. Efran Navarro's father cured his cancer patients with laetrile. He had phenomenal success.

An excellent resource for another laetrile protocol is contained in a pamphlet called What I Would Do If I Had Cancer by Dr. Julian Whitaker, M. D. , 2002,



Replied by Real Sickle Cell Scott
Fort Hood, Tx

Try putting her on a vegan diet. I have sc and I associate with a person that has ss who is a vegan and he has had less crisis by doing this regimen. Green leafy foods are great, turmeric, and wheatgrass and aloe. The best things for your body are natural organic foods. It's hard to start a vegan diet but I am working towards it to limit my crisis every month. T. J. Brown is his name and he has an awesome natural website.