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Can Turpentine Be Used As Remedy For Dogs?

Posted by Pamela (Seattle, Wa) on 01/29/2016

I am wondering if turpentine is safe for dogs. I read that Mamma to Many was trying it on her goat & was curious of the results.

PS thank you for this website, I have tried many remedies successfully. I am currently getting ready to try the turpentine on myself.

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Pamela, I had forgotten that we had used turpentine for our goats. We do rotate our natural worming remedies, so I don't have concrete data for the effectiveness, though it certainly didn't cause any harm -those goats are alive and well. It is something I would be comfortable trying for my dogs, though I have not had need to.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Om
Hope. Bc Canada

Pamela (Seattle, Wa)

Yes you can. Walter Last, a healer has some info. on this but I remember reading that in southern Germany where this therapy is and was, used a lot, a dog was mentioned. This may or may not be in German but I have used it on my big dog as well.

Research Health - Science - Spirit online.

Namaste, Om

Replied by Pamela

Thanks for the reply. Think I will try on my dog. I will post results.

Replied by Mary

How do I give it to the goats Mama 2 many?

Mama To Many

Dear Mary,

I mixed the turpentine with oats and molasses and my goats were happy to take it. It has been a while since I gave it to them though.

Per 75-100 pound goat my best guess on what I did was this:

  • 1/2 teaspoon turpentine (maybe it was 1 tsp)
  • 1-2 Tablespoons of Blackstrap Molasses
  • 1/2 cup oats
  • mix together

For goat worming I tend to repeat whatever I am doing daily for several days and then just once weekly for several weeks.

Those goats are still alive and well!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Karl
Puerto Rico

It's safe and on the first week, worms literally pop out like crazy almost every day! If the dog has pin worms, you will be able to see them alive in the stool.

I use it once a week in a small amount.

I put 1.5ml of pure gum spirits of turpentine on a dog cookie and give it to my dog every week. Wait around 2 minutes so the turpentine penetrates well into the cookie before feeding it.

Keeps her parasite free!


Replied by Miasp

What is the proper weight ratio for the administration of turpentine? I've got a 20 lbs dog.

Replied by Janice

I would like to know what size is your dog? I am giving 1 ml to an 11 pound dog and I'm not sure if the dose is therapeutic or not. She is not having any adverse effects to it which is good.

Replied by Jenka
Santa Monica

Can someone give a more precise feeding chart by weight? Maybe someone here knows a vet lol.

For ex, my ChihuChua is large (size S sweater), weighs 9.8lbs, but 1mL seems too little?

And I thought Turpentine came from pine but some say it comes from petroleum, isn't that dangerous (where we get gasoline from)?

(PS - She's always outsmarting me in terms of food cuz she's got a perfect nose. Any other ways to trick them into eating this?)

Replied by Marcia


Thanks so much for all the info you share and how to do this turpentine cleanse properly. I will read through again, just in case I missed it, but do you - or do you know a good source to help with cleansing my dogs too? They are both about 70 lb., 4 & 9 years of age. I recently had a nutritional and environmental screening done and both tested positive for candida. They younger one is having chronic skin reactions that I thought could be a flea allergy, and that was not the case. I also feed raw, but none of the meats I feed are items I feed with any regularity, so now, I'm thinking parasites... thanks for any info especially on a good way to flush the toxins once they have a treatment.

Replied by Anon

Spirulina has been shown to kill candida and helps remove arsenic from the body when administered with zinc. Your doggos would probably love it.

Replied by Tamara

I am 66. I found your blog here for the first time, so I thought I would share my experiences with some holistic methods. Unfortunately, many of you are asking for formulas, and there are none. The allopathic (drug) method of modern medicine is shutting down so many websites in 2020 that it will make your head spin.

So...we're on our own.

I purchased Diamond G many years ago, and a gallon lasts a long time. I myself have taken it, for myself, for many years, using the Jennifer Daniels sugar method (a tsp of organic cane sugar, and the turpentine dribbled on top, maybe 1/2 tsp.) We all take it every night, after dinner. Like "dessert." Tastes funky at first, but then you get to love the spritely taste of a pine tree. Nobody in my house has been itching their butt during their sleep (that's the sign of worms--they like dark--until there is full moon, then they come out) for several years, so ....I guess it works.

I'm into native American medicine. I'm Swedish, but I'm not a fool. Let's all learn.

That said, I just started it on my sweet doggy, Honey Bear, a 1-year-old, 40-pound lab-retriever mix. No, she didn't have worms, but I decided to use the method for prevention.

For her, I put the turp into a 1 oz. brown jar, and every morning or night when she gets her TLC rub-down of DMSO (wherever she has injured herself runnin' 'round crazy), and I inspect her for ticks etc., then at the very end I began giving her a "treat" of a sugar cube.

I put the sugar cube (pure cane, unfortunately not organic) over the top of the 1 oz brown jar, invert quickly, and it soaks about half the cube. I set it aside until we're done. After her rub-down, she's very loving and happy, and I pop it into her mouth and rub her chin. In the beginning, she spit it out. Yuck. For about 1 week, I popped it back in. Lotsa TLC.

Now? She loves it. She looks forward to her little "dessert" and she can smell the pine coming.

Is it working? Well, she's not itching her butt either, just like the rest of us.

Is it enough for a 40-pound dog? I weigh 120 pounds, and like I said, I take it daily, 1 tsp of sugar with 1/2 tsp of pine turp. That's when I came up with the sugar cube idea. They give sugar cubes to horses, don't they?

We also put DE in her bedding. We live in a humid climate (Arkansas) that is full of ticks, chiggers, baby snakes in the garage, you name it. I purchased a dry squeeze sprayer by Dr. Killigan. (We've had some really bad ones over the years that make a mess.)

We're really big DE fans. We even take 1 tsp per day in water, for the silica (buy the food grade). One day I was outside spraying the DE on the underside of the tomato leaves, and my sweet Honey Bear was curious and stuck her head in the way. She got it straight in the eyes. No problem! Everything you read online about DE manufacturing is a bunch of #&%! . It turns out the employees who got it on their skin and eyes began to experience amazing health! Now Honey Bear loves the Dr. Killigan DE "sprayer."

Natural health is a long journey. Enjoy it!


Thank you for sharing. I have found that a lot of stuff you read is pure BS. I gave my dog 1 drop of pure gum spirits (turpentine) per 2 pounds and that seemed to work just fine for her. She’s never had parasites.

Replied by Deborah

I live in little rock and found a sweet pit but it has been in a rumble and I'd like to keep him. He's got a few bites im sure ticks and fleas and maybe worms. I'm getting ready to bathe him in flea shampoo and Dawn. Where do I find the item you mentioned for worms. And to put on his wounds.

Replied by Gurdy Brantley (pinky)
Douglas Georgia


I put it on a sore and the dog 10 months was breathing rapid and her eyes was like fixed she was hot stretching her legs out all four of them real hard and hold them way up stiff. I got it all off of her. I bathed her and she seems all right now.

I just want to know, should I stay up with her tonight and watch her and make sure she don't have any other symptoms or trimmers or anything but she's eating and she's drinking water.