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Wasp Bite on Face Now Infected, Please Suggest Remedies

Posted by His Own (Home Sweet Home) on 03/17/2023

Wasp bite caused skin infection

It was very windy one day and a wasp blew out of a tree and behind my sunglasses. It bit next to my eye on my nose. I put iodine, tea tree oil, lavender oil, castor oil on the bite. There are a series of small bumps like tiny blisters gradually moving toward the outer corner of my eye on the lower eyelid. They are below the lash line. They lessen when I apply ointment but never are cured. The bite area has become a small mole or wort. Any suggestions?

Replied by Cindy
Illinois, USA
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When it comes to venom, I go with rebounding but, right away - as it increases the circulation as well as the white blood cell count, through out.

Can't think of any reason it wouldn't help when delayed - as it's still going to increase both the circulation and killer white blood cells. I might boost it with a teaspoon of cayenne in a shot of water, 2 or three times per day.

The cancer protocol for rebounding is only 2 minutes every waking hour, which triples the white blood cell count and lasts for about an hour so that the body is constantly attacking it, throughout the day.

If you don't have a rebounder, you can simply bounce on the edge of the bed or a yoga ball or something bouncy.

The soleus pushup also increases the flow of lymph, which is the path the flush is going to take on its way out.

Also, I suspect that "swinging" would have much the same effect - as on a swingset or tire swing, due to the gravity pumping effect but I don't have a swing so can't confirm my suspicions in that regard.

The point is, you don't want to stop it from spreading. You want to speed it up and spread it as thinly as possible so that it's attacked all over, all at once, rather than heavily concentrated in one spot.

Replied by Gary
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Hi His Own,

I am sure if you get Cold pressed Organic Coconut Oil and put some on a spoon with a 1/4 spoon of Baking Soda and mix to make a paste like toothpaste and apply.

Two days it should be gone.

Good luck, His Own


Replied by Mama to Many

Dear His Own,

I would try castor oil, twice a day for a couple of weeks and see if it will resolve. It is safe for the eyes and lashes.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Madelyn

Calcium bentonite clay poultice, an activated charcoal powder poultice, or a mixture of both as a poultice. Clean the area topically with colloidal silver or a very diluted solution of MMS.

Illinois, USA
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I don't think I would try to pull it out being so close to the eye as it requires a path and I wouldn't want it choosing its own way out that close to my eye. If it was already IN the eye, that would be different but since it's not, I would endeavor to keep it that way, as the path of least resistance in a drawing could be through any of the various tissues in or around the eye. I'm sure it would work, eventually, but it could get pretty scary and if you I would not use any sort of drawing treatment that close to the eye.

Replied by Sam

Try Manuka honey. The highest EMF factor. I'd also dilute 1 drop of an authentic medicinal quality thyme essential oil ( or clove, oregano) in a small volume of water and apply to the wound frequently. Or add 1 drop to an ointment. I'd also, use carrot seed essential oil, or helichrysum oil or frankincense essential oils undiluted-1 drop is too much, just a trace of these oils is enough. Apply often. Turn the bottle upside down covering the opening with your finger, then turn it back will have a trace of the oil on your finger top- apply to your infected wound. Don't buy oils on Amazon ever. Don't buy manuka honey on Amazon. Vitacost sells NZ manuka honey. I buy from Young living oils, certainly not from edens garden.