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Wrote Before About Cat With Large Tumor

Posted by Jordan's Mom (Lansing, Mi Usa) on 09/06/2010

Cat with Large Tumor - Need Ted's Help

I wrote B4, no one has answrd. I have 15yr old cat with large tumor in back of throat, very red & meaty looking. My boy was having lots of gagging & the tumor would bleed every so often. Am so confused & cannot find safe & proper animal dosage of H2O2 therapy for cancer/tumors. I have 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide & found evidence of a trial that was done with rats curing their tumors in 15-60 days using dilution of . 45% H2O2. I have diluted to. 5% & threw in a tad more of distilled water, not knowing how to get to. 45% or if that is even too strong or what, for my fur boy. I also found a small atomizer & spritz the tumor with that a couple of x's when I do the oral dosing. I usually give Jordan about 6cc's 2xday, but wonder if that is too much? I am also giving him Mesosilver 2xday and have just started giving him ACV, water & bicarb (also potassium supplement). I do not have much money right now to buy anything else. I give him Pet tinic for vitamins. He is not drinking any water on his own, tho I know how to dilute for pet drinking water. I give him subcu fluids each day and syringe feed him. Tho he always acts extremely interested in eating, he will not eat on his own, but will eat baby food or cat food done in a blender. He has not spit up blood or been gagging for about 5days now, which is good. But I do not want to hurt his insides with the H2O2. He has a small sore on outside of nose. He has been getting frequent snotty drainage from one nostril. I had been 2xday spritzing his nose once, each time I gave oral H2O2, but then I got worried maybe it was a burn from the H2O2 so I quit that.

Replied by Ginger Cat
Lancaster, Ca

Has anyone responded to your dilema with you cat and the tumor?
I too, have a 19 year old cat, who despite excellent blood work showing no organ problems, had two abcessed teeth removed last summer and a rabies vacination same day as surgery (vet wouldn't do surgery without shot - BAD IDEA). Since then she has had nothing but downhill problems, multiple eye infections, drugs beyond counting, then suddenly in the space of two hours a large lump popped out on her cheek under her right eye, hard to the touch, on her upper jaw bone. The vet wanted to simply write her off, because of her age and euthenize her or do surgery to the tune of $800.00 with no guarentees about the outcome. Having already been stripped of about $1,500.00 over 5 months from endless vet bills and drug experimentation on her, I said, enough is enough. I brought her home and immediately took her off all drugs and started using homeopathic silver in her eyes and orally for her congested lungs. Within two days she was markedly better.

However, a month later and despite continued silver both orally and topically, the lump has not disappeared. Does anyone know if any of the mentioned treatments for dogs and lumps/tumors, etc. Are actually SAFE for cats? Cats metabolize things VERY differently than dogs, and many things that are safe for dogs, can actually poison and kill a cat. Any help would be appreciated because she is NOT happy or comfortable and does an awful lot of pacing. She does NOT look like a 20 year old cat, still has lots of interest in life and does NOT have that "I am ready to die" message in her eyes of face. Thanks you anyone out there with suggestions.

Replied by Merryanne
Orange City, Florida, Usa
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I have 3 cats, and I know they love fresh raw meat, I have a new cat the is 2 yo, and it took her a week to try the ground turkey, I have found that there is a lot of bad cat food and useless cat food on the market. Raw liver is the best health medicine for cats, it has fantastic healing strength in it, serve at room temperature, if the cat or dog has CA or tumors give only raw meat, no carbs, ( this according to some information on this site about CA in people) will starve the CA. Merryanne

Replied by Karen
Durango, Colorado

Have you tried DMSO? I would, it has proven success in treating humans with tumors. Today I started using it on my cat's abcess. I used it the same way on my other cat a year ago & the abcess disappeared in a day.

Replied by Joyceee
Manila, Philippines

Hi! I dont know what to do with my 9 year old cat Britney. She had a tumor on her tummy and it was removed via operation. After a month, the tumor came back. The vet doesnt want to operate on her again because her skin is not yet completely healed. He recommended that I do chemotherapy and let britney take Doxorubicin anti cancer medicine. I got scared with the side effects so I told the vet to hold it off.

I'm still waiting for the essiac tea I ordered. But can you recommend some "first aid" while im waiting for her essiac tea to arrive? her tumor is really big though she's still running around, eating a lot and still grooming fine. Pls help me what other remedy I can give Britney.

Thanks, Joyce

Replied by Ginale
Warren, Ri

Karen (from Durango, Colorado)... You mentioned that you used DMSO on your cat for tumors. Was it used to prevent the tumor from coming back? How much of DMSO did you use daily and for how long. Is it safe to use all the time. Thanks