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Twenty Years Suffering With Rash Around Mouth

Posted by AJ (Delray Beach, FL) on 11/03/2021


I have had this issue for years (20 years+) that I just can't get rid of. When I have flare ups, which is happening weekly now, all the way around my mouth becomes red, starts out itchy, then burns and cracks, then flakes when it is healing and will flake for days until I get one day of relief and then back around again. I'm so frustrated with it. It also typically flares up when I'm emotionally triggered by something/someone or stressed in general. I've been to dermatologists (steroid creams), energy healers (worked on emotional triggers), acupuncture, etc. nothing has worked. Can anyone share guidance or suggestions for what I can do to stop this horrible cycle?

Thanks so much.

Replied by MissM

That looks like severe Perioral Dermatitis.

You should have it checked, and go on an antibiotic.

I have had it, but not as severe.

It can get worse if you try and put cream on it.

I would also see if it's aggravated by a cream, or food, or something in your life that flares it up.

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Replied by Art
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There are cases of Angular Cheilitis that have a similar appearance. Scroll through this google search link and there are a few that look similar :

Have you tried 1% Clotrimazole antifungal or a saturated solution of Borax water? I have a niece who had Angular Cheilitis, but she had it for a much shorter period of time and was able to reverse it with a saturated solution of Borax. She first dipped a q-tip in the saturated Borax water and barely touched it to a very small area of infection for the first day just to make sure she would not have a bad reaction. The next day she inspected the area that she had just barely touched the q-tip to and since she did not have a reaction to the Borax water, she went ahead and applied it to only one side. The next day she repeated the application to only the same side because she did not have a bad reaction there. She cleaned that side in the evening with warm water and reapplied the Borax water with a fresh q-tip. By the end of the week, the side she had been applying it to was clear so then she started applying to both sides and she was clear by the end of the week. She has not had it return in over two years.

Borax is very inexpensive and available at local markets and stores in the laundry aisle. A box costs around $5. My niece told me that if it hadn't worked, she would just use the Borax in her laundry to get her clothes cleaner.


Replied by Mama to Many

Dear AJ,

Well that looks and sounds miserable! I am sorry!

The first things I would try would be a Borage Oil supplement (1300 IUs 3 x a day) and calendula oil or salve or lotion topically. A multivitamin would be helpful, too. I use the ones from NOW for my family.

Have you had allergy testing of any sort done? Hidden food allergies can cause skin problems.

Take time to read the remedies on this site for perioral dermatitis. It can be a complex problem, but there are many reader success stories and there may be ideas you haven't thought of or that ring true to your own situation.

Please let us know when you find the solution for you!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Michael
New Zealand

For Rashes, the first site I went is this one from our "Healthline".

I suspect you are already aware of most of this basic information but there may be something here that might pique you interest.

ACV and Coconut and Aloe Vera are all in there somewhere.

Best wishes,


Replied by Connie

Oh that looks so painful!

When reading about perioral dermatitis, I most often encounter Zinc deficiency.

Steroids lower (waste zinc), so they may worsen the condition eventually.

When taking zinc, always include copper. Zinc inhibits copper uptake.

Copper is an excellent antimicrobial and antifungal, which may help if that's the cause of the dermatitis.

Another possible cause is excess fluoride exposure. It's added to most toothpastes.

Fluoride will displace iodine causing all sorts of symptoms, low thyroid, etc.

Fluoride will also bind with calcium and magnesium, causing symptoms.

Dermatitis is one of the symptoms of calcium deficiency.

I read recently that calcium is administered in cases of fluoride poisoning.

Vitamin D is also mentioned. It increases calcium uptake, but also phosphorus.

Replied by Charity
faithville, Us

Stress produces cortisol, by robbing your body of what it needs to make it so you can run from the bear. Your body no longer needs to digest food so you get diarrhea or constipation so you can run. This is dehydration of minerals, water and hormones and vitamins. When the body is out of balance in minerals or water, (which can be caused by coffee or diuretics )this can happen. any digestion problems make it hard for body to absorb minerals . Some people programmed pre birth up to age 7 produce cortisol as their sub conscious program that runs 24/7 . Eric Berg on youtube taught me a lot. AM IMBLANCE OF WATER OR MINERALS CAUSES BODY TO SEND OFF HISTAMINE AS A WARNING SIGNAL... anti histamine is what you take in most prescription drugs and over the counter aids for suffering. Hives is one of the results of histamine problems . Other than that ...when I read your post I heard virus and cortisol lowers your immune system and Virus are also from imbalance in gut health or minerals or amino acid lysine . Foods like beans and chocolate lower lysine by raising it's opposite arginine. Https:// Blessings, Charity . Ps anti histamines do not correct the imbalance, they mask the underlying issue

Replied by Katzie

Oh my heavens, that looks sore! With having stress and emotions as a trigger, sure sounds similar to cold sores.

