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Need Remedies for Thunderclap Headaches

Posted by Laura (Queens) on 06/17/2021

Anyone who can help with natural remedies for thunderclap headaches please respond ASAP... the only option is medication. Thanks in advance to everyone who responded.

Replied by Pacific Coast Lady
Crescent City, CA
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I had a lot of headaches, my whole life and I am 68, and have zero now. Will you tell me more about your headaches, what type of nutrition do you eat? How about any supplements you already take?

I might be able to help by telling you what happened for me but I need a bit more info. Are the headaches all over, or in one spot, pounding or steady headaches, and time of day, or anytime? I'll tell you that mostly nutrition and probably the supplementation has gotten rid of mine.

faithville, Us

Laura, when I was younger I had exploding head syndrome. It was loud booms and would wake me right up . I would have them each time I fell back asleep. I was always sick so I could never pin down what I did to make it go away. I have studied a lot over the years to attack various health issues. I ran across a book called your bodys many cries for water by Dr.Batmanghelidj and at the time I already drank a LOT of water so I didn't think I needed to read this book but when I started to add the minerals in salt form, my health improved a lot.

If you have too much salt you can go on a water fast and in no time you will lower your salts. I thought salt was bad for people and didn't eat a lot of salt but I have since learned to use the pink himalayan salt. Sea salt has turned up with plastic debris in it. Water is tricky because your body will cut off the least needed areas of your body like fingers so your brain and heart can have the salts it needs. I would recommend people read The water cure information because they can regain their health with water and minerals in balance but you have to start slow or it can be dangerous to just take a lot of something you are not used to. Some people lift 300 pound weights but they have to work their way up to that . His books are so insightful they are youth restoring. Hope you find your solutions. Water and Salt - Balanced Intake Are Essential for Health and Hydration ( Blessings, charity

John Bergman teaches on nerves of the spine and alignment and gut issues, very insightful

Dr. John Bergman D.C. - YouTube

I feel led to say, what you have said, like it's going to make my head explode, it's as painful as pulling teeth, can also be behind health issues because our body responds to our words. I have had to learn to be careful what I speak into being.


Hi Charity:

Thank you so much for your response. Appreciate it very much... The headaches are intermittent. They come on suddenly, last for a few seconds then goes. The pain is unbearable. It moves from one spot to another. The supplements are: Magnesium, Coq 10, lots of water, . Any additional input would be greatly appreciated.

West Yorkshire

I suggest you contact Darko Velcek in Peru to start on his Self-Healing Protocol.

His youtube channel and video about Salt Phobia is:

You should start watching his videos to learn.

I drink minimum 3 litres of plasma/day to detox (water + good quality sea salt = plasma).

I use French Celtic Sea Salt:

Sel de Guerande - Le Paludier de Guerande (see amazon).

I use distilled water and add 1 heaped teaspoon to 1 litre of water.

Worth contacting Darko. I'm 100% sure he will help you overcome your headaches fast.

His website is:

Good Luck and keep us posted.

Central Florida

Have you tried Turmeric? I was just wondering as it's a vasodilator. I use it to lower my blood pressure and help with cardiovascular disease.

Replied by Cindy
Illinois, USA
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Drink two cups of plain water and lie down. Then set the timer on your phone for 2 hours and drink 1 cup of water every time it goes off during waking hours. Without fail. No skimping. When the timer goes off, pick up the water and don't set it down until it's gone. No sipping.

Same for indigestion and all the fancy names they use for issues caused by its progression.

Chronic dehydration is not something to be taken lightly. You have no idea what your body is forced to do in its efforts to maintain the functions you most demand of it. You leave it no choice but to rob Peter to pay Paul and, eventually, to sacrifice one system to keep those you demand functioning or to simply lay you out when blood volume gets too low so it can get blood/oxygen to the brain without blowing up the pump that has to fight gravity to get it there when you're upright - I.e. your heart.

If you find a way to treat the symptom of a headache without SOME effort to hydrate, what will your body do next? Easy. Find yourself a list of the most common causes of death and start at the top because that's where you're headed. And don't skip the ones that don't appear health related because reduced oxygen to the brain and the adrenaline used as a stop-gap create a whole other pile of issues.

The ONLY thing your body needs more than water is air and when it's in distress, it hyperventilates which pops the adrenaline to take up the slack and all but cuts off the carbon dioxide necessary to break the blood oxygen bond so the blood can release its oxygen load to the cells. Which is a GOOD thing when you're being chased by a tiger in the wild as the reduced oxygen will send the brain into a loop about getting away from the tiger so you don't get distracted by something shiny and forget to run for your life but, it is NOT good for everyday life.

Some people are so dehydrated that they're practically rabid in their aversion to plain water. If that's the case, choke down that first glass anyway. An ounce at a time, if you have to. After that, it will be much easier.

And if you believe you drink enough plain water, do the 2 hour thing anyway. That will tell you whether you do or not. And pretty quickly.

And if you think I'm being harsh and making assumptions, that's fine. I don't mind. But do it anyway. If for no other reason than to prove me wrong. Eight ounces of plain water. Every 2 hours.

