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What Can Heal a Hardened Chalazion on the Eyelid?

Posted by Kyle (iowa) on 04/07/2021

Any ideas what to do for a hardened chalazion on the inside of the eyelid? I would like to get it to the point where it will drain. They gave me antibiotics and steroid eyedrops but from what I read that will do nothing. So I'm done with that. I have heard Apple cider vinegar but I want to make sure I can safely do that. People have seemed to get some results. Please share any ideas. I would very much appreciate it.

Replied by mmsg
somewhere, europe

Kyle, read up about applying honey.

Replied by Mama

Dear Kyle,

In addition to mmsg's great suggestion of honey, I would probably try castor oil.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Carolyn

Try "organic cold pressed" caster oil and a high UMF Manuka honey. Do not use any other kind of castor oil as it produced differently and has a negative effect in the eye. Manuka honey is an amazing healer.

Replied by Margaret

Corriander Seeds take about 1 tsp and boil in purified water, use as a compress, it's the one thing that has worked for me several times, I continually get chalazions. Be sure to wash your eyes with a little johnsons baby soap as well, hope this helps you.

Coriander seeds-

If you are prone to chalazion then coriander seeds are to your rescue. It has anti-inflammatory properties. Boil a teaspoon of coriander seeds in a glass of water. When this water cools down, wash your eyes with it. Repeat this three times for a few days. Practice this daily to prevent the occurrence of eye cyst.

Also, Apple Cider Vinegar, be sure to get Braggs - it's organic

Apple cider vinegar-

One of the most popular chalazion home remedies is apple cider vinegar. It is anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. You may take it orally or apply it topically to cure eye cysts. To apply apple cider vinegar topically dilute apple cider vinegar with equal quantities of water. With the help of a cotton swab, apply this solution to the eye cyst several times a day.

Replied by kyle

I need something I can put on the inside of the eyelid. It's not on the outside.