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Wife Has Very Painful Fibroid

Posted by Martin (Ontario, CA) on 03/01/2015

My wife has been diagnosed with a big intramural fibroid and ovarian cyst in her right ovary, and her left ovary was not seen in ultrasonography. In the past she also had endometriosis-like symptoms.

We have started Apple Cider Vinegar with baking soda, Blackstrap Molasses, Beet, Carrot and Aloe Vera juice, as well as vitex, milk thistle and magnesium supplements. She is also taking Traditional Chinese Medicine herbal formula for dissolving stagnation of the blood. We are also doing castor oil packs frequently.

I am sure this treatment will work if we give it some time, but the problem is a very acute pain in her lower left abdomen, which makes her scream and cry. It only goes away with ibuprofen. We are lucky that for her body ibuprofen works for 10+ hours.

Do you know any natural painkillers? And what do you think causes the pain? I read that it might be fibroid degeneration, where the blood supply to a fibroid was cut off.

We are at loss what to do. The situation is urgent and the gynecologist will not see us until 2-6 weeks. The family doctor told us there is nothing to worry about and that we should redo the ultrasound next month...

Replied by Bill
San Fernando

Hi Martin...Just a recommendation for you that could both safely get rid of your wife's pain and will also help to remove the fibroids.

You specifically say that your wife suffers endometriosis-like pains. Endometriosis and endometritis involve pain that is caused by inflammation of the uterus lining. You should therefore use DMSO(Dimethylsulfoxide) at a dilution of 50-50 with water. One teaspoon of DMSO is used per topical application per day. The DMSO should be mixed with 4 drops 5% Lugol's Iodine and 1/4 tspn MSM(methylsulfonymethane). Both DMSO and MSM are wonderful anti-inflammatores(reduces pain) and they both also act to kill bacteria. The iodine is specifically necessary to get rid of the fibroid and will also act to kill all manner of offending pathogens that might also be involved.

You should apply this DMSO mixture topically once a day on the skin area directly over the fibroids in the lower abdomen. DMSO will help to carry 80% of the MSM and Lugol's Iodine through the skin directly into the blood and from there it will specifically and beneficially act against the fibroids and the pain. After the DMSO etc has been absorbed then you should rub in a little aloe vera over the skin area to help re-hydrate the skin. Using DMSO and MSM are now recognized treatments for endometriosis, endometritis and interstitial cystitis in modern medicine today.

If you have never heard of DMSO or MSM before -- these natural products are very close cousins, both are derived from wood and are natural products. MSM is the oxidized form of DMSO and may be regarded as DMSO2. You can buy the DMSO and MSM from Dr Stanley Jacob's website. Dr Jacobs is the renowned guru researcher for DMSO and MSM use. So you should have a look at all the useful info and research on his website to help your own understanding of DMSO and MSM.

You should also have no problems topically using the above protocols together with the other natural remedies that you are currently taking. The only problems you might have depends on whether you can freely purchase DMSO in Canada by law. If you cannot purchase it freely yourself then try and get a prescription from your doctor. Perhaps the excuse that your wife has endometriosis-like symptoms might work with your doctor, since DMSO is a currently the only recognized treatment in modern medicine for endometriosis and interstitial cystitis.

I was also quite concerned that your wife has been taking ibuprofen for the pain, probably over the long term. Both DMSO and MSM should act to get rid of this abdominal pain fairly quickly and safely with no side-effects. However, I must also mention that it is well known that when ibuprofen is used at larger dose over the longer term then this can be quite toxic and damaging for the liver. See this link.

Replied by Marcin

Bill, thank you very much. I could never figure it out myself. I am sure it will also be of use for future fibroid sufferers who browse through this thread, as this is the first post on the uterine pain management here, not including ibuprofen, which, as you say, might be harmful to the liver.

Replied by Mira

Also, primrose oil, flaxseed oil and wheat germ oil are apparently helpful. Indian herb Shatavari too.