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Would Acv Help Solar Keratosis On Arms And Legs

Posted by Jess (Jackson, Ky) on 05/28/2015

I just have a question, I am wanting to start trying the ACV for my actinic keratosis/solar keratosis, but I have many small scaly red spots on my arms and legs and just a few bad lesions/spots on the bottom of my calves...Would you still recommend ACV for such a wide spread area...I have been fortunate not to have any problems on my face, back, stomach. They are just on my arms and legs and are very unattractive and I'm very self conscious about them. I have been to the dermatologist twice, where both times they froze/burnt off what bad spots I have but gave me no solutions for the unsightly red scabs I have all over my legs and arms! Thanks for any advice!!!!

Replied by Daisy
Grenada, West Indies

I have solar keratosis on both arms which looks awful. I have just started ACV so cannot see any different yet, but I started by swabbing the arms with ACV and then mixed up a paste with a teaspoon of baking soda and coconut oil and left it on all day. It certainly dries it up but can make the arms feel sore, so at night I only put on aloe Vera which I have in the garden which helps the soreness. I shall continue to do this for the next few weeks and see what happens.

Replied by Htownfarmer
Houston, Texas
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Do you take anything internally? ACV, BS, Turmeric?

It may take more time.

I use the same stuff you are. I use cotton balls soaked with ACV, keeping it moist. I do until I get tired of the discomfort.