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What Can Dissolve Calcium Deposits on the Spine?

Posted by Linda (Katy, Texas) on 09/26/2015

I actually have a question. From what I have read about your calcium deposits it sounds like you are talking about deposits in the organs. My husband has calcium deposits on his spine in the lumbar region. Had back surgery made years ago and they would not remove the calcium deposits due to damage it would cause to the spine cord. He has had more mri and the back is in the same condition as of after the surgery, no change. I was wondering if you knew of any essential oils or other resources that would break up the deposits on the spine.

Replied by Timh
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L: If there is a Chiropractor in your area it will likely prove beneficial for this. If not, there are some home remedies worth trying, so let us know how you proceed.

Replied by Donb
Yorba Linda, Ca

Hi, Tim - please check vitamin k2