It won't hydrate you right away - it can take years to get the body out of emergency mode and repair and restore what it's been sacrificing - but you'll feel a whole lot better in the meantime.

Replied by Dan

This could be from Iron deficiency, get your Ferritin checked. You can be deficient without anemia, happened to me. Get your ferritin over 100 if it is on the low end.


To: Dan, Eilln, Zahid, Blaine, Ella, L, Mohammed:

Thank you all for your responses. You all are truly amazing people. Will let everyone know if these remedies work. Thanks again everyone.

Replied by Eilin

I suffered a lot with these pains. It works fast and effectively for me doing this: cayenne pepper in the tip of my tongue and hold it for couple of minutes. Pain is gone.

I used to suffer this pain several times per year. With the cayenne pepper in the tip of the tongue the spam time between them when longer. Last episode for me was December 2020.

Hope it helps you too.

Replied by Mohammed

My wife had similar headaches. Tried everything but nothing worked. Then stumbled upon "Oil Pulling" at Natural News. After doing oil pulling for 3 months without a single day gap it was gone. Here is the procedure:

Take One full table spoon of sesame oil in the mouth first thing in the morning whenever you wake up. Don't swallow it just slowly swish it in the mouth for 20 minutes. After that spit out all in the toilet bowl and flush it out. Then wash your mouth with more than one tooth paste/powder using your finger don't use tooth brush. Then drink one full glass of water. wait another 20 minutes before breakfast. Google and look up for "oil pulling" sesame oil is the best but from a local ethnic store unrefined.

Try this for at least three months and see if it works for you. There will be mild healing crises but nothing serious or worrisome.

Also take 3 or 4 lugol's Iodine drops in glass of water daily.

Replied by L

Many Causes, many treatments. Have you ruled out the known causes? Have you been vaccinated? there is a high risk of micro clots in vaccinated people, this could be the cause. If all the below have been ruled out including micro clots, (your doctor can test ) and you have no other health problems, you might try a few months of MMS ( chlorine dioxide) and ivermectin to treat parasites and viruses that might be causing the problem. see the remedies to see how to use these treatments.

A variety of potentially life-threatening conditions might be responsible, including:

  • Bleeding between the brain and membranes covering the brain (subarachnoid hemorrhage)
  • A rupture of a blood vessel in the brain
  • A tear in the lining of an artery that supplies blood to the brain
  • Leaking of cerebrospinal fluid — usually due to a tear of the covering around a nerve root in the spine
  • Death of tissue or bleeding in the pituitary gland
  • A blood clot in the brain
  • Severe elevation in blood pressure (hypertensive crisis)
  • Infection such as meningitis or encephalitis
  • Ischemic stroke

Replied by Ela
London, UK

Have you tried water with a pinch of good quality salt? This has worked for my Mum who suffered from persistent headaches.

Replied by Dano

Qigong practice has helped many people with various health problems. It takes time because it works by balancing out energy flow in the body. Of course, you have to rule out any extraneous sources that may cause your headaches. Qigong makes a good addition to anything else you are doing to deal with your issue. Here is a video that explains the relevance of Qigong practice specifically to headaches.

Replied by Debra
Sydney, Australia

Hi Laura,

So sorry to hear of your issue with thunderbolt headaches. I've suffered with headaches from viruses, namely EBV and Herpes Simplex, they are the worst I've ever experienced. You can try antivirals to see if they disappear. The other thing you can try is Gua Sha. If you cervical lymph nodes are blocked, toxins may not be able to release from the brain and the re-circulation of toxins may be causing the headaches. The lymph in the neck are under the occiputal lobe (base of skull) at the back on either side of the spine, under the ear all the way down to the clavicle above the collar bone and in front of the ear on the face. I didn't realize mine were so blocked up. Gua Sha is skin scraping and can be done with a spoon or you can purchase a Bian Stone very cheaply on Ebay. Some also use a flat crystal, anything that will scrape the fascia under the skin will work. There could be low grade infections from teeth or sinuses too. You can try spraying colloidal silver up the nose for this if you think it could be that or try intranasal red light therapy.

Replied by Sandra
Michigan, USA

Hi Laura:

Body Align-pain patches that actually work. They have bracelets that provide 300 vibrations needed to align your physical body. And they have them for pets.

I first tried the pain patches. My sister-in-law has constant pain from lymph node removal during Hopkins disease recovery. They worked for her. I tried the sleep patches but didn't have good success. I tried the pet tag on my dog that has anxiety from thunder storms-loud noises in general and was before 4th of July fireworks for us. She was so bad I always thought she would have a heart attack. After her pet tag she breezed thru the 4th fireworks and has not been bothered by anything. Fireworks going off all up and down my road, right outside my house and she is asleep on her pet bed with feet up in the air.

Body Align, US 800-655-9855

I get nothing from telling my story other than the opportunity to help someone who is hurting. I have purchased several Body Align arm bracelets, don't want to be without it. Bless you and I wish you total healing. Sandra

Replied by Julie
New Hampshire, USA

Hi Laura,

I'm so sorry to hear of your pain. I recommend adding feverfew and riboflavin (organic) to your magnesium and coq10 and take them regularly, not missing any doses. After some time, maybe a month, you should see a difference. I sincerely hope this helps.