I would buy some Colloidal Silver! Gel would be preferable (for long skin contact), but you could soak a cotton round or something with Colloidal Silver Water, for at least 20 mins. Then I would put on a blender of Neem, Coconut & Castor Oils on the area afterwards. Also look into Castor Oil Packs. They are amazingly soothing and healing (directions are on this site). Diamotaceous Earth is also excellent for skin issues, so if you have some try it. None of these things ever let me down and I have experienced minor miracles with them.

Please keep us updated, if you can. Bless you.

Replied by Joy

I'm so sorry you are dealing with this! A few years ago I had what looks very similar for over a year. Derm diagnosed as Perioral Dermatitis. After going to three different doctors and trying multiple prescriptions, oral and topical and a biopsy, nothing helped and at times got worse. Finally found earth clinic and read what others here had done that worked. What finally did the trick was not using any soap at all on my face. I made up a solution of ACV and water, 50/50 and dabbed it on the red, crusty areas twice a day with cotton balls. The rest of my face I just splashed with warm water. Within a week most of my face was clear. I've never been certain was started it but I am sure that all the meds doctors gave me made it worse.

Read through all the remedies people have used and hopefully you'll soon get relief. Perioral Dermatitis is miserable! Good luck to you!!

So thankful for this wonderful community!!

Replied by Ellie

It looks like possible angioedema which can affect eyes or lips and can be from an internal parasite infection.

Condition Image

Replied by Servant

A few years ago I began having various skin problems - peeling of my lips, Angular Cheilitis, irritation and itching around my nostrils and eyes, and constant red, flaking, itching skin on my forehead. These problems went on for months while I tried various creams, etc., none of which helped at all. I'm happy to say that after eliminating all dairy products from my diet, these skin problems were completely gone within 10 days time. After about a year of eating no dairy foods, I decided to try eating a very small amount of dairy. I found that a very tiny amount eaten very rarely is tolerable. I can tell very quickly if I've had too much because the itching begins again around my nostrils. So, my body definitely reacts badly to dairy foods. I'm so thankful that I've found the solution that works for me.

Replied by Karen
Sydney, Australia

Black Seed Oil is great for rashes, open wounds..Rub the oil into your rash several times a day..It should heal in 3 days...You can also ingest it..One teaspoon of oil..It doesn't tastes great so I use very cold bottled water to wash it down as mask the taste..It makes your skin dewy, thickens hair and if you are a diabetic, it heals wounds and ulcers..It is a miracle oil.

Replied by Tom
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Hi AJ,

This is perhaps unrelated to your cause, but many people get rashes when being on the Keto diet. It's thought to be the acetone in their sweat that irritates their skin.

At, there are 7 pages and 323 comments about how they deal with their rashes. Please read through all 7 pages of comments towards the bottom of each page for each person's preferred remedy.

Some take ox bile daily. One product is Swanson Bile Salts 100 mg tablets.

Also, raw, unpasteurized apple cider vinegar (ACV), like Braggs, with the mother, kept in the fridge and applied liberally to rash for immediate relief. Apply several times per day and rash goes away.

Also, Vet's Best Hot Spot Shampoo. Used as a body wash in shower. Lather over rash area and leave it sit for a couple minutes. Rinse off. Works really well and does not sting. Available online or at pet specialty stores. Green bottle.'s+best+hot+spot+shampoo&rlz=1C1CHBF_enUS971US971&oq=Vet's+Best+Hot+Spot+Shampoo&aqs=chrome.0.0i512l2j0i390.10142j0j15&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

Then before bed, swipe the area with ACV. The combined use of the shampoo and ACV helped one person immensely.

Black Seed Oil is mentioned a lot and Calamine lotion which doesn't get clothes oily.

See the 7 pages of comments at:



Replied by Donna

I have had the same thing and found out I was too acid internally, changed my diet to more alkaline (fruits and vegetables) cut back on the brewers yeast and was cured. If I start consuming brewers yeast too much I break out again. I can feel it burning before it breaks out.